Graduation exams, Forbidden Scroll, Team Assignments.

Byakugan and Sharingan don't make you immune to genjutsu, they just makes you stronger against it. Those users are harder to trap in genjutsu because they can tell when they are caught in one due to their ability to see any invading chakra that could be used for genjutsu, and the main point of an illusion is to fool the opponent.

Kushina, Nina and Kyūbi | 19 [Ageless]
Natsumi | 14
Kasumi | 16 [Ageless]
Naruto | 18 [Ageless]
Ami, Sakura, Ino, Sasuke etc. | 12
Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade | 50
Nagato, Konan, Yahiko | 24

Chapter 9: Graduation

Lemon Warning: Please skip to the 'warning end' message if you want to avoid Incest scene.

The next morning Naruto woke up with a seemingly permanent grin plastered on his face. As he looked down to see the naked figure of his twin sister sleeping soundly on his chest, he couldn't help but plant a soft kiss on her lips, which caused her eyes to slowly flutter open.

Kasumi blushed as she remembered the events of their activities last night. Naruto had quite literally fucked her to death, except she didn't die. She still remembered that the seventh and last time he had filled her up with his seed, she had blacked out. But before she could remember more, she felt herself being lifted off her brother and put down on the bed. She looked up to see Naruto hovering above her grinning like madman.

"Ready for round two?"

Kasumi's eyes widened in slight panic. "Wait! We have graduation exams to attend Onii-chan! We can't be late, and once you start again…"

Naruto pouted at her response. "Aw… don't be mean, didn't you enjoy it too? And we can just have a quickie before we leave."

Kasumi felt her face flush. "Alright fine, but just one time, no cheating."

Naruto just smirked at her. He could still remember the feeling her soft but amazingly tight velvety walls gave him as they fit around him like a glove. How he enjoyed shooting rope after rope of his hot thick seed inside her as she milked him for all he was worth during her orgasm.

But what he really enjoyed was when she screamed his name in pleasure during their seventh turn, when she finally didn't have any more space to contain his seed, and it had started to spray out of their bond. And finally when she blacked out, filled to the brim with his cum.

He felt his dick twitch in anticipation. Grabbing his rock hard tool, he rubbed it against Kasumi's swollen lower lips, causing her to whimper.

"Onii-chan, we have to hurry if we want to get ready by the right time."

He mentally cursed his luck for not knowing any technique that could slow time, or make it completely stop maybe. That way he could have fucked her however long he wanted... Pushing that thought aside, he inserted himself just a bit, eliciting a moan of approval from his crimson haired princess.

He looked down at her and after getting an approving smile from the beauty, he pushed all the way in, slowly and smoothly.

Kasumi felt her brother bottom out inside her, hitting her cervix with his tip. His pelvis pressing against hers. She still found it hard to believe that she was able to take all of his ten inches, if only barely. Her twin brother stretched her to limits every time he entered her. It was as if they were designed for each other, just the right fit.

Naruto proceeded to slowly pump in and out of Kasumi, while she milked him with her muscles to the best of her ability. "O-nii-sa-ma!" she gasped between his thrusts.

Suddenly Naruto grabbed her at the waist and turned her over, so that she was lying face down on the bed. The sudden twisting motion while his member was still lodged in her caused Kasumi to shiver in delight, triggering her first orgasm of the day.

Naruto had to grit his teeth in concentration so as not to blow his load in her as she had her orgasm, every time her walls tightened around him more, he found it hard to restrain himself.

He finally asked something that had been bothering him for a while now, and he really wanted to try. "Kasumi-chan, do you mind if I go a bit hard and fast?"

Kasumi thought about it for a moment, it was hard to think during an orgasm though, so she responded without much thought. "Onii-sama... Y-yours to take however you wish."

Grinning all the while, he motioned her to position herself on her hands and knees.

Kasumi picked herself up a bit, and got into the provocative position. Her butt in the air with she was on hands and knees.

Naruto was still lodged inside her, so he slowly withdrew till only his tip was touching her vulva. Then in one fast thrust he entered his full length in her causing her to gasp. It took a bit effort, as she was still painfully tight. Then without waiting, he pulled out till only his tip was in her, before slamming back again.


Naruto only got turned on more from her melodic voice. He groped her breasts with both his hands, and then pulled her upper body up while still fucking her ruthlessly. When she turned her head around, he captured her mouth in a passionate kiss, never stopping his continuous pumping of her.

He continued pounding in and out of her at an almost brutal pace. "Ughh, this feels so great!"

Kasumi was in a whole new world of pain and pleasure. She was sure if not for her advanced regeneration she wouldn't have been able to take his relentless pounding.

After a few more minutes, Naruto slammed all the way in her once again, with more power than before. Kasumi involuntarily screamed as she felt her brother's hot and thick seed start filling her up again. She was still quite full from his seven shots last night, so quite a bit of it leaked out.

Finally a bit satisfied, Naruto withdrew from his twin sister's abused pussy. "Thank you so much Kasumi-chan, that was so great. I really enjoyed you..."

Kasumi's legs felt like noodles to her, she wasn't sure she could walk for a while now. "…uh, you're welcome… Onii-sama." She replied, still somewhere between conscious and unconsciousness.

Naruto had to sigh at his honorific. She probably won't call him that in public, but she did whenever she felt like showing her submissive nature to him.

"Well Kasumi-chan, I am going to take a shower and get ready for academy, do you want to join me there?"

This time Kasumi really thought about it, last time she had replied without thinking her legs got turned into jelly. 'If I join him in the shower we will end up doing it again... and we don't have time if we want to get to the academy today.'

"Give me a minute, I need to recover first. You go on ahead, I will come later, okay?"

Naruto was quite satisfied for the moment, even though he hadn't gone soft, he just had fun with Kasumi. 'I hope my sexual needs go down a bit with time, I don't think Kasumi-chan can handle this every day...'

'Sorry to disappoint you Naruto-kun but male demons always have huge libido's, one that can probably never be satisfied simply by fucking human girls. While you are only a half demon for now because of all the youki usage, I don't think your sexual desires are going to decline any time soon... In fact, when you finally become a full demon, it won't be funny.'

'It can't be too bad though, I just need a little bit of control, which I should get with time.'


"Sure!" he responded.

With that, our hero left to get a shower, he knew why Kasumi didn't join him and understood her situation.

After he was gone the door to Naruto's room opened, and none other than Natsumi Uzumaki walked in towards Kasumi.

"Onee-chan! You should have knocked first, at least let me get dressed!"

Natsumi giggled at her panicked look. 'If she knew we watched everything last night...'

"Hey it's ok, its not like I haven't seen anything yet, and I just came to heal you up a bit." She said as she sat down on her knees between Kasumi's thighs.

Kasumi blushed, "It's not that I mind you seeing me like that, just a bit surprised…"

Natsumi smiled at her younger sister, she was just so cute, lying there naked, looking like she had been fucked all night and still blushing.

"You know, after everything you two did last night I would have thought you wouldn't blush if I saw you naked."

Kasumi's eyes widened a bit. "Y-you watched!

…It was Kaa-chan wasn't it?"

Natsumi just grinned cheekily at her, and put her hands with mystical healing palm technique active between Kasumi's thighs.

Kasumi gasped a bit at first when she felt a hand between her legs, she was very sore and sensitive in that region right now. She let out a sigh of relief as she felt her sore muscles relax.

"You have to teach me how to do that, Onee-chan... I'm not too sure if I can learn, but I need to try..." she mumbled.

Natsumi nodded at her, "We can start training you in basics whenever you want. I can still be the main healer of our group but it's always a good thing if you know some basic healing. Just in case I am not there or I get injured. And I get the feeling you're going to be like this every day now."

Kasumi giggled a bit. Truth be told they were exaggerating, as her regeneration would have made her as good as she was before she lost her virginity in just a few more minutes.

They remained there in comfortable silence as Natsumi finished healing Kasumi. Natsumi licked her lips as she watched Kasumi lying there, legs wide spread and eyes closed. 'She looks so tasty... and with Naruto-kun's cum still leaking out of her...'

"Um... Kasumi-chan, can I... can I taste what Naruto is like?" she asked a bit hesitantly.

Kasumi looked towards her voice and saw Natsumi's head was mere inches from her lower lips.

"Uh, I-I don't think that will be right Onee-chan... but I don't have anything against it if you really... But I think it's better to get it from the source."

Kasumi's giggle turned into choking when without any further confirmation Natsumi used a finger to sweep up some of the cum from between her legs, and then put the finger in her mouth.


"It's not so bad..."

"Really? I thought it was great..."

"I don't know... It's okay?"

"Hm... It's more the idea of it coming from Onii-chan that makes it great for me I suppose. So you wouldn't know what it's like till it's you he gives it to."

