The Rasengan, Kasumi's pregnancy issue, Kyuubi's seal issue, and Hinata's per-- spy issue come to light.

Chapter 11: The Vixen's Dilemma

Uzumaki Compound | Konohagakure no Sato

Once Kushina was done explaining her plan to the three siblings, the group stood in comfortable silence, each going through various options in their heads to find any problem that they might have missed.

After a while Kushina decided that they have had enough time to think, and it's not really possible to have a perfect plan. "Alright you three, now that we are done discussing all that, I'm going to show you all how to perform Rasengan, just like I promised."

She took a glance at Naruto to see any signs of protests, but on finding none she smiled. The other two seemed a bit excited to learn a powerful technique, but didn't show it too much.

Kushina grinned at Naruto. "Good Sochi-kun, you look like you understood your lesson well."

Naruto nodded sheepishly, he had forgotten one of the first basic lessons taught by Kushina when he protested learning Rasengan, not something he was proud of.

Kushina continued, "Before we begin I want you all to know that this technique was actually my idea.

As much as I want to hate the bastard and say he didn't contribute anything to this, that's not true. He was actually able to perform it before me, so despite it being my idea it became his original jutsu."

The three siblings looked shocked. "Kaa-chan, why didn't you tell anyone till now that it was your idea?" Kasumi protested.

"Well, I didn't really care that much about it I guess. And I didn't want people call me or my husband a liar. At that time, I did like him very much.

Also, even if I had wanted to take credit, I knew no one would believe me if I told them it was my idea. After all, Minato was the genius of Konoha, while I was a foreign refugee."

The three of them nodded in understanding, people didn't believe what they didn't want to believe. So it was no use for her to try and claim the technique as her own. If anything it would have established her as a liar.

Kushina sighed at their grim faces. "Look, it doesn't matter what happened in the past, I just told you because I thought you should know. Now lets move on to the technique.

Rasengan is basically a modified version of an Uzumaki chakra control exercise - the chakra rotation. You rotate chakra in your palm in multiple directions, then you add more and more chakra into it, and finally you maintain its shape in a small spherical ball. Thus forming the spiraling sphere – Rasengan. So these are the first three steps you will go through – rotation, power and control.

You all must remember that the Kage Bunshin training that all of you have gone through is not an option for a non-Uzumaki, so most other ninja are not as good as us in nature manipulation. Jinchūriki of other tailed beasts might be able to do it too, but I don't think any of them know about this jutsu. And don't teach anyone this."

Once she gave them a hard look to make sure her point got across to them, she continued. "Once you complete the first three steps, the fourth step is to add an element to it. I have as of yet not completed mine, since I never got the time to do so until now, and all the responsibilities didn't give me much time to think.

This step, is also the most dangerous one you have to go through to complete this technique. Odds are until the technique is perfected it will blow up in your face, causing extreme damage.

So once you start practicing stage four, use only Kage Bunshin, and don't train in it personally."

All three siblings nodded in acceptance. Kasumi made over a thousand shadow clones and sent them practice rasengan, much to the envy of everyone else present.

"Damn, you don't even look winded after that!" Natsumi pouted.

Kasumi only smiled sheepishly. Natsumi made fifty Shadow Clones and sent them to practice while she herself sat down trying the same. Naruto on the other hand made two hundred shadow clones, contributing even more to Natsumi's irritation.

Seeing her mood, Kasumi spoke up, "Natsumi-nee-chan, I am actually working on a new chakra seal that might help you with your reserves. Want to check it out after this?"

One of the few things Kasumi hated was when she got something that her family didn't, having an unfair advantage over them just didn't seem right to her. She knew she had no choice in sealing, but still, having all that yōki sealed into her really gave her a vast and unfair advantage over Natsumi and Naruto.

Although, Naruto had Kyūbi to guide him, along with perhaps the world's most powerful bloodline. But Natsumi was a different case. She had none of the advantages Naruto and Kasumi had, and she hadn't even been trained properly until she was ten.

'Naruto gave me Sharingan too, but Natsumi doesn't have the Sharingan or Yōki, unlike me…'

Natsumi's interest peaked. "Really? I was kinda working on something similar, based on Tsunade's shadow seal, the one she uses to give her a shitload of chakra for using 'Creation Rebirth'. You can look into my notes if you want to."

Natsumi didn't really feel so bad, she was in fact happy that her sister and brother were so strong. The only reason she was irritated was because she was angry with herself. 'If I ever get into trouble, they can save me, as they are strong. But if they get into any trouble, I'm useless, much weaker than them! I am supposed to be the older sister, damn it!'

Kasumi continued, "I will do that. But this one is a bit different. It doesn't gather your chakra to store. It gathers chakra from your surroundings, the Nature Chakra. I found out that the re-enforcement seals were actually based on the same concept.

The only reason they weren't used on people was because if you apply them on a human they turn into a stone statue."

Natsumi raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "You want me to turn into a stone statue? I didn't know you hated me that much." She finished in a playful tone.

Kasumi didn't catch the playfulness in her voice, so she got a hurt look on her face. "Of course not! How can you even think I would do something like that, I love you, you are my sister!" she huffed.

That only caused Natsumi to laugh at her, "Relax sis, I was just joking…"

Kasumi pouted, but continued "For your information, I found out why they turn into a stone statue instead of just giving up.

You need to make your body accustomed this special type of chakra before you start using it. So it is just that simple, first we will use limitation seals to pump extremely minute amounts of nature chakra into your body constantly, and once you slowly become used to it, we will keep increasing the amount.

With time and practice you will be able to enter something akin to Toad Sage Mode whenever you activate your seal. Or at least, that's the theory."

Natsumi smiled at her "Thank you, Kasumi-chan. I hope your seal is successful."

Kasumi nodded "I hope so too, Onee-chan. What do you think about having a dinner outside? I am going to meet Ami this evening and I don't want her to think that it's a date…"

"Sure." Natsumi quickly agreed.

"Okay, we will be back by eight Kaa-chan."

"No problem, Kasumi-chan. In case you can't convince them, and they somehow come to know of our plans, you know what to do right?"

"Yes, mother. I will not leave any loose ends, since they may threaten my family later."

Kushina nodded, Naruto got the meaning behind her words as well. 'I hope they agree to be spies, or Kasumi-chan will need to kill again.'

