Contains continuation of their training, leveling up of Naruto's bloodline, interaction with his family, his first kiss, elaboration of his bloodline, and proposal of summoning contracts.

Character Name | Physical Age

Naruto Uzumaki = 6 years 2 months

Kasumi Uzumaki = 6 years 2 months

Kushina Uzumaki = 24 years

Kyūbi = 19 years [Frozen] | (She forgot her real age conveniently)

WARNING: There is a kissing scene between Naruto and Kasumi which was needed to continue the story plot. If you don't want to read it, just skip from "Warning: Kiss, Incest" to "Warning End"

Chapter 3: The First Kiss

Uzumaki Compound | Training Area

Naruto and Kasumi are both patiently waiting on their family training grounds for their Kaa-chan. They were excited on finally being able to learn some jutsu. Of course Okaa-sensei could be a bit rough, but her training methods were effective and the results were obvious.

They straightened their posture as their mother finally arrived at the training area and stood in front of them.

"Alright kids, normally the academy students are taught three very basic jutsu – Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique), Kawarimi no Jutsu (Replacement Technique), and Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique).

All three of them require very minute amounts of chakra so the children with very low chakra reserves are able to perform them. You two however, being Uzumaki have very high chakra reserves. Kasumi's are particularly gigantic because of Kyūbi's yōki expanding her chakra coils ever since her birth. So don't worry if you are unable to perform one of them, but you should try."

She took a deep breath before starting the rather long explanations to the children. The topic of her babies being Jinchūriki (Human Sacrifice) had stirred the rage she held deep within her, the rage she had only ever exposed to the worst of her enemies. She calmed herself before addressing the Uzumaki twins again.

"First one up is Kawarimi no Jutsu. This is one of the most used techniques for any Ninja irrespective of their skill and strength. When you can't dodge, block, or counter an attack, a quick seal-less Kawarimi can make the difference between your life or death. Academy students usually are allowed to use hand seals for this, but since I am not an academy teacher... I want you to be able to perform Kawarimi without hand seals in a moment's notice by the end of the day. Even if you are able to do it immediately, keep practicing till you can do it by instinct."

Once done with her explanation, she showed them the technique by replacing herself with a nearby log. After three tries Kasumi was able to perform a successful Kawarimi; and then proceeded to create one hundred and fifty shadow clones to help with her task of perfecting the technique to a level where she won't require hand seals to perform it.

Naruto got the Jutsu on his first try, to no one's surprise. The technique was an easy one and he had used Sharingan to copy it when Kushina had shown it to them. He then proceeded to create his own shadow clones for perfecting the technique. He could now create about twenty without falling down.

By the end of the day both Naruto and Kasumi were able to perform Kawarimi as good as any Kage-Level ninja, and Kushina was very proud of them both. Not only had they not whined about how they already know how to do it and she should start teaching them flashy jutsu, they had dedicated themselves completely to the given task and hadn't stopped until she told them to.

Naruto and Kasumi were now feeling as if they had been born through a Kawarimi. It was as easy as breathing and the chakra it now took wasn't even noticeable.

With their training concluded they were sent to shower and get ready for dinner.

Uzumaki Compound | Dining room

The family could be found sitting at the dining table and enjoying their home cooked dinner comfortably. Kasumi, being herself, doesn't like silence much; and it had been a long time since they had talked about anything other than jutsu and training related things. So she decided to bring up a topic that had been bothering her for a while now.

"Onii-chan, what are you going to do after the survival training is over?"

Kushina looked up from her plate in Naruto's direction and tilted her head in a questioning way. She too was curious, but hadn't got the time to think about anything much as she was busy planning their training sessions.

As the two females continued to stare at him, Naruto started to get worried. His sister was planning something for him, he could feel it.

He answered her rather tentatively, worried about what schemes his twin has been concocting. "Um, well I am going to leave for my training with Kyūbi so that I can master my Yogengan? I haven't planned everything thoroughly yet of course..."

Kasumi smiled at her brother. "I know that Onii-chan, but for how long are you going to be away? And how will we know that you are alright?"

Kushina grinned as she interrupted in their conversation. "About that, I think I can offer a solution to that problem. Tell me, how much do you kids know about Summons?"

Naruto shrugged. "Not much past the fact that they are animals that can talk and fight for you."

Kyūbi had taught him a little bit of everything during his training under her, so he was fairly knowledgeable. But he didn't know everything yet, Kyūbi just didn't have enough time to teach him most of what she knew in just one year.

Kasumi blushed "I don't know anything about them."

Kushina gave them both understanding nods, making a note to explain some things to Kasumi later. "Alright, here is the deal. If Naruto signs one of the Summons contract then his summons can be used for the purpose of contacting us while he is away. I can give you the Toad Contract that he left here, or you can have Phoenix or Dragon Contracts that come from your Uzumaki heritage. Once you summon for the first time, the boss summon will test you.

I am not going to give you the contract right now though, we will wait till your survival training is complete, only then will you be ready for the Summons' test." As she finishes, both the twins now had curious expressions on their faces.

"Okay Kaa-chan. As for the duration of my training Kasumi-chan, Kyūbi says we will surely be back before five years at most and two years at least. It will depend on how far I can push myself to the limits and the opportunities I get. I promise I will keep in contact from time to time."

