The Rasengan, Kasumi's pregnancy issue, Kyuubi's seal issue, and Hinata's per-- spy issue come to light.

Kushina's escape plan, and Tobi's appearance before the Ame trio.

Graduation exams, Forbidden Scroll, Team Assignments.

Four years have passed by and some of the events during this time is revealed. Now Naruto has returned from his training trip and is catching up with his mother and sisters. Jiraiya returns to Konoha with information regarding Orochimaru's attack, but is unable to deliver the information.

Naruto learns various perks of his summoning contract, as well as the history behind it. At roughly the same time, Kasumi has also finished doing the same. Once done, Naruto sends a message to his family alerting them of his location as he had promised before leaving, and they meet up to reconcile.

Naruto and co. save the girl they had been given a clue about from Gatou, but encounter Orochimaru on the way out. Some happenings in Konoha are also revealed. They then move on to acquire Ryuujin and activate the Dragon contract.

A year has passed by as Naruto trained with the trio. They encounter a confrontation between a surviving Uzumaki kunoichi and some missing nin, and obtain some valuable information from her.

Naruto chooses his summoning contract and leaves his family to train alone outside Konoha. Does some training and then meets the Ame trio.

Contains continuation of their training, leveling up of Naruto's bloodline, interaction with his family, his first kiss, elaboration of his bloodline, and proposal of summoning contracts.

The second installment, contains: Activation of Naruto's bloodline, revalation to his sister and mother, a few familial discussions and beginning of their tutelage under their mother.