A few hours later

It was about three in the evening, and Kushina had told them that they were done with training for today.

Naruto and Kushina were alone in the kitchen. Kushina was preparing their favorite dish, ramen, as a celebratory meal for finally getting a chance to get out of Konoha permanently.

Naruto steeled his nerves before speaking about what he considered an extremely dangerous topic. "You know Kaa-chan, I had something to ask you…"

Kushina looked at him, blushed a bit under his cerulean gaze and looked down. 'Why do I feel like this when he looks at me?'

"Go ahead." She said.

Naruto caught her blush but didn't comment on it, he tried to relax himself before beginning; he was feeling a bit nervous on how Kushina would react to this. 'I hope no one dies.'

"Well Kaa-chan, after my first time with Kasumi, when I entered my mindscape…"


Naruto was damn happy, and he had every right to be. He had just made love, or as he liked to say, fucked the hell out of Kasumi for the first time, seven times last night, and once in the morning.

Nothing could put his mood down, so when he was unexpectedly pulled into his mind scape after he exited his room, he didn't get annoyed at all, and started walking towards where he knew Kyūbi would be.

Soon enough he found himself in the room that he made for her in his mind scape. After some mental training he had been able to reshape his mindscape to an extent, and the first thing Kyūbi had him do was to change her residence from a cage in sewer to something better.

Right now it looked like the presidential suit in a luxury hotel. The best thing was it was in his mind so he didn't have to pay for it. When he finally got a good look on Kyūbi's position, he had to force himself from fainting.

She was lying on her queen sized bed, naked, doing inappropriate things to herself. She had a blissful smile on her face. It had more than a few effects on him, even though he ignored them.

"What the hell happened to you?" he managed to speak, somehow.

Kyūbi moaned and then looked up, upon seeing Naruto she sighed.

"Is it really that hard for you to figure out? I was yelping every time you got boiled during your water walking, yes?"

Confused, Naruto asked her again. "What does that have to do with your current state?"

Kyūbi sighed again at his obliviousness. "You know Naruto, I don't know how you can be a genius at one time, and a retard the next second.

Well, the thing I am trying to say is, everything you feel, is felt by me too. So when you were… fucking Kasumi... get it yet?"

Naruto's eyes got wide in shock before he started growling. "You are fucking my sister! We have a lot to talk about."

He grabbed Kyūbi by her shoulder and began dragging her to a newly created dark room that looked as if it was made for torture. "If you don't treat her right, I assure you I will make sure you die in the most painful ways imaginable. If you even try to hurt one hair on her head…"

"Hold on right there!" Kyūbi yelped indignantly. A demon queen like her wasn't used to being dragged around by

"First of all – you are the one fucking her, which is the only reason I got to feel her. Though I will admit it was the best thing I ever felt…" she sighed happily.

Naruto's face turned red, before he sat down at the edge of her bed, and sighed to calm himself a bit.

'Breathe in… breathe out… breathe in… breathe out…. Calm…. Peace…'

Finally, he spoke again, this time in a much calmer tone. "So every time me and Kasumi have sex, you will feel like you are having sex with Kasumi?"

Kyūbi nodded. "Yes, ever since the seal got weak, I can feel everything you feel. If you get hurt, I feel the pain as well, and when you are having fun, I feel the same."

Now that Naruto thought about it, it was a bit strange that a millennia year old demon queen would open herself up to his family in just a few years. 'Makes sense, she shares all my feelings, so she instinctively feels love towards them, and hatred towards my enemies. While she knows they are not really her feelings, she must have gotten used to them with time. So that means…'

Naruto's head snapped towards the vixen and he spoke, this time in a defeated tone. "If this means what I think it does, I will need to speak with Kaa-chan about it. And before I get together with Kasumi again I will need to tell her about this too.

It's not fair if I let you take pleasure from her without her knowledge."

Kyūbi nodded hesitantly, and then Naruto exited his mindscape. 'I hope Kasumi-chan says yes, I don't know how I will live knowing I won't feel that again… god it was so awesome… if that's what sex feels like, I regret it so so so much not trying something like that all my life... but then again, no being appealed to me then. But now there is Naruto...' she collapsed back on her bed with a content smile on her face. She licked her lips as she thought of Naruto. 'Strong, mostly smart, and a perfect candidate for me... he doesn't judge me like all others...

Naruto-kun...? Hm... well let's see if he reciprocates this new feeling of mine. I don't care about sex with Kasumi, that's just added bonus until I get out of here. In the end, only a demon like me can possibly hope to satisfy a demon like Naruto.'

End Flashback

"… and that's what happened." Naruto finished explaining.

Kushina's eyes flashed with anger. "Let me... talk... to her." Her statement gave no room for argument.

Naruto nervously nodded. If he was honest with himself he kind of liked Kyūbi, and didn't want his mother to kill her if it was possible to do so. But he had no intention of attracting her wrath upon himself either.

"O-okay, Kaa-chan, just don't do anything drastic…"

Kushina's glare shut him up.

Sighing, he channeled chakra into his eyes. The suppression of his dōjutsu ended as the chakra to the lens was cut off, and his silver-blue rippled eyes with nine tomoe became visible.

"Tsukiyomi!" [Goddess of the Moon]

Tsukiyomi World

Kushina found herself in the red-black Tsukiyomi world, with the crimson moon shining overhead. As she looked around and quickly spotted the nervous Kyūbi, who was uncharacteristically shuffling from one foot to the other.

Kyūbi was wearing her usual silver blouse, and the semi-transparent red clothing. But her eyes resembled more to a puppy that was being scolded then a demon queen.

Growling, Kushina moved in front of her and tackled her against the nearby black cross.

Kyūbi found her back pressed against the torture cross and her body immobile thanks to Kushina holding both her hands with her own. She couldn't move much, as Kushina's body was pressing her down on the cross.

"You have a lot to answer for!" Kushina growled.

Kyūbi started sweating a bit, but pretended to not know what Kushina was talking about. "L-like what?"

Kushina pressed herself harder against Kyūbi and glared even more fiercely. "You took sexual advantage of my daughter without her permission!"

Kyuubi chuckled nervously. "Well that was only because he did the same, but with her permission. If you are to be reasonable you will see she indirectly gave me the permission too…"

"Why didn't you tell Naruto about this before or while they were doing it?" Kushina snapped.