Kasumi smiled at that. While Naruto was almost downright deplorable at judging feelings and reacting accordingly, he did care deeply for her and Kaa-chan, and they both knew it.

As they continued to look at him with admiration, he was suddenly pulled into his mindscape and fell limp in his chair, almost scaring the other two to death.




Naruto gazed around his mindscape in confusion before walking through the now familiar path towards Kyūbi's chamber. He was sure whatever the problem was, it was Kyūbi that had pulled him in here, and she was the only one who could answer him right now.

As the foxy demoness came into view, he couldn't hide his blush. She was wearing a silver blouse and had a semi-transparent red clothing cover her right shoulder and later form into a mini skirt. She had a beautiful face with three whisker marks on each side along with pointed ears. Her bright red glowing eyes seemed to shine with power and intelligence. Just by looking at her you could tell that this was no mere human, this was someone much greater than any human could ever hope to be.

"You know, I was discussing something with my family Kyūbi-chan. It's rude to interrupt us like that without any warning."

The fox-like woman sighed in what appeared to be annoyance. "I know Naruto; and I've been thinking about this for a while now. Look, you know I never had prolonged contact with anyone but myself ever since the Sage created me out of Jūbi. I grew to detest human beings as something less than me. They fought for money and power and would go to any length to achieve it."

Naruto frowned at her words. They might apply to the majority of the human race, but most didn't mean all. He knew for a fact that no one in his family was like what Kyūbi thinks of all humans as.

Ignoring his disapproving expression, she continued with a faraway look in her eyes. "My observation of the Uchiha clan only reasserted my theory that over the years humans had not changed, so I assumed that perhaps they could not change. They think that demons are evil but what have I ever done? Of course I don't care about any human's lives that cross my path. Why should I? Do you care if you crush an ant below your feet if it got in your way?

What I am trying to say is, please don't think little of me because of my past. It's not that I have stopped to detest humans by any means. It's just that I have realized that not everyone is like that.

The more I observe your life, the more surprising it becomes. Your sister and mother love you unconditionally. Even if you have me sealed in you and are regularly talking to me, your sister always seems to want to give you her yōki. But not because she doesn't want it, it's because she wants the best for you. Whenever you say 'I wish I could make that many clones' do you notice the guilty look on her face even though she had no choice in the matter of sealing?"

Naruto looked down at that. He honestly had failed to notice it or he would have stopped whining on that topic.

"Don't feel so bad now, I'm not saying this to make you feel guilty. I wouldn't call you in here for something as petty as that.

The reason I brought you here was because, after much self-debating I have decided that it won't hurt to take a few further steps to ensure your safety."

Seeing as he still looked confused, Kyūbi elaborated it a bit more for him. "Given that your sister is almost always following you, most of the enemies you face will have to face her as well. So no offense, but she's another powerful tool that you could use against your enemies."

While Naruto nodded at her to continue her explanation, on the inside he made a note to remind her never to mention his mother or sister as tools to be used, ever.

"To conclude, I think it would be in our mutual benefit to refine the tool that could prove to be extremely useful later..."

"Kyūbi-san, I know she probably doesn't mean anything to you, but could you stop calling her that while I'm here?"

If she was surprised by his interruption, she didn't show it. In fact, it looked like she had been expecting him to interrupt. "I'm perfectly aware of what she means to you, and I know that you will protect her as much as she protects you. That's another reason for me to do this. I don't want her inability to defend herself hinder your progress."

His eyes narrowed as his concern for his sister started to outweigh the trust that he had developed for his mentor. "What exactly is 'this' that you plan to do?"

The fox-demoness smirked. "Given that she contains my yōki, it wouldn't be too hard for me to implant the sharingan in her eyes. That should give her a considerable boost in battle prowess."

Naruto relaxed a little as he realized she wasn't planning anything too bad for his sister. "Does this involve any risks for her?"

"Hm... not that I'm aware of, I think it should be perfectly safe."

"I see. While I don't agree with your opinion of using her to simply protect myself, there is no reason for me to not let you give her the dōjutsu. Given that she accepts it, I don't mind."

Kyūbi chuckled. "This is a gift boy... I'm doing a favor here, you should be more grateful, don't you think? I might not be so inclined to help you in the future if you don't change that attitude to me."

Naruto blushed in embarrassment. While he didn't like thinking that Kyūbi might intend to harm them, Kasumi and his Mother were his first priority. They were the main reason he accepted Kyūbi's help; to protect them was his responsibility. He won't allow anyone to harm them, even if he had to be suspicious of someone he didn't want to be. "I apologize Kyū-chan, but you should understand my reasons..."

Back in the Outer World

"Onii-chan! You spaced out on us!" Kasumi pouted.

Naruto chuckled nervously as he replied. "I'm sorry... I was discussing a deal... or rather, gift, with Kyū-chan."

Kushina narrowed her eyes upon hearing those words. "May I know what this deal is?"

Naruto heaved a sigh as he realized his mother might not be entirely too happy with this. "Kyū-chan said that she can give Kasumi the Sharingan so that she may not hinder me while we fight a powerful opponent and possibly support me. She knows we both will protect each other no matter what and helping you get stronger will help her 'continue her existence.' Personally I think there is no harm in allowing this, and is probably the best for all of us. But I'll leave the final decision up to you Kaa-chan, if Kasumi wants to have it."