Natsumi just smiled at her. "I suppose that's true."

Warning End

"Don't tell anyone I did this, okay Kasumi-chan?"

Kasumi's smirk told more than she needed to know. She will tell Naruto, for sure.

Just then the bathroom door opened and Naruto stepped out. He had been expecting a lot of things, but he had not been expecting his older sister's head between his twin's thighs.

He groaned as his now hard member jumped up and hit his stomach. "Damn it! I tried so hard to think of non-sexy stuff to get it down, and you both just had to do something like that!

And now you will tell me we don't have any time to take care of this." he said, pointing towards his now erect self again.

"Its not what it looks like! I was just healing her!" Natsumi shouted in her defense.

"With your head... I bet." He dead panned.

As Kasumi was about to leave the bed to take care of her brother's problem, Natsumi stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. "No time Kasumi-chan... Sorry Naruto, she needs to get ready and then we all need to go to the academy. It will be over today, so just bear with it this one last time."

A groan from him told them both how much he really cared about it.

When they had told him about their plans for team assignments, he hadn't been very happy. He hated hiding what he was, and knowing that the academy was going to label him as the weakest made his blood boil.

When the time came for Konoha to burn, that place will be one of the brightest lit buildings.

Kasumi sighed once he was gone. "This just got a lot more complicated. I think it would be better if you two get to know each other soon Onee-chan. I know what he saw isn't going to leave his head anytime soon."

Natsumi giggled but nodded. If she was honest with herself she already loved both Naruto and Kasumi. Although she wasn't sure about the sex part yet. Naruto and Kasumi were just too comfortable with each other. And not to mention that she was afraid she wouldn't be any good.

Nevertheless, she had spent about four years in Konoha and Kasumi had never once let her feel lonely. Always making sure her elder sister was happy. She wasn't even sure that she deserved a sister like Kasumi. So if it was a request from her, she would try her best.

"Thank you Kasumi-chan, for being my sister."

Kasumi got a confused look on her face before she smiled warmly at her elder sister. "Thanks too Onee-chan, I am just happy that you are here for me. You know I always wanted an elder sister but never knew I will actually have one. Now that I have you, I can't let you go can I? And with you, Kaa-chan and Onii-chan here, you can't imagine how happy I am...

I just make sure that all of you are happy, that's the least I can do."

Natsumi grinned as she hugged her sister, "Of course, Kasumi-chan. What is family for? As long as we have each other I'm happy too."

"Uhm... I'm not wearing anything Onee-chan... and you just got a lot of... on your skirt."

Natsumi just giggled. "Doesn't matter, I'll change it while you get ready."

Then they both separated and started to get ready for the academy.

Ninja Academy | Konohagakure no Sato

When three Uzumaki's entered the classroom a few minutes before the test was supposed to start, Naruto still couldn't get the stupid grin off his face, while Kasumi still seemed a bit flushed.

Anyone who saw Naruto's grin could clearly see 'I just got laid, and it was greater than my imagination' written on his face. Kasumi was not so easy to decipher though, and her flush might have been misjudged to be from too much training.

This time since they were a bit early they were able to get seats together. Naruto sat in the middle of both his sister's. Not surprisingly, he noticed that most of the gazes on him were hostile. 'Probably their parents told me I was evil or something like that.'

He shrugged. 'Not like I care.'

A few minutes later Uchiha Sasuke walked into the class, and behind him a horde of fan-girls. Sasuke didn't seem to care that there were about ten girls behind him cooing and calling for him and proclaiming to be his one true love.

He walked straight to Kasumi. "I hope you pass the test bitch, as I won't take you if you aren't strong enough."

Kasumi just ignored him, and tightened her grip on Naruto's arm, who seemed ready to kill the Uchiha.

'That damn bastard! He called Kasumi-chan his bitch? I can understand an Inuzuka calling a girl that, as that's how they refer to females, even their females themselves, but from anyone else it is insulting! And even if he were an Inuzuka, Kasumi-chan won't be his!'

"You should start praying we don't get set up against each other in a spar, or you are dead, boy." Naruto growled out.

"Hn. So you are her brother eh? You think you can beat an Uchiha?"

'That idiot, I hope if Onii-chan kills him no one comes to know who did it, or we'll probably have all our plans to leave compromised.'

"He is a lot stronger than me, Sasuke. And if you forgot I beat you in every spar so far." Kasumi said with the slightest hint of smirk.


"What are you talking about, no-one can beat Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shrieked in defense of her true love.

"Yeah! You just got lucky those... twelve times." Ino Yamanaka aided her ex-best friend.

Natsumi frowned at the two girls. Before she came to Konoha and started training with her family, she was still a lot stronger than the two fan-girls.

It was kind of hard to think, she just had about six months of ninja training by then, while these two have been in the academy for five years.

"Girls like you are a disgrace for all Kunoichi."

Before the two fan-girls could reply, the door opened and in walked Iruka Umino and Mizuki.

The class quieted down and all the students took their respective seats.

"Alright class, your first test will be a written test to judge your knowledge." Iruka announced.

Mizuki distributed test papers in the class. Naruto noticed that his, Natsumi's and Kasumi's papers were covered in genjutsu. Kasumi briefly activated her sharingan and broke the genjutsu, then deactivated it before anyone could notice.

Naruto did the same behind his sunglasses, and checked if Natsumi needed any help. To his relief, Natsumi had broken the genjutsu with a short pulse of chakra from her palm.

The three then proceeded to answer the questions.

Kasumi and Natsumi had no problem with the test, and easily breezed through it. Kasumi intentionally missed one question to make sure Natsumi was the highest scorer in academics.

Naruto however...

'Who was the adviser of the second hokage? Why would I need to know that? Skip.

Name of all three members of Third hokage's genin team? Skip.

And what has the name of all civilian council members and their functions got to do with being a Ninja? Skip.'

His test didn't go so well.

An hour later, all the students were taken out to the academy training field for the next part of the exam.

"Ok, here is how we are going to give you points. You all have ten shuriken and ten kunai. There are ten different targets, for hitting the closest one you get one point, and for hitting the farthest one you get ten.

Each target has five rings, for hitting the bull's eye you will get your score multiplied by five, while if you hit the last ring/corner of the target you only get the score multiplied by one. So you can get anything from between one point - if you hit the corner of the closest target, to fifty points - if you hit the center of the farthest target. Pet hit. You will get twenty hits. Maximum points are one thousand, minimum twenty. You need at least hundred to pass.

Now I will call you all one by one and you can begin.

First up, Aburame Shino!"

Shino walked to the front of the class and got into a stance to throw his weapons.

He hit mostly the medium ranged targets with good precision, gaining three hundred and fifty out of one thousand possible points.

"That was quite impressive, Shino. Next up, Akimichi Chōji."

And so it continued. Chōji got two hundred and seventy points, Shikamaru got two hundred and seventy five, Kiba two hundred and fifty, Ino one hundred and seventy five, and Sakura one hundred and fifty. Ami, a hard working girl from a civilian family got two forty points.

"Hyūga Hinata!"

Hinata walked to the front of the class with her head low and shakily picked up her weapons. She still had some confidence issues when Kasumi was not with her. She looked towards her best friend and saw Kasumi not paying her any attention, but looking at her brother. Her gaze switched to Naruto, who was looking at her impatiently.

She blushed. He was looking at her! Even if it was just because she was being slow and he had to wait longer because of that.

'I can do this, I have to show them, I have to show Kasumi, Naruto and Natsumi I'm not weak!'

Losing all her nervousness, she glared at the targets. Picking up her weapons she started throwing them with deadly precision.

After all twenty weapons were used, Iruka calculated her score.

"Two hundred and ninety, good job Hinata."

Hinata blushed with embarrassment on becoming the center of attention, and quickly ran away towards the rest of the class.

Seeing as he was not going to get a response from Hinata on how she got so much better, Iruka announced the next name.

"Uchiha Sasuke!" The word Uchiha was filled with pride, after all the Uchiha were the pride and joy of the village, and Sasuke was their last survivor.

There was a lot of cheering from the girls who regularly swooned over Sasuke. The brooding boy walked towards the designated area with an arrogant smirk and picked up five weapons with each of his hand, and threw them all at once.

The fan-club went wild when they saw how totally cool the Uchiha was to throw not one, but ten weapons in one move.

The Uchiha repeated this again and threw the remaining ten weapons. After some calculation Iruka announced. "Five hundred twenty! As to be expected from the last Uchiha."


"Sasuke-kun is the best!"


"Next up, Uzumaki Kasumi."

Silence reigned upon the class. The Uzumaki had been the only ones who beat Sasuke's scores, and they were now waiting to see what will happen. Sasuke had scored much more than he usually did, will Kasumi be able to beat his score?

