Four years have passed by and some of the events during this time is revealed. Now Naruto has returned from his training trip and is catching up with his mother and sisters. Jiraiya returns to Konoha with information regarding Orochimaru's attack, but is unable to deliver the information.
WARNING: There is a lemon in this chapter (incest) so please skip the content in between the warning signs if you don't want to read it. If you do, then enjoy.

Chapter 8: Naruto Returns!

TIMESKIP: Three and a half years from the previous chapter.

More than three years have passed by since the day Natsumi came to Konoha, and it could easily be said that her life had taken the turn for better when she was saved by Naruto and Nina.

Konoha | Uzumaki Compound | Natsumi's Bedroom

Natsumi was lying on her heart shaped bed covered with silky red sheets, cuddled in between her younger sister Kasumi and Kushina. She was wearing a very light and comfortable black night gown. On both her sides Kasumi and Kushina were lying in their almost transparent nightgowns and black lingerie.

Kushina was on Natsumi's left side, with Natsumi's head resting on her right hand as if it was a pillow, and her left hand around her daughter's torso to keep her close. Kasumi was pressed against Natsumi's back, her breasts massaging Natsumi's back and right arm circled around her elder sister's waist.

Ever since she moved in with them after Naruto saved her, they have been sleeping in her room so that she doesn't feel alone while sleeping. Natsumi blushed and shivered slightly when the younger redhead's hand slid a little too downwards in her sleep and then tightened around her, pulling them closer together. It didn't help that her face was pressed against Kushina's breasts...

Personally she thought they did this to humiliate her, but no matter how much she protests to this practice, they wouldn't budge from their positions. And they both always wake up an hour after her.

She whimpered. "Kaa-chan, Kasumi-chan, please wake up! I-I'm having trouble breathing in here..."

Kushina's eyes opened a fraction, to peek, and then closed again. She proceeded to smother her golden haired daughter with a smile on her face. "We still have time..."

Kasumi stirred a bit, before trying to bury her head in Natsumi's back again. "Mhmm... five more minutes Onee-chan, please... you always wake us up so early..."

"Yeah, I'm still tired..." Kushina supported her younger daughter.

Natsumi grumbled. She was really getting used to them both sleeping with her. It was the same every day. 'They think I am some kind of teddy to hold when they sleep, but teddy doesn't need to breathe, I do!

I feel so used...'

To further her misery, Kushina and Kasumi tightened their cuddling unconsciously around the blond girl. 'How did I even survive this every night for about three and a half years...? I just feel grateful that Nina-chan doesn't join them in here... And why the hell do I always wake up at four a.m.?'

Even while she was thinking all this, somewhere deep inside, she was very grateful for the attention and closeness her sister and mother always showered over her. She had been ignored and lonely for the first ten years of her life, the most she got to talk was when she was learning how to speak.

She was smart, incredibly so - but that wasn't something she had been grateful for before she was reunited with her family. The only contact with people she got was when she was being taught to do something. 'Most likely to increase my value when sold...' she thought with a grumble.

Since she learned everything fast - that contact was minimized too. Even then, that contact was rarely physical, but right now it was really physical...

She took a moment to think about how her life had progressed since she came to Konoha. It had improved a lot yes, but that was mostly because of the Uzumaki family. 'MY family...' she smiled inwardly.

She wouldn't admit it in front of Kasumi and Kushina but she was very happy for all that they did for her. 'If I admit it to them, they will increase it even more, and I don't think I can survive that! But I will die happy...'

Being someone's little doll to hug cuddle and be taken care of was not something most would consider respectable, but for Natsumi, who rarely got to feel a loving touch before meeting them, this was heaven. A slightly suffocating heaven, but a heaven nonetheless.

She highly doubted anyone else would have survived in her situation. Any guy would have died from blood loss through nosebleeds by now. Or the two red heads would have beat him to death for trying something pervy. Not that she would blame them for it...

Kasumi had developed into the perfect figure of teenage beauty. And unlike Natsumi, she had managed to control regeneration and aging with the help of her bloodline, so she was able to speed up her aging to the point where she's now physically almost sixteen year old. And then she had frozen it.

According to Kasumi, she liked her appearance most when she is sixteen. She had tried increasing it to eighteen once, but that had led to her breasts getting larger than she wanted, not to mention they became obtrusive in her taijutsu and ninjutsu skills. So she reverted herself back to sixteen.