"W-well, you see, I wanted to. But it felt too good…"

"So you thought it would be fine if you just let it happen?"

Kyūbi had had just enough. "First of all, it was not my fault that your husband thought it would be a bright idea to seal me into your son. Then secondly, it was again not my idea to go to bed with Kasumi. Again, it was not my choice if I feel what he feels or not.

Then, I have never once felt that good in my life, and is it really that wrong for me to feel good, even once in my life? Just because I am a demon, I don't deserve anything? I never had sex before, no one came close enough to me to be able to do that, neither did I want to.

If anything, I should be angry for not being able to enjoy my first time directly! Just because I didn't say anything yet doesn't mean you can walk all over me!"

By the end of her explanation, Kyūbi looked furious, her eyes having the same expression that they had on the day she attacked Konoha.

Without warning she threw the shocked Kushina off her, a new black cross emerged behind Kushina, to which she was immediately bound.

"Kyū-chan, Kaa-chan, please calm down! I know you are both angry about this but think rationally. Attacking each other won't solve anything!" Naruto interrupted on seeing his mother bound to the torture cross.

Kyūbi had partial control over Naruto's Sharingan techniques, as long as she was sealed inside him, so if she wanted, she had three full days to torture Kushina, and Naruto would be hard pressed to be able to get her out of there.

Kyūbi calmed herself by taking a few deep breaths, not that she needed to, being inside Naruto's mind, but it still calmed her down.

The chains which bound Kushina to the black cross disappeared and a few moments later the cross faded as well.

"I'm sorry, but please don't accuse me for something I had no control over." Kyūbi said.

Kushina sighed, and put her righteous motherly fury away before speaking. "It's okay, I guess I was just mad thinking that my daughter had been, in a sense, taken advantage of."

There was tense silence for a few moments, before Kushina broke it again. "What are your feelings for her?"

Kyūbi looked questioningly at Kushina. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, how do you feel about her?"

Kyūbi coughed uncomfortably, she still remembered how good it felt to fuck Kasumi. Even though she knew it wasn't her doing it, it just felt so real.

"I cannot lie as a demon lord, we are bound to our words. So I will answer you honestly. I love her just as much as Naruto, I love you too, along with Natsumi. Although, that is because my emotions and feelings are directly dependent on my host as it is right now. So that's what he feels for you, thus what I feel as well. This will of course probably change as soon as I'm out of this seal, if that happens."

Kushina's eyes widened upon hearing this. "M-my god!..." Of all things she had been expecting…

"It is really very simple. I feel about you all exactly as what Naruto feels. I hadn't really had any real good feelings when I spent thousands of years alone, so when I experienced the joy of being with you all through Naruto, I slowly grew addicted to it.

Naruto loves you three, so every time he looks or thinks about any of you, his emotions radiate love, which is exactly what I feel due to our link.

I am not sure if I would have loved you all if there wasn't the emotional link between me and Naruto, but the fact remains that as it is now, I do.

So there, now you know."

Kushina's eyes were wide from shock. 'Oh my god… THE Demon Queen, Kyūbi no Kitsune, loves me and my son and daughters… we are so fucked...'

Naruto had suspected this, which was exactly what he had thought after his last conversation with Kyūbi. That was what he was afraid of.

Naruto still had something to ask though, "Kyū-chan, I will be honest with you as well. You are extremely beautiful, and not really evil from our point of view. But you need to be sure what you really feel about us before you say something like that. It can be just my own emotions influencing you."

Kyūbi shook her head in negative. "Your emotions did influence me greatly, I will admit that. But as it is right now, I cannot differentiate between your emotions and my emotions. Even after you release me, If that happens, then I will not be bound anymore, and these emotions may not longer be there, but they might as well be. The memories won't change, so at the very least I will feel emotionally attached to you all. And as for you Naruto-kun, the feelings I have for you are all my own."

Naruto nodded in understanding, not thinking too much of what Kyūbi felt towards him. He didn't like how his emotions had manipulated how she feels, but there wasn't anything that could be done now.

Kyūbi gave a sad smile then. "And if the seal absorbs me completely, then that is one less problem for you to deal with, right Kushina-chan?"

Kushina looked down in shame at that. 'I guess I have been really unfair to her today. She hadn't really done anything against my family till now…'

"Kyūbi… -chan, do you mind me calling you that?" she asked.

"Of course not, I already told you how I feel about you. Whether you like it or not I still love you, if only because of Naruto."

Kushina blushed. "Ahem, well, we will discuss that later. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for how I reacted. But please ask Kasumi about this before you do it again. It won't be fair for her otherwise."

Naruto nodded. "We will do that Kaa-chan."

Kushina nodded at her son before giving Kyūbi a small smile as well.

"What is it about the seal absorbing you though?" she asked curiously.

Naruto sighed and started explaining to her.

An hour later in Tsukiyomi

"I see. Why didn't you tell me about all this sooner Naruto-kun?" Kushina scolded.

She had just been explained about Naruto's half demon status, and Kyūbi's soul merging slowly with Naruto's own.

Naruto waved his arms in front of him defensively. "Hey I've only been here a few days, and I've been busy, so I guess it slipped my mind."

Still glaring at Naruto Kushina scolded him again, "Fine, but don't keep important things from me in the future, especially those that affect you or others in the family."

Upon seeing the confused glance of Kyūbi, she decided to clarify. "Well since you love all of us, and have helped us a lot in the past, you can be considered family, right?"

"B-but I caused most of your troubles in the first place!" she countered in confusion.

Kushina sighed. "You didn't know us then, you were arrogant – which you are not now I hope, and it was Minato"she spoke with venom in her voice, "who sealed you inside Naruto and Kasumi. You might be the cause of village's trouble, but not ours. This whole damn village is the real cause of our trouble. After seeing what those villagers are like, I would say they deserved what you did to them and more."

Kyūbi tried to act like the thousands of year old demon she is, but in the end gave up and hugged Kushina, and started sobbing.

"Thank you…" she whispered.

Kushina rubbed her back in a comforting manner. 'Never thought I would be hugging a sobbing demon queen. Oh well, life has its surprises.'

"It's alright, you won't have to be alone from now on, you have a family. We will get you out of this seal soon.". She held Kyūbi by her shoulders and pulled her a bit away from her, then gave a light kiss on her lips.