Kasumi picked up two weapons at a time, drawing giggles from the class at her 'inferiority' against Sasuke, who had thrown five. She threw them both at the last target. First hit the center. Second hit the first, third hit the second causing the target to have a hole in it. One after the other, all the remaining weapons passed through that hole.

The entire class stood still, stunned. Their giggles and snickers long dead.

"One thousand?..." Iruka said in a disbelieving voice.

Sasuke fumed from where he was watching. But there was also the slightest hint of smirk, as soon Kasumi was going to be his.

"There is no way an academy student got one thousand. The highest so far was seven hundred eighty by Uchiha Itachi!" Mizuki said in an equally stunned tone.

"Well, we will see that later, for now we have to finish the test first. Next up, Uzumaki Naruto."

The same happened again, except Naruto picked up five weapons in each, just to mock the duck head, and all of them went straight through the hole Kasumi had made.


"One thousand again!" Iruka shouted. 'Kushina-san, what kind of inhuman training are you giving them?'

"Next, Uzumaki Natsumi..."

Natsumi was a bit more careful and threw the weapons one at a time, but still all of them went through the same hole.

"Holy crap, just what kind of training do they have these kids go through! We must report this to Hokage-sama." Mizuki whispered to Iruka, who was seething with anger. 'Kushina-san, what kind of life do you have these kids live? I can understand Naruto and Kasumi, they have demons in them and need to be trained, but even Natsumi? Children need to have a childhood! They can only get these kinds of scores if they spend all their time training to the ground!'

"Lets finish the test first..." he whispered in barely restrained voice.

"For the next test, you will be having some spars, based on how many hits you get and how long you last your chūnin instructor will rate you."

Shino was paired up against Shikamaru, in which Shino won. Chōji lost against Kiba, Ino and Sakura 'fought' to a draw, Ami lost against Hinata.

"Uzumaki Kasumi vs. Uzumaki Natsumi."

They had been expecting this, as it was one of the best ways to lower their scores - by putting them against each other, so the Uzumaki were not surprised.

"Lets not do our best, Onee-chan!"

Natsumi giggled. "Sure."

Kasumi charged towards Natsumi at high speeds, but not her best. Natsumi waited till she got close and at the last moment jumped up.

Kasumi waited for Natsumi to drop down, and when she came down with an axe kick Kasumi moved out of the way.

"Tsūtenkyaku!"(Legendary Heel drop!)

Kasumi's eyes widened when she saw the rather large crater formed from the impact.

The entire class stood stunned at the powerful blow. "Wasn't that like Tsunade-sama's legendary strength?"

Iruka nodded at Mizuki's question. "Hai, I didn't know she taught anyone her secrets, not even her apprentice can do that. But I suppose it's not impossible for her to have been taught that."

'No one taught that to me, it is just careful usage of extreme chakra control that I get from being a medic. This is more powerful that Tsunade's version because it is not just blunt force, but thanks to Nina-san I was able to mix Jūken's effects into the strikes.'

Kasumi knew that if she wanted to win this she had to do it without getting hit even once, or it was over. "It doesn't matter how hard you can hit if you can't hit me in the first place!" Kasumi said, grinning at her sister.

Natsumi smiled at her little sister. 'I am going to lose, I just know it.'

Kasumi's charge at her real speed, though she still had the gravity seals activated. To all the students and even chūnin instructors, she had just disappeared, and reappeared next to Natsumi.

With a quick chop at Natsumi's neck, Kasumi claimed victory. Then before her sister could fall down to the ground, she picked her up and walked towards Naruto.

'Kasumi-chan is so strong...' Hinata thought, with a deep blush.

"Winner Kasumi Uzumaki. Next up, Uchiha Sasuke vs. Uzumaki Naruto." Mizuki smirked at this, now he will get to see the demon brat get beaten by the Uchiha.

Sasuke walked to the center of the training field with his Uchiha smirk firmly planted on his face. Naruto kept his face neutral, having controlled his grin from this morning to an extent, mainly because he was seething on the inside for all the leering Uchiha had been doing at his twin sister. Not to mention calling her his bitch.

Not realizing the danger he was in, Sasuke got into his clan's taijutsu stance – the interceptor style. The interceptor was based on predicting the opponent's moves and countering them before they could be completed, thus it was not really effective without the sharingan.

Naruto wondered if he should just knock Sasuke out and get this over with quickly, but then the thought of Sasuke looking at Kasumi like he owned her and squashed that line of thinking.

Naruto moved towards Sasuke at blinding speeds, even faster than what Kasumi had shown, and reappeared behind Sasuke.

Sasuke, who was quite shocked at his opponent's speed quickly tried to turn to face him but a painfully powerful kick to his butt prevented that from happening.

Sasuke went flying and crashed face first into the ground. "GAAH!"

Before he could get up a heel drop from Naruto stopped him. Sasuke cried out in pain as his spine was hit, but thankfully it didn't snap.

Without even giving him the time to think, Naruto kicked Sasuke's face and sent him flying with blood spurting out of his nose and mouth, then appeared right above the Uchiha and punched him in the stomach. With a broken face and aching stomach, Sasuke tried to get up, but failed as blackness clouded his vision.


The class was shocked when Naruto slammed Sasuke's face into the ground, even though he seemed to have already won. Then he kicked Sasuke once more before walking away.

"Sasuke-kun!" his fan-girls shouted in panic.

"You didn't need to be so brutal with your sparring partner." Iruka commented, slightly unsettled at the beating Uchiha received.

"I was holding back." Naruto replied, still maintaining the calm expression. Inwardly he was angry with himself for losing control. 'Damn it! Why did I knock him out? I could have beaten him so much more if only I had a little more control over myself!'


"Are you going to announce a winner?"



"Winner, Uzumaki Naruto." Iruka gritted his teeth in anger. Sure he didn't hate the demon brat till now, but this is not what a child is supposed to think like. Either the training these Uzumaki were going through was exceptionally brutal, or he really was a demon.

"Next we are going to test your ninjutsu skills."

An hour later

"Phew, that was a close one."

"Yeah, Iruka nearly found out that your clone wasn't the academy one, Kasumi-chan. While Kaa-chan said it will be fine as Shadow clones are just a better version, we can't be sure if we might have been disqualified for not being able to do the standard one."

"Yeah, they do hate us, so it was a possible outcome."

After the tests most students had given the Uzumaki's a wide berth. Uchiha Sasuke was still holding his stomach due to pain and his fan-girls were tending to his broken face.

"I was half tempted to kill the damn Uchiha for calling you his bitch."

Kasumi smiled at him, she had enjoyed watching Naruto kick the Uchiha around. "Relax Onii-chan, you can't just kill him for saying something rude to me. Although I won't mind, some people here will most probably demand your head for doing so."

"Like they don't want that already?"

"Good point…but still."

After walking in silence for a little while, Naruto glanced at Natsumi. "Say Natsumi-chan, why don't you join in on the date I have with Kasumi-chan today? We still have a lot of catching up to do."

"Alright." Natsumi replied, smiling at her little brother.

She blushed as she remembered the video of how her little brother had pounded Kasumi. 'I can't call him little, he is quite big…'

Kasumi saw Natsumi blushing for no apparent reason. "You know, you should spend less time near Hinata, Onee-chan. You are blushing for no reason!"

"I wasn't blushing for no reason!"

"Well, what were you thinking about then?"

"I don't need to tell you!" Natsumi sputtered out, while her blush darkened another shade.

"See, you just Hinata'ed!"


"You blushed more than what should be possible!"

And the conversation continued between the sisters in a similar fashion, while Naruto decided to amuse himself by just listening to them.

A few hours later | Uzumaki Compound

The dinner with Natsumi and Kasumi had gone fine, Natsumi could now proudly say she knew her brother more than anyone except Kasumi and Kushina. Naruto was just as happy to know some of the more finer aspects of his elder sister's life.

"Hey Naruto-kun?" Natsumi called out.

"Yeah? You want something Natsumi-chan?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Not really, its just that when Kasumi told me how she got you those sunglasses so that people don't get to know about your dōjutsu, I thought – hey, what if you lose them during the battle? Or they break by a hit from the enemy?"

"Yeah well, I need to be careful to not let that happen, and if they do break then I have to make sure whoever saw my eyes doesn't get away alive."

"But what if there is an ally who saw it, someone you don't want to kill?"

Naruto thought about it a bit, then frowned as he didn't have any good answer. "Well I guess then my secret gets out? But if he's an ally he won't tell any enemy. And if he does then he's not an ally and I'll kill him anyway."

Natsumi grinned at his answer. "Yeah, but I was thinking along the same line, where you can't be sure, so I came up with this!"