It was rather odd when she thought about it. Kasumi was twelve, but her body was that of a sixteen year old, while Natsumi was fourteen, and her body was fourteen too. By birth Natsumi was two years older than Kasumi, but physically it was just the opposite.

As of yet Natsumi hadn't been able to control regeneration or aging to a satisfactory level that was provided by the Kanzen Tentai, but Kushina had assured her that she will be able to do it later when she has better control of her bloodline. But her blood healing capacity exceeded any that might have been heard before. Till now they hadn't been caught in an injury where a single drop of Natsumi's blood couldn't heal it.

Although, Natsumi was very hesitant in allowing anyone to utilize her blood healing, except her family; the action was rather intimate for her. The only one she had allowed to do so till now directly by bite was Naruto, and there wasn't much of a choice they had there. He was poisoned and extremely injured. Odds are he would have died if she hadn't done that.

A grimace formed on her face as she thought about it, she would have lost her brother before even getting to know him if she had hesitated there...

Natsumi had been able to control her aging a bit, but she was unable to increase her aging as of yet. Thus she was growing older at a constant rate instead of an accelerated one like Kasumi. If she wanted she could freeze her body to be fourteen, but she was determined to make herself at least sixteen or eighteen before she does that.

Kushina was able to completely master her aging in the six years she had known she could do that, and now looked exactly as she did when she was nineteen, instead of her early thirties.

All in all, Uzumaki family was kind of strange now that she thought about it.

Her mother was nineteen, her younger sister was sixteen, and she was fourteen... 'Damn, I am getting a headache... this is so complicated. Not to mention that one of my nineteen year old relatives is actually eighty four...'

Family aside, she had been progressing greatly in her training. Her medical expertise was coming second to none. Of course no outsider knew about it as they did it privately in the compound.

She had some problems when she had started of course, but once Nina had drilled chakra control into her, she was a natural. Kushina firmly believed that she will surpass Tsunade soon enough, and Nina told her it was insulting to be compared to the drunken old hag.

The thought of Tsunade reminded her of how the past forty two months they spent as a family had passed by. When they had arrived it was chaotic to say the least. Kushina had dropped Kasumi and Natsumi off at the Uzumaki compound and left for the council meeting with Nina immediately.

Flashback | Konoha Council Room

"This is outrageous! We will not tolerate such insolence!"

This would have been one of the more common phrases heard in the council room, and wouldn't have been worth giving a single thought or consideration to, if it were spoken by anyone else. But this time, Hyūga Hiashi was the one shouting.

That in itself was an outrage, no one would have believed it had they not been witnessing it themselves. And some were still checking if this was all a genjutsu.

Hyūga are known to have poles shoved so far up their ass that even when they die their faces remain in the same indifferent expression as usual, just like the Uchiha always keep a scowl or frown on their face, depending on their gender. Given how effeminate some of their males used to be, people used their scowls to sort out Uchiha males, and frowns for Uchiha females. Those with neither weren't considered true Uchiha.

Similarly, to have the clan head of Hyūga raise his voice was nothing short of a miracle. Had he been a regular Hyūga before this, he would have been exiled from the clan. But being the clan head gave him some privileges.

"Please calm down Hiashi-san! I am sure we can solve this in a more civil manner." The Sandaime tried to step in and avoid any unnecessary casualties. He didn't particularly care about Kushina, but he knew very well who was going to die if Hiashi and Kushina fought.

Some of the councilmen were wondering what had caused this. The answer would be the wet dream of any Hyūga - to have Uzumaki bloodline fuse with their Byakugan. That would have been great for them, great enough to make their lips twitch in an upward direction! But then, someone took their dreams away...

"Nina Uzumaki is a member of my clan now, as I have already accepted her application. Therefore she is under my protection. If any of you as much as try to do anything inappropriate the results will be... less than pleasant. That, I can guarantee." Kushina's tone was so cold that many of the councilmen cringed.

Hiashi sneered, making him look more like an Uchiha than a Hyūga, had it not been for his eyes. "She has the Byakugan, the Hyūga bloodline. She is a Hyūga, can you not see even that much, you blind woman? These eyes do not lie. She will be taken by my clan and branded with a caged bird seal. After that what we do with her is none of your concern.