Kushina thought about it for a few moments before deciding to clarify a few things first. "How exactly does she plan on doing that? I mean, how will she implant the Sharingan into Kasumi if she cannot come out of your body? And are there any risks involved?"

Naruto seemed to have a mental debate after that statement. At the end of which he blushed a bit and then hesitantly replied. "Well um… she says internal physical contact will do. So one option is we can make small cuts in our hands and hold them together till she completes the process. But she says Kasumi's healing factor might create some problems so… I will have… to kiss her." he finished awkwardly and with some nervousness in his voice.

Kasumi blushed crimson upon hearing that, but inwardly she was sort of happy. No one really came close to her due to fear except her mother and Naruto. So any physical contact from either of her loved ones was more than welcome. But kissing her brother? While she wasn't sure, and she didn't care what anyone else will think; she had no intention to endanger her relationship with Naruto either.

Kushina at first looked highly confused at what the problem was. But that changed quickly as she realized what the problem was. Naruto and Kasumi weren't aware of the social stigma against that kind of touching between a brother and a sister. But of course, given they were the biggest social stigma in the entire village, that didn't really matter.

Plus, since she didn't get too much time there were many things that they didn't learn from her yet. Had it not been for the various stories that she had recited to them when they were younger, including various romantic ones, they wouldn't even know what the act of kissing was.

Looking at both her children blushing on the thought of kissing each other was amusing, but she decided to keep that to herself for now. She had more serious matters to attend to.

"Well that shouldn't be much of a problem, it's just a kiss right? What I want to know is if it will have any negative effects." Kushina asked, now completely serious.

Naruto gave her a nod of acknowledgment as his tenant informed him on the details of her plan. Apparently satisfied with Kyūbi's reasoning, Naruto addressed Kushina and Kasumi with a calm voice.

"According to Kyū-chan her light blue eyes will probably change to a very slightly darker blue, she will be able to copy and perform any techniques that don't require a bloodline and all other advantages of a regular Sharingan. She won't have to worry about going blind due to overuse of the Mangekyō Sharingan if and when she activates it though. This will be because Kyūbi won't place the blindness seal in her eyes."

That seemed like a very good offer and after some more pointless discussion of general topics, Kasumi decided to put in her two cents in the conversation.

"Um…Onii-chan, I want you to promise me that you won't change your behavior towards me after we kiss, as the Sharingan is not worth losing my brother." Kasumi told them with determination.

Kushina smiled, all the while patting herself on her back for a job well done in parenting. Seeing the love between the siblings made her so proud. Though most parents probably would think the situation was more than a little awkward, Kushina wasn't really normal woman.

Naruto gave her his biggest grin. "Of course Kasumi-chan, you know I will always love you no matter what. Oh yeah... uhm... that reminds me, you should stop feeling like I deserve everything more than you etc. etc. blah blah blah and all that stuff. You are as much deserving of it as I am. If anything you are much sweeter than me and I would gladly do anything for you so don't keep putting yourself down."

Kasumi blushed at the praise from her brother; her red hair being a perfect match for her now tomato-red face. "Thanks so much, Onii-chan."

Naruto and Kushina chuckled at the poor girl's expense, causing her to blush even more in embarrassment. But as all things must come to an end, they left for their beds, wishing each other a good night.

Kushina made sure to pump enough chakra into the security seals in the compound regularly, so as long as they were inside and the enemy was not a seal master of the Uzumaki caliber, they were safe. So they can sleep peacefully.

Naruto wondered what it would be like to sleep outside of the compound on his journey. Will he be able to sleep peacefully? How could he, knowing that there were no security seals made by his mother to prevent any intruders from attacking? He put it aside for now, he will find out later whether he liked it or not.

With that he entered his mindscape for his regular training session with Kyūbi. With how much responsibilities rested on his shoulders, sleep was a luxury he could rarely afford.


Kyūbi looked impassively at Naruto, her bright red eyes shining with power that used to be within her before being sealed. "Hello again Naruto, are you ready?"

He nodded with determination as he answered, "Yes."

When he had asked how the Sharingan is supposed to level up, she had said that in the prototype version it was supposed to be under extreme stress, but since she is supervising his training personally she will do it for him, but only till level 3. After that he will have to pass some tests if he ever wants to obtain the Mangekyō or the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

In the case of Kasumi she is going to level it up a few days after the transfer and then when Kyūbi deems her worthy enough she may or may not gain the Mangekyō or the Eternal Mangekyō forms. If Kyūbi was completely serious when she told Naruto the conditions for her to obtain them, he believed it would be better for her if she never did.

However the problem with the Eternal Mangekyō is that it technically renders the females unable to have children. They can enjoy the pleasures of flesh of course, but their bodies will become completely frozen in time and thus pregnancy will be impossible. As the saying goes, 'Everything has a price'. Given how much his own Kaa-chan treasured them, he figured one day Kasumi too would want to have children to treasure.

Once the process of leveling up his dōjutsu began, he felt his eyes gathering almost all of his chakra, and then consuming it. He soon passed out after that.

The next morning, Naruto woke up feeling slight pain in his eyes; once he opened them he groaned at the level of brightness the room had. Realizing that he had his Yogengan fully activated he deactivated the Sharingan part of his eyes and walked over to the mirror in the bathroom.

Once he reached it, he re-activated his Yogengan completely, watching with glee how his rippled eyes with red iris now had 3 black tomoes each.