"Hitomi…" she whispered.

"Huh?" Kushina asked.

"Hitomi, I gave myself that name when I was twenty year old, but since I never told it to anyone, they just named me 'Kyūbi' or the Nine-tailed demon fox. I never felt the need to tell anyone that name…"

Kushina grinned at her. "Well, Hitomi-chan, now that we all sort of know you, and you don't have any tails coming out of your butt that I can see, I think I prefer the name Hitomi."

Hitomi giggled at Kushina, liking the feeling of their bodies pressed together. In all thousands of years she never really had been touched with the intent to provide her comfort until now. It felt good to her, really good.

Naruto was offended though. "How come you never told me your name in the last five years we can talk? And you just met her two times in Tsukiyomi and you tell her?"

Hitomi only hugged Kushina tighter and sighed in contentment. "You never asked me, and never talked to me on a more personal level, Naruto-kun. It was always 'what should I train in next', 'where to go next' or other strictly non-personal stuff."

Naruto looked away from them. "I-I thought you wouldn't like to talk about things like that and would take it the wrong way!"

"I know, but you asked for the reason and I told you." Hitomi replied.

Naruto pouted. "Very well, Hitomi-chan. I hope you are ready to ask Kasumi for the permission."

Hitomi turned bright red at the thought. 'I am going to ask another girl if I can have sex with her, and she doesn't really know me on a personal level… though I know her as good as Naruto…'

Kushina sighed at the demon queen's plight. "Well, don't worry about it now; Kasumi is not going to be home for a while."

Hitomi nodded nervously.

With that, Naruto released Tsukiyomi.

Real World

Only a second or two had passed during the whole conversation, and now Kushina and Naruto were back to the real world.

They didn't say anything for a while, before Kushina hesitantly spoke up. "Naruto… are you really… romantically interested in me? I could clearly see that in Hitomi-chan, and if you two share all feelings…"

Naruto almost choked on the air he was breathing.

"Answer me honestly. If there is one thing I never want you to do, that is to lie to your family."

Naruto stiffened at her words, before he leaned against the Kitchen wall to think about it. "I-I… yes. You are one of the most beautiful women I have met, I won't lie about it. In fact, the only ones who even remotely compare to you are Kasumi, Natsumi and Hitomi. Ever since I returned from my training, my feelings for all three of you have changed, it might be because of the demonic nature and increased libido I think."

Kushina blushed. Naruto continued, seemingly talking to himself. "I've been tempted to claim all four of you all the time since my half-demon transformation, the only time I wasn't desperate was the day when I did Kasumi, and even then I had the desire to do so, just not so much."

Naruto continued, "During my training, I gained one of the techniques that gave me access to Nature Chakra. The Tozi [Goddess of Nature] lets me use nature chakra for a short period of time while it is activated. After a few of its uses as I grew more acquainted with the nature itself, the seal holding Hitomi-chan's soul weakened even more.

It is designed to slowly dissolve Hitomi-chan's soul into mine with time, that means within a few years Hitomi-chan will cease to exist and I will become a full demon unless we manage to break her out."

Kushina's eyes darkened upon hearing this. 'Just when I think I know everything that man has fucked up in my life, something more pops up. He designed the seal in such a way that my new family member dies, and my son becomes a demon… He will still be loved by us though, no matter what.'

Naruto saw Kushina's visage darken, "I am working on the seal, and I am going to ask Kasumi-chan to study the Shiki Fūjin as well, from the copy of the forbidden scroll we obtained. But the fact is, I am a half-demon now."

Kushina sighed and tried to get her hatred for Minato under control. He was not here so it will only hurt others. "What changes will you undergo because of this?"

Naruto made a mental list of everything he knew, and then started pointing everything out to her. "First of all, I will have access to yōki, only one tail as of now. My yōki control is average right now.

My control over natural instincts will be lower. You might have noticed this. I haven't been able to keep up my regular mask as much as I used to before. My blood lust and libido have increased dramatically as well."

Kushina blushed again. "Yeah, I saw the effects in the video."

Naruto coughed. "Um.. yeah, I kind of lost control for a while there, thankfully I was able to restrain myself for most of the night."

"You were… restraining yourself…?" Kushina asked in disbelief.

At his nod, Kushina's eyes widened. "Holy shit!... That means Kasumi will definitely not be enough to satisfy you, or you might just kill her."


"No offense but you are just a half demon right now, were restraining yourself, it was your first time, but still you fucked her seven times till she was unconscious, and then once more in the morning. I would say even if we manage to get Hitomi-chan out, it will take some time, your bond will only grow stronger with that time."

"What do you suggest?" Naruto asked in defeat.

Kushina thought about it for a while before replying. "Well… You will need to be able to satisfy your needs, or you might go insane from pent up frustration. Or start raping anyone or anything you see.

So I would suggest you fulfilling your needs by… appropriate means. Kasumi will be more than willing to help you there, but she alone won't be enough.

Natsumi, from what I can tell loves you too, but you should wait for her to finish developing and until she is ready for it. Unlike Kasumi she doesn't have that level of mastery over her age. Nina doesn't seem too interested in anything, yet. Hitomi-chan is sealed, but once she gets out, you can have her too. I mean she does seem to have a high amount of affection towards you…higher than what she has for any of us girls..."

'Hitomi-chan?' Naruto asked mentally.

'…It's true...'

He sighed. He had figured it out partially so it wasn't as much of a surprise anymore.

Kushina continued, this time with a blush. "Then there is me, but I don't think you would really want me, and the girls would be uncomfortable as well."

Naruto shook his head. "You are physically almost the same age as me, a year or two differences at most. You already told us that bloodlines counter the side-effects of incest, so it isn't frowned upon in bloodline clans. I don't see how you are any different from Kasumi and Natsumi, Kushina-chan."

He knowingly replaced 'mother' with her name, seeing as he was now almost the same age as her, it was time he stopped calling her that, or she might feel old and uncomfortable around certain subjects he was talking about.

Kushina caught the change of her title. "But sochi-kun, I don't want to come between you all, and… I-I am not very good in bed…" she said in a subdued tone.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that. "Who told you that?"