She took out a white box and opened it. Inside were two extremely thin spherical crystal like objects submerged in a liquid.

"What are these?" He asked, intrigued by the new object.

Natsumi proudly started explaining. "This is something I made specially for you using my medical ninjutsu. When you apply them to your eyes, they will expand and cover-up your whole eye – instead of just the iris like they should at their current size. I made them like that because your dōjutsu covers your entire eye instead of just the iris.

Not only that, as long as you keep pumping a miniscule amount of chakra into them, they will suppress your dōjutsu's appearance. Thus when you do it you will have your normal sky blue eyes back!"

Naruto was fascinated by the new object. "But will I be able to use my bloodline techniques when it is activated?" he asked.

Natsumi pondered this question for a while before smiling and answering. "It will take some concentration to keep the lens active at the same time as you perform the technique, so for the more complicated ones I think your dōjutsu might become visible. But for simple techniques which you use frequently you should be able to keep up the chakra supply to the lens at the same time!"

Naruto's eyes lit up like he had just won a lottery. He jumped up and grabbed Natsumi in a tight hug. "Thank you so much Natsumi-chan! You don't know how useful this will be!"

'Now most of my opponents will be sure that I don't have any dōjutsu, and the suspicious ones will not have any ground for their suspicions either! But the most awesome thing will be the faces of people when I Amaterasu them with my blue eyes. Hah!'

Natsumi was wondering if it was really a good idea to give them to Naruto, seeing as she was being crushed to death by his hug.

"C-can't b-breathe!" she gasped out.

With Kushina

"You are pushing your luck Kushina-chan. You want all three of your kids on the same team, AND you want to be their sensei?"

"Yes, and I know that you can do it. Come on, you know as well as I do that the highest scorer - Kasumi, best academic scorer - Natsumi, and the dobe of the year-Naruto, are always on the same team to maintain a balanced squad. And as a clan head, I have the right to interfere with who teaches my kin."

Sarutobi knew she had a political advantage, and her claim was true, but he wanted Kasumi to be teamed with Uchiha Sasuke like Kakashi had requested. It will improve Sasuke's performance due to their rivalry and given the Uchiha's attraction to the girl, maybe even make him more social. At the same time maybe the Haruno prodigy will lose her fan-girl attitude seeing Kasumi's serious attitude.

"That may be, but as you can see that this squad is clearly not balanced. Kasumi-chan and Natsumi-chan have the highest and second highest scores respectively. Naruto-kun had beaten Uchiha Sasuke, the third highest scorer overall."

"But when you put up the overall scores throughout the years, Naruto-kun is still the lowest scorer." Kushina countered.

"That's because he was not present during all those tests…" Sarutobi said through gritted teeth.

"That doesn't matter for the paperwork, does it? If you don't do this then you will have to put up a lot of files and arrangements to explain why you didn't go through with the age old setup.

You know the council will agree with my request – they will be ecstatic to find out that ALL of their thorns are on the same squad, so they can coordinate their assassinations well."

"You don't have any proof that they will send assassins after you." Sarutobi almost yelled, but managed to control himself.

"Are you saying they won't? You know as well as I do that they will. To be able to kill the demon brat, abduct Kasumi for Kyūbi's power, make Natsumi a breeding stock AND get rid of me all at the same time, that is way too tempting for them to disregard."

"I wish I could change your views Kushina-chan…" Sarutobi started, sounding extremely disappointed in the Kunoichi.

"I wish you had a spine you old goat!" Kushina hissed.

Sarutobi's eyes hardened. "I am doing all I can to make sure your family is safe!"

"Of course, I can see the results. Remind me again who was it that announced to the council of the sealing of Kyūbi? We could have kept it a secret and no one would have known about it!" She yelled.

"I didn't expect people to react the way they did, or I wouldn't have done it!" Sarutobi countered.

"But I told you they will react that way! How can you have experienced three great shinobi wars and still not be able to predict such a simple thing!"


"Don't lie to me please, Sarutobi. I know you put the village above all, even my family. I know you purposely told the council about my children so that they grow up isolated.

I know why you did that. You wanted them to starve for attention, for acceptance. That would have driven them to do what everyone considered 'right thing'. Which as you tell everyone - 'Konoha is a giant tree, a big family that we must protect at the cost of our lives' and other such bullshit.

That in turn would have made them Konoha's loyal defenders, ready to die for absolutely anyone in Konoha, and not retaliating any hatred directed towards them, as they want to prove themselves to everyone and gain their acceptance.

But you forgot one important factor."

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at the redhead.


I taught them how it didn't matter if the majority accepts you or not. I taught them how countries and villages are nothing but pieces of land without the people. How they don't matter to you if they don't have those you love.

I taught them how they should cherish their loved ones, their family, and how they could find the entire acceptance they could ask for in them.

I taught them how they can be happy without a damn village to serve, without dying for people who hate their guts!

Sarutobi, you know, in Uzushiogakure they didn't teach us how we must die for Uzu or that Uzu is our family. They taught us how our family is Uzu, and as long as our family is alive, Uzushiogakure no Sato survives. It doesn't matter if the island we stayed on is devoid of life now, it can be rebuilt. What must survive is the values that Uzushiogakure stands for.

Konoha once stood for certain values Sarutobi-san, but those are long lost. Do you know my Grand-aunt Uzumaki Mito was married to Hashirama Senju for an alliance?

Well your pact was that you will help us if Uzushiogakure is ever attacked. When Kiri-Kumo-Iwa alliance attacked us because we were allied to you, you decided to cut your losses and build up your own defenses?

How honorable is that Sarutobi-san? What had happened to your will of fire? You back stabbed your allies! Will of fire is will of shit with that attitude!

Uzushiogakure fell because we were outnumbered one to hundred! A single clan, no matter how powerful cannot stand against three major hidden villages. And somehow they got through our only hope of survival, our Fūinjutsu barrier.

And then you took advantage of the weakened state of their alliance from the struggle with Uzushiogakure to win the war.

We were nothing more than cannon fodder to you huh?" Kushina's hatred for Konoha was almost visible with every word she spoke.

"That's enough! What has happened cannot be changed. The loss of Uzushiogakure was tragic, but it cannot be brought back…"

Kushina smirked. "You think so, Sarutobi? I already told you Uzushiogakure was not completely lost. As long as even a single Uzumaki survives, Uzushiogakure stands. It is not the land that matters, but our values and people. My family still respects those values. We don't love a piece of land like Konoha ninja, we won't protect a wall while sacrificing our family to prevent a fucking wall from falling!

We will protect our family even if that means the whole city falls. It can be rebuilt, but the family cannot be revived."

"I know you are upset with how your family is treated by the village Kushina-chan, but they are not all bad." Sarutobi tried to convince her.

"Of course. They just need a scapegoat or two to take out their anger and hatred on, preferably the scapegoat should be a defenseless child. After they have taken out their hatred and anger, they are all goody two shoes!"

"Kushina-chan, your hatred against the people shouldn't affect your children, otherwise it may cost your life." Sarutobi warned the Kunoichi.

Kushina narrowed her eyes at the aged leader. "Is that a threat, Sarutobi?"

"Maybe it is, I will not have you poison the minds of Konoha's youth!" Sarutobi said with a firm and righteous tone.

"You didn't just say I was poisoning my own children?" disbelief was evident in her voice.

"I think it's for the best if we end this conversation, I am getting a headache and I have a lot of things to do yet." Sandaime sighed.

"Sure, I have more important things to do than to try enlighten a hopeless man."

"I can't do anything to prevent you from taking your three children under your apprenticeship as of now, so I will allow it – as long as the council agrees." Sarutobi said in a defeated tone.

"Which it will just to get all their targets together." Kushina smirked, victoriously.

"We will see."

An hour later, the council had approved of Kushina's request.

Sarutobi had to sigh at council's predictability and short sightedness. They thought getting all of their targets together would be a good idea, but what they didn't think about was that Kushina was probably stronger than Sarutobi himself.

Highly underestimating S-rank ninja, they thought a squad of ANBU would be enough to take them down. But the truth was, there is no S-rank ninja that can be taken out by anyone other than another S-rank ninja, or a highly elaborate trap and the force many high-A-rank ninjas.

Of course he was known as the god of shinobi, but Kushina was as powerful as Yondaime, and she was in her prime, while Sarutobi was old. And even if he was young, both Kushina and Minato would still be stronger than him.

He had considered poisoning Kushina, after the sealing of the Kyūbi, to make sure that the children grow up just as he wanted them to be, but either Kushina had not taken her 'medicine' that night, or the poison didn't work thanks to Uzumaki bloodline. Either way, he didn't try further as he had decided to let her live shall she survive that, as her presence did help his military power greatly.