As far as the Uzumaki clan goes, I don't think you can call it a clan when it has only some kids and one woman in it!"

Kushina glared right back at him with equal ferocity, although she showed no signs of losing her cool. But alone, she knew she couldn't fight them all back. She needed a way out of this situation, and she needed it now...

Nina, who had been sitting in the sidelines waiting for her fate to be determined decided to voice her opinion. "I have already decided that if I am to be here, I will be with Uzumaki clan, to whom I was a part of in Uzushiogakure no Sato. I only have the Byakugan because my mother was a rape victim of a Hyūga, do you want to take responsibility of that man's actions Hiashi-san?"

Nina narrowed her eyes as her tone grew colder. "If so, I will be more than happy to take revenge on the offenders of my mother!"

Hiashi snorted. "You? Don't make me laugh girl. You look barely nineteen, I doubt you could beat any of our more skilled members."

Kushina, whom Nina had already informed of her skills, decided to take advantage of Hiashi's underestimation. "How about a mutual agreement then? I bet no one from your impotent clan has what it takes to beat her, even if two of them go at her at once."

"...Your arrogance is disgusting. I care not how much you look down on us, everyone knows we are a superior clan to yours. Additionally, there is no one in my clan who would bring shame to us by losing to an outsider."

Kushina almost let her grin be seen, but controlled it in time. "Then how about this, if Nina-chan is able to defeat two Hyūga's of your choice, and you can go in yourself too in a two on one battle - then you will withdraw your claim on her. If those two could beat her then she will accept Hyūga clansman-ship."

Nina quickly caught on what Kushina was trying to do and voiced her approval. "She is my clan head, my mistress. What she says, I will follow it to the end."

'The girl's got some guts to say that.'Hiashi thought about it for a moment. Surely, Uzumaki bloodline when combined with the Byakugan would be extremely powerful. This was their chance to get it.

The girl was barely nineteen, twenty at most. So she couldn't have that much experience. From what they had been told she didn't belong to any village after Uzushiogakure's destruction, so she couldn't be trained too well, given that Uzushiogakure was destroyed when she must have been around five years old. And after that she hadn't joined any of the great villages.

So he concluded that she must have self-trained from what she could see and observe. Maybe she might have been trained by some passing by ninja who took pity on her, or some missing-nin. Either way, there was no way to know for sure.

Nevertheless such powerful combination couldn't be underestimated, and Kushina's confidence in her proposal was proof of the fact the she believed so too. But if he himself was to fight the girl, raw power won't stand against his superior experience. And he was by no means weak.

No matter how powerful a genin is - even as powerful as a kage, a jōnin always has more probability of winning because of his experience in battles alone. Add the fact that he could take another clan member with him to the fight, and there was virtually no chance of him losing.

With his perfect theory in mind, he smirked. "I accept. The match will be at training ground eleven at noon. The whole council could be there to witness the event."

There were murmurs of approval from the entire council. Kushina smirked inwardly and nodded in acceptance. 'Got you idiot-'sama'!'

Nina started to cackle madly in her head. 'I will avenge you a little bit tomorrow Kaa-chan, two of the offending clan will be offered to me as sacrifice! HAHAHAHAHA.
Damn, I am going insane, gotta control...'

"Now that that's settled, let's move onto the next order of business..." Sandaime spoke in his usual business monotone. He was not interested in bickering between clans, he had enough headaches without these anyway.

"Hm... what's this? Kushina-san, you have put an application in for special admission for another academy student today... Natsumi Uzumaki?" Usually such matters were dealt with by the academy itself, but this particular last name was an exception. He had specifically made it clear that any matter concerning an Uzumaki would be directly dealt by him

He caught Kushina stiffening at the name, which meant she was not going to budge from her decisions on that matter. "Yes, she is another new clan member. Actually, she is my daughter that I had lost ten years ago in wave country but she was saved and sent back to me. She will be starting ninja training from tomorrow."

The third thought about it, saved from wave? That was strange. He knew of course that Kushina had a lost daughter, he had been there when Kushina had been crying day in and day out, searching everywhere for her daughter, and he was one of those who had comforted her by telling her to forget about it.

".. that's all good and all, congratulations on getting her back, but... you specifically requested her to be put in the same class as Kasumi, why is that?"