He decided to share the news with his sister first. Hopping off to Kasumi's room he found her sound asleep. She looked so peaceful that he almost changed his mind to wake her up; almost but not quite.

"Kasumi-chan! Wake up!" he shouted right next to her ear. Kasumi's face scrunched up in annoyance as she turned over, snuggling up in her warm blankets.

"Grr… five more minutes Onii-chan please."

"Hm... Oh well, I just thought you might want to see my dōjutsu after Kyū-chan improved it? But I'll just go train now, see you."

She immediately shot up, making the covers fly off her. She was wearing pajamas that had small chibi versions of Kyūbi on them, which made Kyūbi snort.

The fox queen sweat dropped as she witnessed this from Naruto's mindscape. 'Wow, I feel flattered…'

Whether people from Konoha liked it or not, the Kyūbi no Yōko was a legend people all over the world were in awe of. As such, it wasn't rare to see merchandise dedicated to the fox queen outside of Konoha; of course, no one dared to bring or use it inside the village's walls due to the hatred of the people within. Nothing that even remotely resembled the fox queen was tolerated in the hidden leaf - everything with her markings on them was burnt or worse, not that she particularly cared.

Regardless, much of what the Uzumaki family needed had to be shopped by Kushina from outside Konoha on her missions due to overpricing and refusal to sell to the 'demon whore', as well as Kushina's own pride not letting her buy from within the village. It won't be too hard to just henge, but she didn't want to pay the people who hated her children if she could avoid it.

Meanwhile Kasumi stretched and yawned, once done she looked into Naruto's eyes to see what changed. Their faces were mere inches apart but she didn't seem to notice as Naruto's eyes seemed to hypnotize her. After examining his eyes for a bit she felt herself getting somewhat dizzy by the three spinning tomoe in each of his eyes. They looked so good in his eyes, yet so very dangerous. And the ripples gave her the chills. If she hadn't known it was Naruto who had them, she would have fainted from fear.

"They look pretty." she complimented him in her normal perky tone.

His face instantly took on a horrified expression as he yelled back at her, futilely trying to convince her otherwise. "NO! Not pretty, they look bad-ass."

Kasumi looked at him oddly for a few moments before she broke into giggles. "Okay… whatever you say, Onii-chan."

He patted her head fondly, hoping against hope she never repeated it in front of their Kaa-chan, before a sudden thought made him pause. "Well um…about your sharingan… you see, I talked to Kyū-chan about it and she told me that it will be a long and exhausting process as she will have to access your body and alter your DNA while being restrained by my seal at the same time. I will be helping her of course but still it's best if we wait till the night time so that we can sleep and recover afterwards."

She gave a mental pout, but decided not to show it to her brother. 'Grr... he always calls her Kyū-chan now... hope she's worth the trust Onii-chan is putting in her.' Despite her thoughts, she smiled and nodded enthusiastically. "Sounds good to me Onii-chan…"

He grinned back at her as he ruffled her crimson hair playfully, the girl leaned into his touch. "Now let's get training Kasumi-chan, we don't want to keep Kaa-chan waiting too long, do we? Lets keep her happy to minimize the amount of blood and sweat we will end up with."

Uzumaki Compound | Training Area

"Alright Sochi-kun, and Musume, since you already know Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and the regular Bunshin no Jutsu needs too little chakra for you two to be able to execute it with your Uzumaki reserves, we will skip it and move on. Kasumi, you make three Kage Bunshin and instruct them to practice this technique while Naruto, you send one but watch this with your dōjutsu active. It will be very useful in the future even though it is an extremely simple technique. If you keep practicing the technique until your clones dispel themselves you should be able to do it without hand seals."

"Henge no Jutsu!" (Transform!)

A puff of smoke and there stood Minato Namikaze, back from dead and ready to 'sacrifice' more children for the good of the village. The kids appeared to be impressed. Not by the difficulty of the technique but by how useful it could be if they were to change their appearance to someone else so easily.

The twins stifled a laugh as Kushina in Yondaime's disguise started beheading babies left and right (all of them were Kushina's shadow clones henge'ed to look like babies); the words 'Certified Baby Hater' on the back of his clock instead of 'Konoha's Yellow Flash' didn't help either.

After a while Kushina finally got tired of making the Yondaime sacrifice babies and instructed the twins to carry on with the training. They immediately obeyed and sent out their Shadow Clones to go learn the seal less Henge.

Kushina sighed as she continued with her speech "Now that the three academy techniques are out of the way, we can move on to the real of all we need to find out your affinities."

She handed both the twins chakra sensitive papers, making them look curiously at the object.

"Now channel a small amount of chakra into those papers," she instructed.

As they did so, Kasumi's paper was cut from the center with half of it dissolving into water while the other half burst into flames.

Kushina's eyes widened. "Well that's nice. Not only do you have the affinity for wind, one of the rarest around this area, but you also have two additional affinities that are natural enemies - Water and Fire. I don't think I have ever seen anyone with those two together other than myself, and my fire developed only much later. Not only that, but your water affinity is so strong that instead the paper getting wet it completely dissolved into water, very impressive if you ask me. You are like me in that aspect… Now Sochi-kun, it's your turn." She signaled the blond to go ahead.