Sarutobi was still unaware of the Uzumaki bloodline's true capabilities, which irked him. Kushina had taken her so called medicine that night, and had gotten a nice stomach ache, but thanks to her bloodline healing she didn't die.

While most people would consider Sarutobi's attempt underhanded and not suitable for such an 'honorable' leader, he was a ninja, and they are supposed to use everything available at their disposal.

If Minato had not sealed Kyūbi into both the twins, no one would have even known the other twin existed, just to make sure the one in which Kyūbi is sealed grows up alone, just as he had planned.

Sarutobi was not evil, or at least everyone including himself thought so. He was just making sure his village survived the best, and he didn't want to take many chances with something as risky as the Kyūbi. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

He was a kind and loving leader on the outside, but he was still a ninja. 'I don't know how long I can let you live Kushina-chan. You are having very bad effects on those two. If I see any sign of lack of loyalty from them, I will have to take care of this in my own way…

I should have taken care of this a lot sooner, now it is getting complicated.'

Uzumaki Compound

"So they agreed with you being our sensei, Kaa-chan?"

"Yeah, we will need to be careful though. With all of us together there will be a lot of attempts to get us when we are out on missions etc.

Naruto's dōjutsu can't possibly stay hidden for too long, from what you told us Sochi-kun you have been perfecting your bloodline techniques during your training journey. That means you will be using them sooner or later, otherwise they are completely useless.

Of course as soon as they become well known, we are in deeper shit than now. But we should be able to handle it, ne? Then comes Orochimaru's interest in Natsumi-chan. If I know the snake well, he is not going to give up on you anytime soon, and he is not to be underestimated.

Next comes Kasumi-chan, I don't even need to mention how many people want Kyūbi's power. I'm sure you know by now that a lot of clans and villages want you as their breeding stock. Uzumaki bloodline's true capabilities are not a public knowledge yet, but our humongous reserves and advanced regeneration are enough for them. And most men find you really hot and hard to resist, so add plus one to our problems.

Now while this is embarrassing, I am the least 'in demand' member of our team. Meh, this sucks." Kushina pouted at the end.

"Why won't they want you, Kaa-chan?" Natsumi asked with a confused look. From what she knew her mother was one of the strongest Kunoichi in all the elemental nations, and she was really beautiful AND had the Uzumaki bloodline. So she should be as much in demand as any of them, if not more.

Kushina answered her question by rolling her eyes. "Oh they will want me of course, but not as much as you three. First off, you three are still relatively young so there is higher possibility of changing your loyalty or shaping you up as their personal weapon.

Next is that I am a Kage level ninja that is well known. So they know that capturing me will be close to impossible, if they want to get you their first priority will be to kill me quickly before I react. Capturing a ninja alive is twice as hard as killing them."

"We understand Kaa-chan. Is there anything else you wanted to tell us?" Kasumi asked.

"Oh yes, well hehe you see I wanted to congratulate the twins for the fabulous performance last night!" She said in an extremely proud voice.

"Kaa-chan! But how? You had taken the filming equipment with you when you left." Naruto asked with his eyes wide.

"Aw my poor sochi-kun, a ninja must never assume anything, and always look underneath the underneath." She grinned cheekily at the blushing twins.

It was then that Naruto finally understood that their mother had planned everything from the start. They had caught her in their room because she wanted to be caught!

"I must say that Natsumi's action in the morning was unexpected…" Kushina added.

"WHAT! You filmed that too!" Natsumi yelled in surprise.

"Of course, you must never assume anything Natsu-chan. I recorded the morning quickie too."

"KAA-CHAN! You are dead!"

The three teens jumped at their mother, who poofed into smoke. A note fell on the ground.

'You really thought I would tell you all that if I were really there? Never assume anything!'

With a face of Kushina sticking her tongue out at them. With that the three Uzumaki were left fuming in the compound.

Twenty minutes later

The Uzumaki siblings had unfortunately stumbled upon Nina while they were fuming, who J Jūken'ed all three of them to get them to calm down. After they woke up they were visibly less prone to violence.

"Hey Onee-chan, Onii-chan, come on, there is something I wanted to show you!" Kasumi broke the silence.

"Fine…" Naruto replied.

"I can't believe I forgot about those cameras when I came to your room in the morning." Natsumi grumbled.

"Don't worry Kaa-chan just wanted them to remember our first times." Kasumi said in a reassuring tone.

Naruto snorted. "You wish, I am sure she wanted those to get off."

"Don't talk about Kaa-chan like that, Onii-chan!" Even though Kushina had her perks, she was still their mother.

"Hey I was just joking, I love her too you know." Naruto waved his hands in front of him in defense and chuckled nervously. 'Kasumi-chan is lot more dangerous with her no-sex threats to throw at me now...'

A few minutes later | Uzumaki Training Grounds

"So what did you want us to do Kasumi-chan?" Natsumi asked curiously.

"I just thought since we are family and are going to be on the same team, we should know what each of us are capable of. So I will show you some of my basic moves and you will do likewise?"

"Sure go ahead." Natsumi and Naruto agreed.

Kasumi started her explanation. "Well, first off I am able to summon phoenixes. I also have these two swords that can conduct phoenix fire. How that fire can be put out is a phoenix clan secret so I can't tell you unless the situation is too dire.

I have learned the Swirling Fist taijutsu style, Uzuken, and Spiral Dance kenjutsu style, Uzu no Mai from Kaa-chan and Nina-san, and I use them as my basic tai and ken jutsu styles.

My basic jutsu knowledge is known to you both, you can rank me as a seal mistress when it comes to fūinjutsu, and this is a secret for now but I have mastered my own version of Hiraishin. I don't use the three-pronged kunai but I have another method to transfer the teleportation seals on the battlefield. Basically I form the required seals by creating a chakra saturated water seal at the location.

My affinity for water is greater than Nidaime, as you both know. So I can supposedly pull water out of thin air with just a thought. It uses chakra but I have complete control over it.

My mastery over wind and fire is also quite good, but nowhere near my water affinity. I haven't been able to use any Lightening or Earth jutsu even after multiple tries so we have given up training me there.

This locket" she points towards her phoenix pendant, "marks me as the phoenix sage. As such I have mastery over phoenix fire, enabling me to transform into a phoenix if needed. I can hold the transformation for three minutes a day before I lose consciousness from chakra exhaustion."

"Wow Kasumi-chan, you sure have grown up a lot in these years!"

Kasumi smiled and blushed at the praise from her brother. "Why don't you go next Natsumi-chan?"

"Well I don't have any summoning contract yet, but I specialize in medical ninjutsu. I have mastered my chakra control to levels beyond that of Nina-san, but my reserves are only high-chūnin level. I am able to utilize a version of Tsunade's super strength and Nina-san's Jūken combined, which basically gives me a one hit kill style.

I can heal any type of wound and extract any kind of poison as long as the brain and the remaining vitals are intact. I am working on discovering the secrets behind my bloodline healing so that I can heal even the vital wounds without my blood. And explore more possibilities when I use it as well.

I can fight with chakra scalpels if the super strength cannot be used in a particular situation, and I am quite adept with it.

I was working on a seal that will allow me to boost my chakra reserves, based on Kasumi-chan's seal work and her help. When I am finished with it and have a hopefully much better chakra reserve I will progress with my ninjutsu.

Because I want to dedicate myself to medical techniques I haven't paid much attention to other fields, but I am quite good at weapons thanks to the precision that I need for surgeries if I ever need to perform one."

Naruto gave her a smile too. "I have to say I am quite impressed with your progress Natsumi-chan. When you came here about four years ago you had at most genin level training. Now though you are almost catching up to us very quickly. Considering we had three years head-start on you that is extremely impressive."

Natsumi grinned at the praise and nodded in acknowledgement. She had worked herself to the ground despite Kushina's protests to take a bit easy. It was hard to imagine for the twins how hard she trained when Kushina - the slave driver, was telling her to take it easy,

Naruto finally started speaking again. "I guess it is my turn now, huh?

Well let's see. I am proficient with Suiton ninjutsu thanks to Yahiko-san's training. Konan-chan has taught me her Origami ninjutsu, which after a lot of practice I am able to perform to a satisfactory level. Not as good as her, but still I can transform paper into any weapon I want and create some pretty useful stuff from paper. I can't dissolve into paper completely like Konan-chan, but I am working on it.

Ah anyway, I am quite good with Gravity manipulation now. I can now use Chibaku Tensei without dying if I am at my full strength. My 'Shinra Tensei' is much better now too, I can use it every ten seconds. I am quite good with all the elements, and was working on sub-elements which I can use thanks to the Yogengan, it was a bitch at first. It was like trying to look at both sides at the same time, but after enough practice I was finally able to do it.