She hesitantly continued, in an even more subdued tone. "I only tried a few times really, every time it was with Minato. We never really had much fun; it was more like we were doing a job to get children…"

Kushina seemed like she was going to cry, "He even told me once that it was boring!"

Naruto sighed. "It could be because you didn't love him, or he was just incompetent in bed…"

Kushina nodded hesitantly. "It is a possibility, but you can't be sure. Anyhow we will need to discuss this all with Kasumi first."

Naruto nodded in defeat. With every passing moment he was finding it harder and harder to control himself. 'Damn it, I hope Kasumi-chan doesn't take this all the wrong way…'

"Kushina-chan, if Kasumi-chan and Natsumi-chan agree with this, will you want to give me a try? I do love you as well, you know."

Kushina sighed. "I will give it a try if they agree, but please don't think less of me if it is not as enjoyable as Kasumi-chan…"

"Don't worry Kushina-chan, I won't. I will love you regardless, but I can bet right now that you will be great." He huskily whispered into her ear, causing her to blush again.

'I can't believe I am letting him do this!'

With Kasumi

In her quest to make Hinata become their spy, Kasumi found herself watching Team Eight doing their first D-rank mission. She had come there so she could talk to Hinata about her job once they were gone from Konoha, but decided to wait till they were done with the mission.

The mission was a simple one, capturing a cat named Tora. Unfortunately for Kasumi, she had been spotted by Kurenai, who asked her if she wanted to help them with the mission.

Normally she wouldn't have done that, but today she wanted to be at least a little nice to Hinata, as she was going to ask her to be her spy later. It would be nice to have a few brownie points before she does that.

That wouldn't have been so bad either, but she was paired with Kiba. Hinata and Shino were looking for the cat in southern part of the village, Kurenai in west, while Kasumi and Kiba were going East. Since the cat had run away from North, they assumed she wasn't there.

Kiba's voice broke through her mental train of thought. "You wanna get a pizza and fuck?" "Arf!"


"You don't like pizza? Fine. In my mind, we're going to have sex anyway, so you might as well be in the room." "Arf!"


"My name is Inuzuka Kiba by the way. That's so you know what to scream." "Arf! Arf!"


"Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?" "Arf!"

"Will you shut up?" she finally snapped.

"If I do, what are going to give me?" "Arf!"

"It is not what I am going to give you, it is what I am not going to give you if you shut the fuck up."

"Huh? And what is that?" Kiba asked curiously. "If it's a blowjob I might as well continue talking, as I would like to get one." "Arf!"

Kasumi's eyebrow twitched. Why did that little dog seem to agree with Kiba on all of his horrible pick up lines?

"It's a chakra powered kick between your legs dog boy, stop hitting on me, I'm taken. And you too mister puppy."

A growl escaped Kiba's throat as she said that. "By whom?" Akamaru just whined.

"It's none of your business."

They continued in tense silence, looking for the cat. A few minutes later they caught sight of something red and furry entering an alley, and immediately began chasing it.

'If I catch it I will finally be able to get away from him!'

Kiba however had different plans. 'If I catch the cat it will show her I am the alpha male, and she should be my bitch.' 'Arf!'

Twenty minutes later

Shino, Hinata and Kurenai were staring in horror at the site before them.

Kasumi was dragging Kiba by his leg, his form was beaten, bloody and unconscious. Akamaru didn't seem to be in a better shape, but his ride was more comfortable as he was on Kiba's stomach.

They winced as his head bumped against a big stone in the path once again, Kasumi seemed oblivious to it and kept dragging.

Upon reaching the group, she threw Kiba carelessly towards them.

"What the hell happened to him?" Kurenai gasped.

She was shocked how such a sweet looking girl could so cruelly drag her student like he was useless.

Kasumi started explaining. "Well, we found the cat, and Kiba tried to catch it to show me how alpha he is. The cat"she once again looked at her shoulder where the cat seemed to be having a nap. "fought him, and… well you can see some of the results. By the end of it he was completely covered in claw marks and about to pass out from blood loss.

I don't know how the bright idea got into his head but when I picked the poor tired cat up, he tried to grope me. So I completed what the cat started."

She didn't mention that the cat Tora had used yōki during her fight with Kiba, she had seen it with her own eyes. Since the cat probably felt the yōki inside of Kasumi, she felt safe with her own kind, which was probably why she let Kasumi hold her effortlessly.

Hinata and Shino seemed shocked. Shino was surprised that a cat had beaten Kiba.

'I no longer think it was logical for me to score lower. I am paired with a weak teammate anyway. It is not logical for a good genin to lose to a… cat.'

'Kiba-san is going to suffer for trying to sexually assault Kasumi-chan. I will make sure of it…' Hinata thought, with a dark aura around her, causing Kurenai and Shino to back off.

"Uh… okay," Kurenai started, 'I am going to have a looong talk with Kiba and his parents on how to behave around women later…' "Now that we have the cat, let's take her to her owner at the Hokage tower. Then we can call it a day and Hinata can go with her friend to wherever she wants.

And I am sorry for how my student behaved." She finished in an apologizing tone.

Kasumi smiled warmly at her, 'I need to make sure she trusts I have been good around Hinata, otherwise she might suspect her later after we have left'

"It's not your fault Kurenai-san, I am used to it."

Kurenai nodded in understanding, she had to face a lot of similar problems due to her own good looks. Though she had to admit Kasumi outclassed her. Even she had to suppress a blush when Kasumi smiled.

'They were right about her. She is a temptress. I'm not surprised considering Kushina-sama is just as beautiful. If so many people weren't afraid of her, she would have a gigantic fan club. In that way she is lucky she has Kyūbi's yōki sealed in her…'

Fortunately for her, she was a trained Jōnin and a straight woman, so she had no difficulty in maintaining her composure. No one could notice a difference, because there was none on the outside.

The group started walking towards the Hokage tower, with Shino supporting an unconscious Kiba.

A few minutes later

"Enter..." the hokage spoke in his aged voice.

"Ah, Team Eight, you are back early, considering your mission… Oh, such a pleasant surprise to see you here Kasumi-chan." He greeted warmly.

Kasumi shuddered at the thought that this man who seemed so kind to her, had given the assassination orders of her mother just yesterday.

"Good to see you too, Hokage-sama." She stated calmly.

The Hokage was not fooled, he had far too much experience to not be able to see through a twelve year old's mask, even though she looked sixteen.