Naruto channeled some chakra into his paper; it was immediately cut hundreds of times by wind blades. Then the small paper pieces floated into air and separated into four smaller groups. One group caught fire, another one crumbled to dust, the next one got wet, and the last of the paper wrinkled with lightning sparking between the pieces.

As she saw this, Kushina resisted the urge to face-palm. Of course he had all six affinities including gravity, he had already told her that. What a waste of chakra paper, but then again it was a good show.

"Okay, I will tell you that it was not entirely unexpected. Based on my observations though, we found out that you have the strongest affinity for wind, as the paper got shredded first, then gravity, fire, earth, water, and lightning respectively. We will start your elemental training keeping this in mind."

With that she gave Naruto leaves to cut in half for the rest of the day with his shadow clones while Kasumi was doing both water dancing and leaf cutting exercises as she had more than enough Shadow clones.

But Naruto had his Yogengan to help speed up the process. Unknown to him there was another force helping his progress. Kyūbi had been watching the strange genes intently for quite some time now and now she was fairly certain that soon enough, they will activate completely and remove all her doubts.

Even with all these advantages, he wasn't too ahead of Kasumi if the rate of her progress rate kept up. Seriously, even if Yogengan increased his progress by more than three times by his chakra observation and manipulation skills Kasumi still progressed slightly faster than him due to the inhuman number of shadow clones. However this time he didn't get jealous, but instead was happy for his sister.

If she wants to be his equal, she will need that edge as he knew that his bloodline offered him a huge advantage. Once he masters it, he will be able to take down enemies much stronger than himself.

That Night

"Well, are you ready Kasumi-chan?" Naruto sported a slight blush on his face and seemed nervous as hell.

Kushina and Kasumi were both in his room. Kushina had agreed to supervise the process in case something went wrong. Since it was supposed to take about an hour, Naruto will be lying down on the bed with Kasumi on top of him.

As opposed to the process with Naruto, Kasumi won't be experiencing much pain, if at all. This was mainly because of two reasons: one - she didn't already have a dōjutsu and two - she had her yoki to heal her afterwards and during the process.

Another advantage the yōki offered was to make the process an almost assured success. Since it was Kyūbi's yōki, the new genes will recognize it and assist in the process of implanting the Sharingan.

"H-Hai!" she finally answered, blushing furiously. This was going to be her first kiss and being a teenager mentally due to her enhanced maturity this meant a lot more to her than her brother knew.

~-~Warning: Kissing scene, Incest~-~

Kushina rolled her eyes at the shivering and nervous Kasumi and an equally nervous Naruto. Without any further warning she pushed Kasumi into his bed and onto him and instructed them to begin. "Just start already, we don't have all night. And this will take an hour after you start."

Doing as his mother told him to, Naruto gently brought his mouth up to Kasumi's and licked her lower lip, demanding entrance just like Kyūbi had instructed him. The process needed internal contact and since tongues are internal their contact will do just fine.

Kasumi hesitantly opened her mouth and Naruto's tongue pushed inside. Kasumi gave a mental sigh at the action, it felt nice.

She then deepened the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck, letting themselves lower a bit so that he can rest in the bed; she then started massaging his tongue with hers, which surprised her brother at first but since it was pleasurable, he decided to return the favor.

They continued their gentle make out session, each having their own thoughts.

'Kasumi-chan's lips are so soft and she tastes so sweet...this feels so good...'

'This feels good but Onii-chan really should tone down on his ramen addiction. Even his tongue tastes like ramen...'

Neither of them noticed the red yōki forming around her eyes, swirling and mixing with her natural blue chakra. They continue kissing lovingly until Kyūbi reminded her container about the situation half an hour later.

'Okay Naruto, it has been a while since I finished. You can really stop now. Your mom is giggling like the little pervert she is.'

Naruto's eyes shot open wide at this and he quickly withdrew from his sister's mouth, not noticing the brief sigh of disappointment that escaped her when he stopped.

~-~Warning End~-~

"I could have paid for that. You know when you two are older I am going to have so much fun 'observing' your activities." Kushina giggled a bit perversely at that thought. While she didn't entirely mean it, the faces in front of her made it more than worth it.

Both siblings blush furiously at that and finally Naruto managed to splutter out his thoughts. "What do you mean? She's my sister right?"

Kushina rolled her eyes. "How do you think all the bloodline clans survive? One of the good side effects every bloodline has is it prevents the DNA from mutating even if new one is not added into the combination for many generations. That means even if a clan starts from a small family they can breed with their siblings to increase clan population and their bloodline users.

Since the babies being not normal in incest relationships in random cases is the main reason incest is frowned upon, and people with bloodlines don't have that issue, you can say that the bloodline clans are an exception to that taboo, not that you should care about any taboos.

Regardless of that, among bloodline clans, incest means nothing. In fact, I was hoping you two get together. That way the Uzumaki bloodline will remain pure.

But of course, I will leave your love lives up to you two. If you two don't want to be together and want to start separate families or no family at all – I will be happy as long as you are happy."

By now both kids had their jaws on the floor as they stared at their mother in disbelief.

While Kasumi had a crush on Naruto she thought that it was stupid and she will get over it later. She never thought of the situation in detail like her mother had just described.