My chakra control is damn good," 'though with yōki I am still only moderate' he mentally added, but decided to keep it a secret. "I won't say I am at med-nin level but I have a lot more chakra than a med-nin can dream of. I would say my reserves are as good as Kaa-chan's who is a Kage level Uzumaki. Though Kasumi-chan is still a bit ahead of me, as she has Uzumaki Jinchūriki level reserves.

Now, what did I leave out… hm… yeah! I can also use all four of the Mangekyō techniques that you might have heard of – Amaterasu, Susano'o, Tsukuyomi and Kamui. There are others but I have to keep them secret due to a promise to Kyū-chan.

I can't use them very often though. Even though there is no blinding seal in my eyes put by Kyū-chan, those techniques are still not free of price. Tsukuyomi causes burning sensation in my eyes. When I use Susano'o it feels like my whole body is thrown into acid. Amaterasu is similar to Tsukuyomi as it causes some burning in the eyes but also some pain in the rest of the body like Susano'o. Kamui uses too much chakra to be used effectively in battles, I will likely pass out if I use it more than five times in one day.

If I ever level up to Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, most of these adverse effects will be gone, but that's not the case yet...

The Yogengan lets me use Rinnegan techniques at range, read people's emotions better and use sub-elements. I guess this must be enough for now?" He finished with a questioning glance. He had kept a lot from them, but they didn't need to know everything.

Kasumi grinned and exclaimed in an excited voice. "That is sooo cool Onii-sama! I wish I could see the faces of Konoha-nin when the 'demon brat' uses Mokuton, their beloved Shodaime's signature moves!"

Naruto smiled at her enthusiasm. "I plan on that, I just need to get my hands on some of the techniques first. While I can use sub-elements I still need a lot of improvement there. Some scrolls on those techniques or some bloodline user who can teach me will work wonders."

Kasumi got into her thinking mode for a while, then responded. "I have heard of an ANBU who can use Mokuton, not as good as Shodaime but still…"

"There is no way we are going to get him to teach me anything. He is under the direct command of the old goat, who will go nuts if he comes to know how strong we really are." Naruto immediately interrupted her suggestion.

"Heh, you got that right. Maybe if we can get our hands on the forbidden scroll of sealing…" Kasumi said in disappointment.

"You know what Kasumi-chan, you just stole words from my mouth!" Naruto grinned.

"But Onii-chan, I am sure such an important scroll would be under high security." Kasumi inquired.

Naruto grinned at her, she worried too much, what was the worst that could happen?

'Um.. you all could die?' Kyūbi suggested.

"Still, we should go observe the security at the Hokage tower to see our chances. We are not going to try anything tonight, just a quick glance to see if we have any chance of grabbing it?"

"Sure Onii-chan."

"'Kay then, let's go!" Naruto jumped towards the tower.

Poor Natsumi didn't even get a choice in the matter, so she just sighed and decided to follow them. 'When they start plotting against Konoha they just get so carried away...'

Ten minutes later | Outside Hokage tower

"Man, they sure are arrogant. I can see two ANBU and two chūnin guards outside the tower, but nothing too special. Still the ANBU will be hard to get by."

"We should leave Onii-chan, or the ANBU might notice us, I don't think the Hokage will take kindly to us sneaking around the tower like that." Kasumi sounded a bit worried.

Just as they are about to leave, a small movement in the shadow's catches their attention. "Did you see that?" Natsumi asked her siblings.

"Yes, that was someone sneaking out of the tower." Naruto said in an extremely genius like tone.

"Duh, I can see that." Natsumi shot back.

Kasumi narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "No one would risk going in there like that unless they are getting something valuable out of there."

"There was a big scroll like thing on its back." Naruto added.

"We should check it out, if we are caught we can say that we say we saw a suspicious man sneaking out of the Hokage tower and got curious." Natsumi suggested.

"We will be punished but Kaa-chan can get us out of it if we have a valid excuse like that."

They all nodded at their flawless plan. It wasn't like the entire village wanted them dead, so they were safe.

Well, the entire village did want them dead...

They set off against the suspect regardless. So they are in deep shit if they get caught.

Ten minutes later

When they finally caught up with the now stationary suspect, they took in her features. The girl had chocolate brown eyes, medium length dark hair and a cute face. She was wearing a red skirt with a white shirt. She also had a red bow tie to complete her schoolgirl outfit, she was fairly attractive.

"Isn't that one of our classmates Ami? What is she doing here with the forbidden scroll of sealing?" Naruto whispered.

"I heard she was the only other one from a civilian family except Sakura who passed the graduation exam. And Sakura's mother is on the council so she is technically the only graduate with a non-ninja background. She got the lowest score, but she isn't a fan-girl. Just there is no one to train her." Natsumi whispered back.

Kasumi was usually cold to everyone except Hinata and her family, so she didn't know or care about others. Natsumi wasn't much interested in others either but she still kept an ear out for any interesting developments. Discreetly of course.

"That still doesn't explain why she stole the forbidden scroll of sealing."

"It doesn't matter Kasumi-chan. This is our best chance to get it, and we won't get blamed even if someone finds out. I am sure someone must have tricked that girl into doing this, as she couldn't probably have known all the patterns for ANBU guard shifts and the location of the scroll by herself." Naruto answered his twin.

"You are right, someone must have tricked her, and we can take advantage of this." Kasumi smirked.

"We will, we will." Naruto smirked back at her.

"I can knock her out cleanly with a senbon, then we can copy the scroll. It won't be wise to take it as it might have tracking seals on it." Natsumi added.

"Yes, that would be the best, but we don't have any scroll of that size to copy it into!"

Frustration was evident in Kasumi's voice. When they had gone out to check out the tower, they hadn't expected such an golden opportunity to present itself!

"We can't go back and bring one from the compound, that will take too long. I wasn't expecting a chance like this to come out of nowhere." Naruto answered with a frown.

'Naruto-kun, you underestimate the power of my gift.' Kyūbi whispered in his mind.


'Sharingan can copy more than just techniques, how many times do I have to tell you? While activated you will have photographic memory. Just view all the contents of the scroll and when you get back to the compound write them down.'

'Why didn't I think of that again?'

'Because you are retarded, Naruto-kun.'

'Hey! Don't insult me like that! I will have you know, I am a genius in my own right, even though some things do slip my mind from time to time…'

'Yeah of course, now quit wasting time or your chance will be wasted.'

'Oh sorry, I will get to work!'

"I just got an idea!" Naruto said in a hushed but excited voice.

'Hey! That was MY idea, at least give me some credit!' Kyuubi yelled in his head indignantly.

"Alright alright, it was Kyū-chan's idea. But that doesn't matter. We will just need to view the scroll with our dōjutsu active and then we can put it back. When we get back we can re-write its contents thanks to the dōjutsu's photographic memory. Just to make sure we don't miss anything, Kasumi-chan should copy it too, along with me."

Natsumi and Kasumi nodded their heads, and Natsumi took out a senbon from her weapons pouch.

The senbon struck Ami in the neck, and her body immediately went limp. Naruto didn't go near the girl, so that his presence is not detected if there is a tracker in the scroll retrieval team. He used Kawarimi no Jutsu to switch it with a stone near him.

"Alright Kasumi-chan, let's get to it!"



It took a few minutes to copy everything, and a few more to do it again, just to make sure. It wasn't every day you get your hands on the forbidden scroll of a hidden village.

When they were done Kasumi put a small, nearly unnoticeable seal inside the scroll.

"What did you do Kasumi-chan?" Natsumi inquired her little sister.

"One day the leaf village might go against us, and when they do, I can remotely activate this seal to destroy their prized forbidden scroll of sealing, taking away their most powerful techniques from them.

If I do this right now it will arouse suspicion, but hey I am just taking a few precautions. It's alright with you two, right?"

"Sure, why not." They both said at the same time. Who cares what happens to the leaf, they hate them anyway so they can go die in hell.

Then they replaced the stone near Ami with the scroll again. "How are we going to get that senbon out of her neck? If someone sees that they will know someone else, namely us, was here too?" Kasumi asked, her head scrunched up in concentration to come up with an idea.

"Leave that to me." Naruto whispered.

"Banshō Ten'in!"

The senbon flew towards his hand, and into it.

"Ouch!" He said, plucking the senbon out.

"I will heal it Naruto-kun, but lets get back to the compound before something worse happens."

"But I want to see what is going on here." Naruto pouted.

"It's risky." Natsumi hissed.

"Oh come on. Every moment we live is risky!" He whined.

The girls were not comfortable with the idea, but decided to trust Naruto for now.

"If we get into trouble it's your fault Onii-chan." It was her version of saying 'Fuck it, I don't care.'