'Kasumi is trying to restrain her rage and disgust, which means Kushina-chan suspects me for that ambush. I told her it was probably Danzō, but she just won't believe me.'

He sighed. 'Why do you have to be so stubborn and silly, Kushina-chan? You will lead to the downfall of your entire family if this goes on… I can't have someone with as much potential as Kasumi go against me, it will be too dangerous.'

Of course, he didn't tell Kushina that he knew Danzō was behind the assassination, and it was not just a guess. 'I let him get his hands on the mission details after all. That fool thinks he is going behind my back and doing Konoha a favor, while he is just being used by me to have Konoha some favors done, those that I can't have done directly. People just don't use their minds.'

He was disappointed that the four ANBU that Kushina had killed were not with ROOT insignia on their masks, otherwise his plan was flawless. She would have thought it was Danzō's attempt, not his, if only Danzō hadn't tried to be a smart-ass.

"Hokage-sama, are you alright?" Kurenai asked, concerned for the kind leader.

"Ah, my apologies Kurenai-san. I really am getting old for this job... I hope you are ready soon to take up the responsibility of the new generation, Kasumi-chan?" he joked.

Kasumi grimaced. The Hokage had always told her and Naruto the great stories of how awesome the Hokage were, how they sacrificed everything for their village every time he got a chance to speak with her or Naruto alone.

If not for Kushina warning them both beforehand not to believe anything told to them by anyone but herself, they would have been fascinated by the prospect of being a Hokage.

"I don't think I am ready for such kind of job, Hokage-sama." She stated calmly, once again.

This time even with the experience of three great shinobi wars, Sarutobi was unable to pickup the disgust hidden behind her voice. 'Well, at least she doesn't hate the idea completely, I can't detect any disgust there, she stands a chance yet.'

"Let me not hold you all for too long, if you are done with your mission and don't want another, please go ahead with your other duties." He warmly stated.

On not receiving any protest, he continued. "Very well then, all of you except Kasumi are dismissed."

Team Eight walked out of the room, well Kiba got dragged by Shino but it doesn't matter.

"You needed something Hokage-sama?" Kasumi asked curiously.

"Indeed. I wanted to apologize for the assassination attempt on your mother, I hope she is alright. I assure you I am trying my best to find out the people behind it. But my age is catching up to me. I am too old for this job.

Oh well, soon you will be old enough for the job, and then I am sure you will find the people who tried to hurt your mother and deal with them accordingly. Aren't I right, Kasumi-chan?"

" there anything else you needed, Hokage-sama?" this time instead of being calm her voice was cold. There was a limit to which she could tolerate people trying to manipulate her.

'Colder than ice, I don't like how she was raised. Once the Chūnin exams are over and I don't have all these preparations to make, I will have to clean up this mess that I made with Uzumaki.

First I will need to get rid of Kushina to break the kid's masks, and then use their emotionally weakened state to convince them that if one of them were village leader that wouldn't have happened.

If one of them is hell bent on becoming the Hokage, the other will automatically follow, they can't separate. At least one thing Kushina did helps me in this plan.

If they don't show complete loyalty to the village, sadly I will have to get rid of them both. As much as it will hurt me.

Danzō is getting harder to manipulate as well…

I am getting too old for this shit.'

Once Kasumi was out of Hokage-office, she found Hinata waiting for her by the gate, and smiled at her.

Hinata blushed. "You wanted to talk to me about something, Kasumi-chan?"

"Yes, Hinata-chan, let's go somewhere private first."

She then grabbed Hinata's wrist and used a shunshin to teleport them outside the Uzumaki compound. As Hinata arrived with Kasumi in front of the gates of Uzumaki compound, without a word, Kasumi took her inside.

They walked in silence to Kasumi's room, Hinata's blush getting darker and darker every second. 'She is taking me to her room, and we are going to have a private talk!'

She couldn't help but be extremely excited over what Kasumi was going to talk to her about.

There were just so many things going on in her head. 'It could be…'

Hinata's Dreamscape

Kasumi looked deep into Hinata's eyes before she started to strip out of her clothes.

"What are you doing Kasumi-chan?"

"I have been holding my feelings for you for too long Hinata-hime, I love you, and will love you till the end of the world."

As she finished speaking, she pulled her closer and their lips met with fiery passion. Hinata moaned as she finally got to feel what those glossy red lips were like.

"I love you too Kasumi-chan, lets make love till our bodies give up!"

Kasumi started kissing her lower and lower, down her neck, between her breasts, on her belly...

Back in the real world


Kasumi sighed as she watched Hinata faint with a nosebleed.

'Damn it, it's going to be a long way to my room…'

Ten Minutes later

A few more times Hinata had fallen unconscious on the way to Kasumi's room, and once she had almost lost control and lunged for Kasumi, but finally they managed to get to the room without any serious accident.

"Please sit, Hinata-chan."

Hinata hurriedly sat down in Kasumi's lap, causing her eye to twitch. She had meant for her to sit on the chair, not her lap, but she didn't express any outward protest. 'Maybe it will help if she is happier when I tell her this.'

She wrapped her arms around Hinata, causing the said girl to almost faint. "Hinata-chan, you know that we are not really treated fairly in Konoha, right? Me and my family…"

Hinata nodded solemnly at that. "I know…"

"Well then you must understand that there is a possibility we might need to leave the village some day."

Hinata stiffened at her words. While it was great to feel Kasumi's softer parts pressing against her side and her warm breath so close she could feel it, if the price was for her to be separated from Naruto and Kasumi, it wasn't worth it. "I will come with you then. Please don't leave me alone!" she pleaded.

Kasumi sighed. "Hinata-chan do you love me?" 'Damn it, I hate doing this!'


"Answer truthfully, Hinata-chan…"

"Hai… I do…" she answered with the deepest blush of her life.

"If you do, then won't you do everything you can to ensure I am safe, even if it means you will have to stay away from me? And even if you know we can only be friends, nothing more than that?"

Hinata thought about it. 'Yes, she should be safe, even if we have to remain apart, but what… oh…'

"Yes, I will, what do you want me to do, Kasumi-chan?" she asked in a submissive tone. 'I knew I stood no chance with her. What a fool I am to even get my hopes up so high. At least I will be of some use to her now…'

Kasumi grimaced, she didn't like doing this either, but it had to be done. "Don't feel so bad Hinata-chan. I don't love you, but you are my only friend outside of my family. Please, I am not going to ask you of much.