'So that means I can have him for myself! And I wouldn't have to go with another man to help resurrect the Uzumaki clan like I had thought… This is great...' Kasumi thought with excitement, just a twinge of pink on her cheeks. Having to live with some stranger later on in her life like in the stories had always been something she considered scary and distasteful, given how most strangers treated her family she didn't want any of those people living with them. But if the person she spends the rest of her life with was Naruto, there was no way he would ever hate them, and she knew he loved her unconditionally, even if it was perhaps only as a sister.

Naruto on the other hand was having a war with himself. Did he like Kasumi? Of course he did! Did he love Kasumi? Hell yeah... Did he love Kasumi as more than a sister? That is something he didn't have the answer to… not right now anyways.

'But she does taste good. I won't mind doing that again...'

"Geez… don't act like that. It's not like you have to decide anything now. You both can decide those things when you are much older. Now go to sleep and if you two want, Kasumi can sleep here to cuddle."

The twins blushed. Most of the time they didn't mind sleeping with each other, and sometimes both of them cuddled with Kushina whenever they felt the need to; but they had never been so embarrassed about sleeping with each other before.

"Ah… No, no no no. It's alright I will go into my own room," Kasumi said quickly before Naruto could start speaking. While she was embarrassed too, she knew she was going to feel hurt if Naruto said he didn't want her to be with him.

Apparently Kasumi had beaten Hinata on the 'who can discover the most new shades of red' contest today; the only good thing was she didn't faint.

Kasumi walked to the door only to turn around and eyed them both suspiciously. "Onii-chan, Kaa-chan, if anyone else comes to know about this..."

They both shifted nervously under her narrowed gaze; and let out a sigh of relief when she was finally gone. While Kasumi was usually cheerful when within the family, in front of others she was the Ice Princess; no boy dared go close to her. If anyone heard of her blushing like a tomato her image would be ruined forever.

Both mother and son knew Kasumi would go nuts if anyone knew, so they both mentally made a note that this never happened. Not that either of them had many if any at all to tell.

Ten months passed by and the twins had been relentlessly training day and night without much rest, to an extent where it began to worry Kushina. The last ten months seemed like a blur to the siblings; they had been training in nature manipulation for the first seven months.

Kasumi had already mastered water manipulation thanks to her godlike control over water as well as hundreds of shadow clones. She could now make up to five hundred clones without draining even half of her reserves. Currently she was working on wind and coming along nicely thanks to the Namikaze family scrolls in the compound.

The Namikaze all had the affinity for wind so over the course of time they had acquired a large collection of wind manipulation exercises. They weren't that well known or powerful a clan, and didn't produce any outstanding shinobi till Minato Namikaze came along. But by then Minato was the only one left of the Namikaze.

If someone was to go through their training set-up as described, one could very well gain the ability to fly by wind manipulation alone. Of course it won't be very practical without the huge chakra reserves only the Uzumaki or the Jinchūriki possess. But that's something Kasumi had in spades.

Naruto on the other hand, by some miracle, was able to master his wind element. Both the girls were astonished at the rate he seemed to grasp the workings of elemental manipulation. It was as if he had a bloodline that granted him not only the ability to manipulate all elements but control them as if he had a godlike mastery over it.

From the second week of his training, he was able to do almost anything with the wind. But the more complicated the process, the more chakra it took. The tougher manipulations took a lot more chakra than what should be possible.

Their answers had come in a very unconventional way. Naruto was not happy about it.


"Hey, Kasumi-chan, kaa-chan; could the two of you come here for a moment please? I have something I wanted to tell you…"

Kasumi, who was trying to cut a tree in half using wind manipulation, turned around to face her brother and slowly walked towards him, curious of what he wanted to tell her.

Kushina had taken a temporary leave from the Hokage to train her children; miracle of miracles Sarutobi actually let her. She had been off duty for about ten months now. They had enough money saved from all the S-class missions Kushina had completed beforehand.

When they were both in front of him he started talking. "Well Kyū-chan has something to announce. She says…"

Before he could continue, a single word whispered in his mind stopped him.

'Tsukuyomi!' (Goddess of the Moon!)

All three of them found themselves in a red and black world with a crimson moon shining overhead.

Looking around they noticed another red-head with unearthly beauty and immediately knew who she was.

"What is the meaning of this Kyū-chan?" Naruto demanded, somewhat peeved that he and his entire family has been captured in a genjutsu by none other than Kyūbi herself.

"Relax Naruto-chan, I just had some things I had to tell you all and discuss. I thought this would be the best way to do so," she answered him nonchalantly.

"You don't look like what I imagined," Kushina muttered, checking Kyūbi's rather unexpectedly human form out.

The fox demoness could only raise a brow in amusement. "Well, what did you expect? This is my human form. Without enough yōki I can't change into my demon-fox form. So unless I get unsealed or somehow gain back my yōki I'm stuck in this form permanently."

"Oh, it's okay; I like this version of yours better, lower probability of myself getting crushed by a giant paw. Hehe, besides your furry butt looks huge in your fox form. You gotta work on your figure on that one."

By now Kyūbi had a huge tick mark on her forehead. "Well thank you very much for the compliment, you bitch," Kyūbi makes out through gritted teeth, earning her a glare from Naruto. "Now as I had already told Naruto-kun here…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it right there. What do you mean Naruto-kun? Is there something going on that I should know about? Don't forget that he is a minor right now and I want his virginity intact till he is married you know; or at least engaged, or at least tells me he's got someone he loves. That reminds me, how the hell did you cast a genjutsu, a very powerful one at that while you are supposed to be relatively sealed?"