"Tch, fine. Nothing's gonna happen, you will see."

A few seconds later Ami woke up, recovering from the sleeping effect of the senbon.

"Huh, looks like I passed out. I have to master one of these techniques if I want to be the Kunoichi of the year! I will surpass you Kasumi-chan, and then you will finally notice me."

"Hey Kasumi-chan, it looks like she has a crush on you." Naruto teased his twin.

Kasumi's eyebrow twitched, but she didn't comment on it.

Natsumi smirked. "Well, at least there is someone other than Hinata who doesn't hate us. I hope nothing happens to the poor girl."

"I don't care."

"Hey isn't that our Academy teacher, Mizuki?" Natsumi asked her siblings.

"It is." they both nodded.

They watched as Mizuki got closer to a panting and sweaty Ami. "So, have you mastered one of the jutsu Ami-chan?" Mizuki asked.

"Give me a few more minutes Mizuki-sensei! I can do it I swear!"

Mizuki sighed in disappointment. "It doesn't matter Ami-chan, it seems I was wrong about you. You are a failure. No one will ever notice you. Kasumi doesn't even know you exist. Also... you are adopted."

Ami felt like she had been hit in the face with a ton of bricks.

Not caring about her, Mizuki continued. "I was hoping I was wrong but you couldn't even learn one jutsu from this entire scroll, you failed everyone."

By now Ami had broken down sobbing on the ground from Mizuki's harsh words.

Mizuki moved to grab the scroll, but a shuriken stopped his advances.

Everyone looked towards the direction the shuriken was thrown from, and Iruka Umino walked out. "Get away from her Mizuki! I knew there was something not right about you! You traitor!" Iruka yelled at his former colleague.

"Ah so the all knowing Iruka comes to save the girl? Hahahaha don't make me laugh! You can't beat me! I will take the scroll to Orochimaru-sama after I kill you both!"

Then Mizuki threw a giant shuriken towards Ami. Ami was still sobbing on the ground, broken by Mizuki's harsh words. Iruka got in front of Mizuki's shuriken before it could kill Ami.

"I-Iruka-sensei! Why?" Ami whispered disbelievingly. She couldn't believe Iruka would put his life on line for a failure like her!

"You are not a failure Ami, you are a strong and proud Kunoichi of Konoha! Even when there was no clan to train you, no one to support or encourage you, you still passed in the same class as those of numerous clan heirs.

You proved your strength when you passed in the same class as the Akimichi, Nara, Uchiha, Uzumaki, Yamanaka, Aburame, Inuzuka and Hyūga clan heirs. They were all trained much more than you, and much earlier than you. Yet you proved your worth!

I-I am sorry I didn't pay any attention to you before Ami-chan… It hurts doesn't it? To not have anyone acknowledge your hard work? To keep trying with no one to congratulate you when you succeed?

I was just like you when I was young, I hope I can be a better person to you now, and maybe we can even be friends."

Ami was once again crying, but this time the tears were of happiness and joy. She was finally accepted as being worthy of a ninja. "I will make you proud sensei!"

"Yeah, yeah, now if your drama is over I would like to kill you both." Mizuki interfered in a bored tone.

"Ami take the scroll and run, I will stall Mizuki!" Iruka commanded his student.

Ami nodded at Iruka, not wanting to disobey the orders of the first person to accept her. "You promise you will be alright sensei?"

"Yes, now go!"

Ami ran in the opposite direction of Iruka, towards the village where hopefully some ANBU will notice her.

As soon as she was gone Iruka and Mizuki started fighting, but Iruka was losing blood fast while Mizuki was completely healthy. The fight lasted a few minutes, with Mizuki dodging most of Iruka's imperfect taijutsu strikes, thanks to his injury.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" Iruka directed a fire ball towards the traitor.

"Doton: Dochū Eigyo no Jutsu!" [Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique] Mizuki whispered.

The white haired chūnin sank into the ground using his technique.

'Did I get him?' Iruka wondered.

Mizuki reappeared behind Iruka and launched several shuriken at the chūnin before following in the direction Ami left.

Iruka was already suffering from some blood loss, so he passed out from the recent injuries.

"Hey Onii-chan, I don't know if Iruka is going to die here, but Ami just might if we don't do anything…And we need at least one alive to explain who did this, or investigations might lead to us. We can't heal Iruka, but we should stop Mizuki before Ami dies?" Kasumi voice her opinion in worried tone.

Naruto caught on to what she was trying to say, so he decided to go along with her. "While I don't think it's a good idea to show ourselves, we need to make sure that the case is closed with everyone sure that Mizuki was behing all this. We should make sure no one knows we were there when we do protect Ami…"

"Alright, thanks Onii-chan!" Kasumi gave him a light peck on the lips.

Naruto smiled at her, "Let's go."

They arrived a few moments later where Ami and Mizuki were facing off.

"Give me the scroll Ami, or you are going to die like that fool Iruka." Mizuki confidently commanded.

"You killed Iruka-sensei? You bastard!" Ami yelled.

Throwing all caution to wind, Ami charged at the grinning chūnin.

When Ami was close enough, Mizuki back-handed her hard. She stumbled to the ground, slightly dizzy.

Kasumi having seen enough, poked Naruto to do something. "Onii-chan!"

Naruto sighed. He pointed a finger at Kasumi's forehead, and poked her.

"Ow! What was that for Onii-chan!" She glared.

"Revenge for your poke."

He chuckled as Kasumi looked indignant. "Just kidding, that was Tensha Fūin."


"I gave you a technique Kasumi. Now you save her yourself, I don't feel like it."

Kasumi huffed and concentrated on finding any new memory. When she started seeing memories that were not hers, she smiled. "Hey, you were not kidding!"

"Of course, now do you want Ami to die?"

"Eh? Oh sorry I almost forgot about her!"

Natsumi and Naruto sweat dropped.

Kasumi activated her Sharingan, and pointed a finger at Mizuki.

"Utakata Ephemeral!" [Genjutsu: Crow Ephemera]

Ami barely caught the sight of two glowing red eyes with three tomoe in them, and then heard something unclear before Mizuki started screaming.

"AAAH! Stop! Stop it please! STOP!"

Ami watched as Mizuki kept screaming on top of his lungs, and then started throwing weapons around randomly. Fortunately she had enough forethought to defend herself against any stray weapons that found their way to her.

Mizuki was caught in a powerful Sharingan based genjutsu in which half of his body transformed into various friends and family, and then told him how much they hate him and are disappointed in him. This goes along with the enemies attacking and causing pain to the target within the genjutsu. So needless to say Mizuki was fucked.

"Lets go Kasumi-chan, ANBU must be on their way searching for the scroll. Iruka and Ami will explain what happened to them and we don't want to be anywhere near here when the ANBU get here.

It will be suspicious that Mizuki suddenly started screaming, but there is no way they can trace that back to us."

Both the girls nodded, then they all Shunshin out of there, straight outside Uzumaki compound.

Uzumaki Compound

"Hey! Where were you three, you shouldn't go out like this without telling me or Nina where you are!" Kushina demanded from the grinning siblings.

"Ah sorry Kaa-chan, but I am telling you it was worth it!" Naruto exclaimed, clearly very excited about something.

"Huh?" She tilted her head to the side, confused as to what might make them so happy.

"Come on Kasumi-chan, let's get a big scroll."

Confused, Kushina decided to follow them, when Natsumi winked at her, she got even more confused. 'What did they get their hands on the be so damn happy?'

Finally Kasumi and Naruto opened a huge blank scroll and started writing techniques on it.

"What the hell are you two… holy hell… who showed you that Hijutsu!... and that is a Kinjutsu… that too…"

With every technique the twins wrote, it became more and more clear where the techniques came from. "Those are the personal techniques of the first Hokage, and those are Sarutobi's Kinjutsu. Where did you get your hands on the forbidden scroll of sealing?"

The twins and Natsumi grinned at the worried face of their mother. "Don't worry Kaa-chan. We didn't get into any trouble."

Then they explained to her how they got the scroll…

After the explanation Kushina sat silently, contemplating the effects of the new development. "Well, this sure is a great thing you did for us all. I am sure many of these Kinjutsu will be very useful in the future. Not to mention the Mokuton justu of the first will be helpful in your sub-elemental training Naruto-kun. We must make sure no one comes to know we have this knowledge though.

I am particularly impressed by the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei, think you can use it somehow in your medical jutsu Natsumi-chan?"

Natsumi pondered her mother's question before nodding hesitantly. "I can try to decipher it to create a revival technique of sorts, but I can't be sure. It will take a long time to understand all the workings and stuff."

Kushina smiled at her daughter. "Well you have all the time in the world. Put this scroll in the secret section of our library and then you are all free to read and learn whatever you want from it.