Just every time something major happens in Konoha, could you let me know so that we don't get caught off guard? I will put a seal on you that will let you alert me to your location, and then I can teleport to you using a technique I have."

She was just going to put Hiraishin seals on her, and when chakra is channeled through them Kasumi will be alerted about it, then she can flash to Hinata's location.

Hinata nodded without hesitation. "I don't have any love for this village either, not after seeing everything they did to you and Naruto-kun... if possible… could you maybe later… let me come with you? Once you don't need a spy here?

I promise I will be strong, and help you with anything you need? I am not asking you to be anything more than friends, I know you love Naruto-kun too. Just, can we remain friends?" she begged. 'Friendship is the first step towards a good threesome.' Her inner pervert hadn't died yet.

Kasumi smiled and hugged her, ignoring the moan from the Hyūga, and the fact that the way Hinata was touching her was questionable. "Of course, Hinata-chan. Before I leave I will put some seals on your body, okay? Don't break them, and channel chakra into them whenever you need me.

I will see you later I guess, I have to go with my sister somewhere."

Hinata nodded happily at her. She was hoping Kasumi would take her with the Uzumaki as well, not now but maybe in a few years?

Eight PM, Uzumaki Compound

The dinner Natsumi and Kasumi had with Ami had gone well. They were surprised when Ami didn't turn out to be a fan girl, and had a genuine curiosity and affection towards Kasumi.

In the end it didn't really matter all that much, as Kasumi was going to be using her as a spy, so she will keep up her emotional wall so that she doesn't get attached to Ami.

Of course, Ami didn't know that. By the end of the month Ami will be head over heels in love with Kasumi, and then she is going to be the third spy in Konoha.

Kasumi will need to convince Ami that her actions won't harm Konoha in any way, as she doesn't seem to be detached from the village unlike Hinata. But it wouldn't be too hard for Kasumi to accomplish.

After all that both Uzumaki sisters had returned home, a bit tired from all the conversation but otherwise fine.

Right now they were eating the ramen that Kushina had made to celebrate their possible freedom from Konoha that was fast approaching.

Natsumi broke the silence after swallowing some more noodles. "You know, I was wondering if Orochimaru really wants me, and he is going to be in Konoha for about a month or more when the Chūnin exams proceed. How are we going to deal with him?"

Kushina 'hmm'ed' in thought. After a while she smiled. "Well, the second part of the Chūnin exams is always held in the forest of death. Only the students are left in the forest, and for the pedophile sannin it shouldn't be too hard to sneak in. He will probably make his move at that time, or during the confusion of the invasion.

I didn't get too much info out of that ninja, unfortunately. The good thing is that he knew the main attack will commence during the final tournament. So we have full six months till the exams start, and another when we have to make our escape."

All three siblings nodded, still eating their ramen.

Kushina seemed to be lost in thought for a while again, "Now that I think about it, Orochimaru uses a seal of sorts to make sure his followers are loyal to him. One of the Tokubetsu Jōnin, Mitarashi Anko has one of his seals.

Though she never activated it, so it hasn't influenced her all that much. I would say she can still be controlled by Orochimaru to an extent, which is why most people don't trust her."

Kasumi looked curiously at her. "Can't they just remove the damn seal?"

Kushina chuckled. "Kasumi-chan, how many seal masters does Konoha have? There is Jiraiya and me, that's it.

Jiraiya is a busy man, doing his 'research' and gawking on good looking women, spying hot springs and traveling around the world doing similar stuff. He also maintains Konoha's spy network. Also, he's no Uzumaki when it comes to Fūinjutsu."

Naruto nodded in understanding. "I can see why Konoha doesn't know about Orochimaru's village yet."

Kushina giggled. "Well I won't say Jiraiya isn't a good spy, trust me he is good at what he does, but he rarely takes his job seriously. As opposed to Minato, he isn't completely without morals, though he is a super pervert...

If he had to teach any of you Rasengan, he will just show you how he does one stage, and leave you to figure it out yourself. Then when you actually somehow manage to do it, he tells you what you already figured out, and then he will give you the second stage and so on.

In the end, all he did was showing you a technique, and didn't even explain how you are supposed to do it. That's the way he works.

I already told you all the purpose of all four stages, so that you know what you want to do, before you start doing random stuff till you get it right, that's just a waste of time in my opinion."

"Yeah, we would have been stuck for months learning it…"

Kushina shook her head, "Kasumi-chan, I don't think you have completed the technique yet. Tell me how far did each of you got today?"

Naruto was the first one to speak up. "I managed to get Rasengan down to step three. Although, I decided to try the next step tomorrow and focused on... something else."

Kasumi bit her lip. "I got it to step three as well with the help of my shadow clones, it only took me an hour or so. B-but... I can't do the next step, I tried many times..."

Natsumi comforted her sister by putting"I managed it to step three too, as I have the best chakra control among us."

Kushina nodded at the three of them. "That's great progress, but don't expect yourself to be able to get stage four within a month, or even a year. It hasn't been done yet so we don't know how hard it will be."

"I was wondering Kushina-chan… Will it be possible to make a Sub-elemental Rasengan?"

Kushina paused in thought at Naruto's question. "I don't know. Hell, I don't know if even an Elemental Rasengan could be made. But if an Elemental one is hard, then Sub-elemental one will be harder. So don't try to run before you learn how to walk, ok?"

Naruto nodded sheepishly.

"So how are you coming up with Kasumi's bloodline, Naruto-kun?" Kushina asked.


Kushina started at him, then stared at Kasumi, who seemed equally confused as Naruto.

She sighed. "Don't tell me, you both didn't notice the Uzumaki Life Binding Seal on your necks? I told you that true Uzumaki lovers get the bloodline from the Uzumaki girl, and are bound to each other so that they are not separated if one of them dies."

Both of them stared at her.

"Wait, so I have the same bloodline as Kasumi-chan now?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, you will need to learn how to use it though. Regeneration, Aging and Blood Healing are now added to your abilities." Kushina clarified.

Kasumi then asked something none of them wondered about. "Does that mean I get Onii-chan's bloodline too?"

Silence met her statement.