She snarled at Kushina, who grinned sweetly in response. "I was trying to explain when I was so rudely interrupted! And there is nothing going on between us, we are just on relatively friendly terms right now!"

"Alright well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, explain." Kushina tapped her foot in an expecting manner like some parent waiting for her child to explain why they broke the window.

Naruto and Kasumi sighed at the bickering women. Ever since Kushina had taken a leave from Anbu duty, she became more and more hyperactive. The missions had served to physically drain the extra energy from her, but now they were no longer there. In Kyūbi's case, she simply didn't like being talked down to by a 'Better than others but still relatively pathetic humans' as she referred to Naruto's sister and mother as affectionately.

"So, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was trying to explain to you my theory on why Naruto is able to take wind manipulation to unreal levels even though it consumes most of his chakra. While his reserves are not all that big, it's draining way more than it should if he was just using elemental manipulation with his level of control.

As I had told Naruto before, he had the possibility to awaken what we I call the 'Elemental Star' bloodline. It is the main reason I named his dōjutsu the 'Eye of the Prophecy' or the Yogengan. None of you have noticed it yet but two weeks after he had started nature manipulation training, he had subconsciously activated it.

I can't tell how many activation stages or levels this bloodline has, but the first and most important level had been partially activated by Naruto here and I managed to fully activate it by granting him the Mangekyō Sharingan."

Kushina's mouth parted slightly in surprise before she regained the control over her body. Kasumi had no idea what the mangekyō sharingan was, but assumed it to be the next level after the three tomoe stage.

"You gave me the Mangekyō? Really?" Naruto asked excited at the thought of having the fourth level of the Sharingan.

"Yes, Naruto. This is one of Mangekyō's techniques I've used through you. We get up to three days here and on the outside world only a few seconds pass. There were two reasons I gave it to you. The first is that when I gave you the Sharingan I decided that my test for you to gain Mangekyō would be the activation of Elemental Star. I have been waiting for you to completely activate it for a while now.

No need to get upset, it was not your fault. I realized by some research that originally when Elemental Star inhabited your body you didn't have the Sharingan and it was having some problems with merging with this unexpected dōjutsu. Since you already had the Rinnegan in your DNA, it didn't matter. So once I upgraded your Sharingan to Mangekyō, the Elemental Star attacked it in the weakened state of evolution and made some room for itself.

Now when you return you will notice a midnight blue shaded yin-yang symbol in the center of your Mangekyō Sharingan, its function is called 'Heavenly Intervention Ring'. Yeah I named it, and no I am not changing it.

What it does is once you decide what you want to do with one of the five elements, it determines if you will be able to do it or not. If you are, then it refines your actions by absorbing a small amount of your chakra. If you are not then it consumes a MUCH larger amount of chakra forcefully from your body and uses it to perform the technique. Usually it takes ten times more chakra to manipulate an element that you can already use normally with moderate mastery.

But that's not the only thing it does. It gives your Rinnegan's Mind Reading abilities a ranged effect. But before you try it let me warn you first that you are not ready for it yet. Using a good amount of chakra in your Yogengan you will be able to read and paralyze any visible person within your sight. The downsides are you need to have both his and your body motionless for a while and it uses a good chunk of your chakra.

A normal Rinnegan user would have been able to do mind reading by placing his hand on the victim's forehead. Obviously the same conditions need to be met by him as well.

The last thing I can tell you right now is that I think Yogengan will probably allow you to control sub-elements as well. But I don't know for sure.

That's all I managed to find out." She pauses here to let her words sink in. After a minute or so she continues.

"Oh and by the way your shiny blue yin-yang symbol in the middle of your iris is always active and spinning, consuming your chakra steadily. I am not sure but I think since it is continuously eating your chakra, it should be doing something; but we will have to find out what later."

Everyone fell silent after that. Kushina contemplated on what effects this new development was going to have on her family. Kasumi was worried over what Naruto is going to do next. And Naruto was inwardly banging his head on an imaginary wall.

Seriously, control over sub-elements? As if the six he already had were not enough! He had no need of this, not at all. All this meant was more problems for him. Though mind reading seemed very useful, his enemies will greatly increase if knowledge of him possessing two supposedly non-existent legendary bloodlines gets out.

Finally, Naruto broke the silence. "Alright Kyūbi-san, thanks for all the information, but please warn us next time before you do something like this again, okay?"

Kyūbi huffed and walked away mumbling something about pricks and ungrateful bastards.

Flashback End

The last three months had been purely Taijutsu training for them. Since they didn't have enough time for now, Kushina had only taught them basics on genjutsu and told them to focus on Tai and Ninjutsu more. When they were older and maybe had much better control, then they can improve their genjutsu. Right now their massive Uzumaki and Kyūbi reserves (for Kasumi) prevented them from making any decent use of genjutsu.

Another reason Kushina chose to ignore genjutsu was because she wasn't good at it herself, thanks to her own gigantic Uzumaki reserves. She made up for it with Fūinjutsu, which she was already teaching to both Kasumi and Naruto.

Unknown to either of the Uzumaki girls, Naruto was getting tutored by our favorite foxy demoness in the way of illusionary arts; it took up most of his training time in mindscape too.