Of course don't even think about trying to use any suicide techniques from the fourth. Damn he had a fetish for those! Half of the entries he made in the scroll contain suicide techniques, and then he didn't add his two of the most prized techniques there…"

"Rasengan and Hiraishin, right?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, fortunately he left his study in this compound, so Kasumi was able to study from his notes to recreate Hiraishin. I will teach you all Rasengan when the time comes."

"I don't want to." Naruto replied firmly.

Kushina sighed "Sochi-kun, even though he was a bastard for doing what he did to us, he still did some useful things in his life. It doesn't matter who made what technique. A ninja must use every tool at his disposal.

Besides, if leaf turns against us someday, what better way to destroy it then the techniques from their own hero?"

Naruto nodded dejectedly "You have a point, I am sorry for that Kaa-chan, I will use whatever tools are available at my disposal."

"Good boy." Kushina patted his head.

"Don't do that!"

Hokage Office

"Is that what happened Ami-chan?"

"Hai Hokage-sama."

"This is most troubling news, you were saved by a Sharingan user… but there are only two left that we know of, Itachi and Kakashi. Sasuke hasn't yet activated his.

It wasn't Kakashi because you saw two eyes, and if that is so, it means Itachi is here or there is another Uchiha alive."

Sarutobi sat there for a while, thinking everything through.

"Hokage-sama, I think it was a girl."


"I heard her call out a technique and the voice was that of a girl, so I am pretty sure it was a girl."

"That is extremely useful information Ami, you are dismissed. Please don't forget to attend your class for your team assignments. And don't tell anyone about the Sharingan."

"As you wish, Sandaime-sama."

With that Ami left.

She had still held something back from the Hokage, and wasn't planning on ratting out her savior.

When Kasumi had deactivated her Sharingan, Ami had been able to see her ocean blue eyes, just for a moment before she vanished.

'A blue eyed Sharingan wielding hero, who are you?'

She suspected Kasumi, but wasn't sure yet. The deep blue eye color was rare in Konoha. Yamanaka's had light blue or green eye color, but other than that blue was rare. All the Uzumaki had an ocean blue eye color, and Kasumi's was slightly darker than the others.

She hadn't seen Naruto without his sunglasses yet, but when she was four she had seen him once, and his eyes were ocean blue too.

'I hope it was you Kasumi-chan!'

Being saved by her crush was like a dream come true for the genin. She couldn't help but be all giddy on the thought. 'I will become a lot stronger Kasumi-chan, and next time I will be the one to save you from danger!'

Meanwhile, Sarutobi was having a meeting with the elders.

"Does that mean Itachi has come back?" Koharu questioned.

"No, from what the girl tells me it was a female ninja. Though I'm not sure how much a genin's observation matters. It could have been anyone using a henge to fool her."

"You make a point Sarutobi... But just in case if it is true, I was not aware that we have another Uchiha alive. We ordered Itachi to finish them all, and he only asked for Sasuke and Mikoto to be spared. Mikoto never managed to activate her Sharingan, How could there be another?" Danzō asked through narrowed gaze.

"It is possible that one of the Uchiha's had an affair with someone outside the clan, and had a child with Sharingan. If she didn't join the clan then there is no way she was inside the compound during the massacre.

That is just my theory. Itachi could have sneaked someone out, or missed one. After all, it is possible to miss one or two when you are killing hundreds." Sandaime suggested.

Elders nodded at the theory. "Whoever this girl is, we must find her IF she exists. It is a good thing we have two sharingan users left. Our plan to repopulate the Uchiha, this time non-treacherous, will go a lot faster now." Danzō's tone was approving and demanding.

Homura sighed, "This will be hard, we don't know her age, or anything really except that she is a girl and has the Sharingan, again, IF she exists."

Koharu Utatane rubbed her chin in thought, having found no other possible way of finding the girl she admitted in defeat, "We must look for a kunoichi with black eye-color, and get them all tested, including Mikoto - maybe she activated her sharingan? If none of the tests are positive, than the genin was fooled by a henge."

Getting nods of approval, the meeting was dismissed.

Next Day | Academy

The whole class was in an excited mood, they were all wondering who they will have as teammates.

"I wish I am on the same team as Sasuke-kun…"

"Man I hope I am paired with Kasumi so I can show her how cool I am and claim her after that!"

"I hope I don't have any fan girls on my team."

And similar murmurs filled the entire classroom.

Hinata and Ami kept glancing at Kasumi, who was slowly becoming more and more nervous.

"Hey Onii-chan" she whispered, "you think she knows?"

"I don't know Kasumi-chan, but if she does she didn't tell Sarutobi, or Kaa-chan would have been called demanding explanations."

Kasumi bit her lower lip and prayed Ami didn't know it was her that saved her last night.

Finally Iruka entered the class, bandaged from head to toe.

"Iruka-sensei! What happened to you?" many students tried to ask, some slightly panicked.

"Ah it's nothing, just an accident." Iruka said, waving them off.

Ami looked down in shame, she was still feeling bad for falling for Mizuki's trap.

"Okay, now I will tell you who your teammates and sensei are. Team One…."

"Team Seven, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura," Sakura cheered loudly at that, and Sasuke winced. "and Ami. Your sensei will be Hatake Kakashi, the copy ninja."

Sasuke smirked at that, of course he would get someone strong like Hatake Kakashi, one of the ex-ANBU captains as his sensei. He was an Uchiha after all.

"Team Eight, Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba and Hyūga Hinata. Your sensei will be Kurenai Yūhi, the Genjutsu mistress of Konoha." Hinata seemed a bit disappointed but didn't say anything. Kiba looked angry too.

"Why didn't I get paired with Kasumi! She was the hottest bitch in the class and I am the Alpha male!" Kiba shouted.

Iruka sweat dropped. "Um… I don't think dog politics work in team arrangements Kiba, so please calm down."

Kiba grumbled but got down. "Alpha males are supposed to get Alpha bitches…"

Naruto looked ready to tear Kiba apart if not for Kasumi and Natsumi holding him down, but finally he calmed himself before he killed anyone.

"Team Ten Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chōji, your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma, one of the Twelve ninja guardians."

"Team Eleven Uzumaki Kasumi, Uzumaki Natsumi and Uzumaki Naruto. Your sensei will be Uzumaki Kushina, Whirlpool's Red Death."

There was a roar of disapproving shouts from the entire class.

Nara Shikamaru was particularly baffled by this. Despite his lazy attitude he was a genius. Every team so far made some sense to him. Sasuke's team was an assault team with heavy hitters like Sasuke, a possible genjutsu user Sakura along with a possible medic Ami.

Then Team Eight was a tracking team, having byakugan, an Inuzuka and Shino's bugs. Ino-Shika-Chō trio was a famous combination for an infiltration squad, thanks to their parents. So that made sense too, but the Uzumaki didn't make any sense at all. All other teams were balanced, weak members paired with strong ones, like Ami with Sasuke, Ino with Chōji, Hinata with Shino etc.

"Iruka sensei, how is that a balanced team? Kasumi and Natsumi are the first and second ranked students of our class and Naruto had beaten Sasuke yesterday.

Not to mention all three of them broke all the records on weapons test, scoring perfect one thousand. You are not only putting three possible Itachi's on the same team but having them being taught by Kushina-sama? She is a Kage level ninja herself! From what my parents told me she is possibly as strong as Yondaime-sama!"

Iruka sighed in defeat before answering. "Well this is a standard team setup from the old times, the rookie of the year Kasumi, the academy best Natsumi, and dobe of the year Naruto were supposed to be put on the same team. I am not saying that Naruto is the worst but he still has the lowest scores when the whole year's performance is calculated. It doesn't matter if he wasn't even there to take the tests.

As far as Kushina-sama is concerned, she requested this team herself and got the council's approval. If any of you have any further inquiries you can go ask Hokage-sama."

The three siblings smirked as the whole class started shouting about 'favoritism' and 'partiality'.

Sasuke stood up with his hair covering his eyes. "Why do they get a better sensei than I, an Uchiha?" he demanded in a dark tone.

Iruka stood up with his hair covering his eyes too. "Why did they score higher than you, an Uchiha?" Iruka demanded in a dark tone.

Sasuke fumed.

"Hahaha, sorry Sasuke, I couldn't resist saying that.

Really, I apologize. You should go ask Hokage-sama as he decides the teams."

'I don't know whether I should hate the demon brat or pity him.

On one hand he is going to be teamed up with the three hottest girls in the village.

On the other hand all of them are his family so he knows he stands no chance for them.

Poor bastard. He can see what he could get, but will never get it. But I suppose he deserves that for being such a ruthless and brutal bastard.'

If only Iruka knew how totally wrong he was…

Chapter End

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