Kushina finally broke it. "I don't know Kasumi-chan. Life Bonds are extremely rare to occur in the first place, as both the lovers need to love each other unconditionally, and the girl should be an Uzumaki.

Uzumaki women almost never married outside the clan, or it was extremely rare. Add to that the fact that I don't know any Uzumaki male that activated his bloodline other than Naruto-kun…"

Kasumi sighed. "So we don't know?"

"Yeah…" Kushina said in disappointed tone.

"Don't worry sis, you have me, the greatest medic nin in history to perform experiments on you to find out!" Natsumi cheerfully added.

Kasumi snapped back. "I am not a lab rat, Onee-chan! And you sound like Orochimaru when you say experiments."

"Well I have been going through his research, and I must say it is interesting."


"… what? Don't look at me like that, Nina-san gave me the books."

Kushina sighed. "What exactly did you study from them, Natsumi-chan?"

"Well, there were the possible procedures of how to transfer bloodlines to someone without any in the first place. There were notes on how he tried doing so with Hashirama's Mokuton, but I found a lot of errors in them.

Orochimaru wasn't a good medic it seems, from what I could see most of his experiments would have died from the sheer pain induced by the procedure."

Kushina nodded. "Orochimaru's experiments were considered inhuman. And he didn't really achieve much from them, not that I know of. But did you get any useful information from those documents?"

Natsumi nodded. "Yeah, I can detect and identify bloodlines from a blood sample."

Kushina grinned. "That's great. Then you take a blood sample from Kasumi and analyze it. We can then see if she got Rinnegan or something from Naruto."

"Yes mother." She responded.

Naruto, who had been silent for the whole conversation voiced his opinion. "Kasumi-chan, look here."


"Tsukiyomi!" [Goddess of the Moon]

Tsukiyomi World

She felt her world shift, and then found herself in front of Kyūbi/Hitomi and Naruto. She looked curiously at them, then tilted her head to the side questioningly.

Kyūbi/Hitomi cleared her throat and spoke up. "Ahem. I asked you to be brought here Kasumi-chan because as you know, I can feel everything Naruto feels, so…"

"I know." She said.

This of course, shocked both Naruto and Hitomi/Kyūbi.

"And?..." Naruto asked.

Kasumi sighed. "Well since Onii-chan didn't seem to have any problem with it, I didn't object. It wasn't like we could do anything about it, and I wasn't going to keep Onii-chan away from me just because of that."

"That's it? You are not mad at me?" Hitomi asked disbelievingly.

"I guess. It wasn't like you actually did anything to me. And it was with Naruto's consent, so yes."

Naruto looked sheepish at that. "Actually it never crossed my mind…"

Kasumi shook her head in disappointment. "You are just so dull sometimes Onii-chan. Anyhow it doesn't matter. Consider it an extra benefit you get from us Kyūbi-san. I only really care about you because you are a part of Onii-chan."

Kyūbi/Hitomi bit her lower lip before asking. "So… you are going to let him do it again, yeah?"

"Whenever he wants. I told him that already." She replied without hesitation.

Kyūbi whooped with joy. "YEAH!"

Both of them stared at her.

"What? I like how she feels! It's not my fault." She pouted.

"D-don't get too excited! I don't mean to let you have anything from me... not anything so intimate. It's only because it cannot be avoided that I'm okay with it."

"I understand." Kyūbi replied, while Naruto looked a bit uncomfortable.

Kasumi seemed deep in thought for a minute. "Can you do something for me then Kyūbi-san? In exchange for what you get from me?"

"You can call me Hitomi, and what is it? I will if I can…"

"I-I want you to give Natsumi the Sharingan if possible…"

"Sure." Hitomi agreed.


"Yeah, it's not that hard. I get bored in here anyways. It was fun playing around with Naruto's DNA for a while. Trying to find out new abilities of his bloodline, but soon they ran out.

Now I am kinda bored here on regular basis. Half an hour of work with Natsumi on implanting sharingan will keep me from getting bored." She grinned.

"I can't believe it is just that easy! Why don't you give it to Kaa-chan too?"

"Well, she is a grown up, your body needs to be used to Sharingan to be able to utilize it efficiently. Natsumi is fourteen, if she was even a year older I would have said no. Kushina, Nina and anyone older than sixteen or so is a big NO. They just won't be able to adapt to the bloodline at their age. Even though they both look nineteen their bodies are developed completely, no space for me to work with their DNA."

"Alright, thank you so much Hitomi-chan!" Kasumi smiled happily.

"Yeah yeah, just make sure you work more with his chest area next time, you left it out. But I am not saying you weren't great, that was by far the best I have ever felt. If I knew something could feel that good, I would have become your slave just for that!"

Kasumi looked embarrassed, while Naruto looked even more uncomfortable. "Hitomi-chan, what about the thing you were telling me…"

Hitomi froze as she remembered, while Kasumi looked confused. "What is it?" she asked.

Hitomi looked really nervous before she started speaking. "Well, when Madara took Izuna's eyes it not only broke the blinding seal, but also evolved his Sharingan to the final level. If you got the bloodline transfer of Sharingan from your brother… you will get the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. You will never be able to give birth to a child, as that stage will freeze your body into its current state."

Kasumi didn't speak anything.

After about five minutes, the other two were getting really worried. "Kasumi-chan?"

"Let's just hope it didn't happen then." She finished, before turning around.

Naruto sighed tiredly and released Tsukiyomi.

"What's wrong?" Natsumi asked when she saw the pained look on Kasumi's face.

Kasumi flinched. "I don't want to talk about it."

Natsumi nodded, a bit confused. But she won't bug her about it if Kasumi was uncomfortable about something. It was rare for her to keep anything from them, so she probably had a good reason.

After everyone finished their Ramen, everyone bid goodnight to each other.


"Yes Kasumi-chan?"

"Uhm... I'm really sorry... b-but would you mind if I sleep with Kaa-chan and Natsumi-chan tonight?"

"Of course not Kasumi-chan... do you want to talk about it alone?" he asked, somewhat worried for her emotional state.

She shook her head in negative. Giving him a goodnight kiss on the lips, she went to where Kasumi and Natsumi had gone to sleep.

Naruto sighed wearily. 'This day sucked for me... Oh well, that just means I will have a good day tomorrow!... I hope.'

End Chapter

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