Their taijutsu training had been anything but pleasant. Kushina had painted auto-adjusting gravity seals on both Naruto and Kasumi. Kasumi's unreal healing factor caused her a lot of pain there, as the more she healed herself, the higher her capacity got, and the more painful her seals became. She had cried on her brother's shoulder many times for the first few weeks, but refused to show weakness in front of Kushina as she was their sensei right now and Kasumi wanted to be as strong as possible for her family.

Naruto wasn't much better off either; even though he didn't heal as fast as Kasumi, he threw himself into training with unfathomable determination that astounded even Kyūbi herself. But one thing they both had in common was that both the twins could now hold their own in a one on one taijutsu fights against almost any mid-level Chūnin foe. Kasumi though, with her stamina capacity and healing, could probably hold off against even low-level Jōnin if the situation called for it.

Uzumaki Compound

"Alright kids, your survival training is hereby complete. It's been one year since you got the Yogengan, Naruto." Kushina smiled a bittersweet smile. Something that was understandable. Naruto was going to leave soon for his personal training with Kyūbi. Who knows what awaits him there?

"I will now tell you where you stand on the basis of your performance. In ninjutsu both of you are low-jōnin level. In taijutsu both of you are mid-chūnin level but in a prolonged fight Kasumi could be counted as low-jōnin level thanks to her stamina and healing. In fūinjutsu both of you are mid-chūnin by the Uzumaki standards, but since even most Kages don't know as much about sealing as an average Uzumaki chūnin used to; let's just say the 'mid-chūnin' means nothing in Fūinjutsu. What I can tell you though is your talent exceeds most Uzumaki prodigy's, and I myself was spoken of as being one of them.

Moving on, Naruto, from what I know has unknown skills in genjutsu… "

Seeing as he was about to protest, she waved her hand dismissively before he could.

"I know you're probably being trained by Kyūbi-san in genjutsu, or will be soon enough. If the Tsukuyomi is anything to go by I don't think it will be fair for someone as poor at genjutsu as me to judge you on that field; especially because I don't even know what you're capable of with it."

Naruto frowned as his mothers' words sank in. She wasn't angry or mad at him for not telling them about his training. But why?

Kushina continued speaking as if nothing had happened. "Kasumi-chan, you're as good at genjutsu as me, a Kage-level ninja..."

Kasumi puffed up with pride.

"...which means you know next to nothing about it but can dispel most illusions..."


Kushina giggled. "Overall I'd say you both are somewhere around mid-chūnin and high-chūnin by the Uzumaki standards. You can both individually hold off against most Konoha jōnin though, I'm pretty sure about that. Except for the elites, they are still out of your league for now."

Both of them seemed satisfied with the results. Except Kasumi who kept glancing nervously at Naruto, hoping he doesn't hate her for outdoing him. When she saw him smiling at her, she felt her worries dissolve.

"Naruto, Kasumi, I want to let you both know that you have done so well that I couldn't be more proud of you. While others of your age are going to enter the academy tomorrow, you are already both already capable ninja, without using your dōjutsu. Except Naruto's... that thing keeps interfering with his training."

Her voice did nothing to hide her frustration about Naruto's rather annoying ability.

Kasumi giggled. "Maybe that's why it's dubbed 'Heavenly Interference Ring' by Kyūbi-san?"

Kushina glared at her daughter, but then she groaned, maybe it was true. That so called advantage the star gave Naruto has been sabotaging his training. But then again, it exhausted him of chakra so many times that if it wasn't for the star's constant drain Naruto's reserves wouldn't be even half of what they are right now.

'I guess it all balances out in the end…'

"Oh... and Naruto-chan, it's time you got your summoning contract. I want you to make your decision now, since you've had about an year to think already; which summoning contract do you want to have - Toad, Phoenix, or Dragon?

I know you've already researched on all of them in our library, but I will tell you what I know about each of them in short.

The toads are versatile fighters, spies, and transports. He used this contract; it is also shared by Jiraiya of the Sannin. They give their summoners Sage training which allows them to use Gama-sennin mode (Toad sage mode). The toad sage mode grants super strength and large chakra reserves for a limited period of time. They have a very well developed network of reverse summoning seals all over the world so they are also great messengers."

She paused as Naruto pondered on his view of the toads. While they seemed powerful, having another summoner alive who might possibly work against them in the future wasn't something Naruto wanted to have. He gave his mother a nod for her to continue, which Kushina did.

"Phoenix summons are the fastest summons in the known world, and they are very selective on whom they allow to be their summoner. They are competent warriors and are considered to be noble blood in the summoning realm. They teach their accepted summoners the ability to dissolve into and reform from fire and summon flames that cannot be put out by anyone but another phoenix contract wielder. It is said that the 'Phoenix Fire' rivals the flames of Amaterasu."

Naruto grinned. Well, that sure provided a good alternative to the toad summons, but he won't decide on anything till he hears all his options.

"The dragon summons are considered as the elite warriors among summon clans and they are quite a bit slower than the phoenix summons; but their strength in battle is unrivaled. Piercing a dragon's scales is considered a great accomplishment in and of itself. Legends say that the Dragon Boss summons can hold her own against a bijū. Their summoners can also learn the ability to cover themselves in dragon scales for a limited period of time, during which they become nigh impossible to kill, unless you find a way to get through those scales. This was the contract signed by our last clan head."

Chapter End

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