'That should be obvious... If I put her in any other class she will be harassed for being Kasumi and Naruto's sister and will have to deal with who knows what. This way she will be safe with Kasumi.' But Kushina didn't voice the obvious fact. She knew that Sandaime was aware of it and just trying to appear oblivious, who knows why.

"She already has a little basic ninja training, so it would be a waste of time to restart everything from the beginning, and it will help her adjust better if she has someone she knows in the class, that means Kasumi.

I know you are going to argue against me there, like you denied early graduation of Kasumi and forced her to attend all five years of academy like regular students, but consider this. Natsumi is already two years older than the rest of the students in that class, and I don't want her to be unnecessarily left behind."

The Sandaime thought about it, but couldn't find a very good reason to disagree. "Very well, we can make an exception this time I suppose. But don't expect any more favors from me."

Kushina inwardly gritted her teeth in anger. 'Yeah right, like you ever did any favor to me you old goat. I would have been able to train Kasumi so much better had you allowed early graduation, you are holding her back purposefully, I know it. You don't want her to get too powerful, right?

You don't want her to be able to resist too much if you need to remove her, right? Well too bad for you, not everything is going to go according to your plans. I won't let any harm come to my children!'

The Next Day | Noon | Training Area Eleven

Nina Uzumaki stood at one side of large ground, on the other side stood the clan head of the Hyūga's, Hiashi and one of their strongest members, Hyūga Hoheto.

While Hiashi would never admit it, even though Hoheto was from the branch family he was very gifted with the Jūken. So, he had chosen him as he didn't want to take any chances in this gamble.

He could already see lots of little Hyūga's running around with little sticks shoved up their asses having gigantic chakra reserves and advanced regeneration...

A creepy smile formed on his face, which almost freaked everyone out. 'The red hair would be a problem though, it doesn't suit a Hyūga. Too vibrant... and colorful... I should probably stock up on lots of black or dark blue hair dye...'

Hiashi was confident in his victory, but he knew better than to underestimate an opponent. There was a reason that Uzumaki bloodline was so desired by the Hyūga. 'It will be hard to take her down, but once we do the Hyūga will be more powerful than ever. I will finally accomplish what I thought would never happen...'

After Uzu was annihilated, the Hyūga had taken it the hardest in Konoha. And after continuous rejections from Kushina to join their clan or give them her daughter in political marriage, the little hope that had been left was all but shattered.

Sandaime Hokage, who had volunteered to be the proctor and judge of the match gave the signal to begin, and all three fighters took their respective fighting stances.

Hiashi and Hoheto shifted into relaxed Jūken stance, while Nina was in her personally modified version of Jūken.

"Byakugan!" both males whispered.


She knew this match won't be easy, the two in front of her were easily the strongest of their clan, which was one of the strongest in Konoha. In all her previous fights she had taken her opponents by surprise, but the ones in front of her were not taking any chances, and were ready for the toughest battle of their lives.

She inwardly sighed in disappointment. 'This won't be easy, but hopefully I can handle it...'

Keeping herself in a defensive position, she started to go through various strategies in her head.

Hiashi on the other hand was intrigued by Nina's stance. He could have brushed it off as an inferior self taught version of Jūken, but he was not a clan head for being ignorant.

He could see that Nina's stance gave her more fluidity than what his own provided, but the angles that her hands and legs were at didn't allow fast movements in straight lines, instead they seemed to promote revolution, spinning, and skidding and centering the opponent before eventually overwhelming him from all directions.

'Uzumaki's personal taijutsu style, Uzuken, combined with Jūken? But she couldn't have been more than five when Uzu was annihilated, so who taught her?

Uzuken was one of the Uzumaki Hijutsu(Hidden technique) and was never recorded in any scrolls, so how?'

Hiashi never realized the big mistake he made. He assumed Nina was not older than twenty, as she looked around nineteen at best. If only he knew her real age, he would have been more prepared.

Finally growing tired of the wait, Hoheto charged at Nina. Hiashi watched their each movement with his Byakugan, hoping to catch any glaring loopholes in Nina's defense which could be used for a quick and smooth victory.

Nina seemed to be dancing around Hoheto while swatting away his strikes. While his all round vision prevented her from getting on his blind spot, her constant motion away from his front prevented him from using some of the more advanced one-hit-kill Jūken techniques of the Hyūga.

Fortunately for him, he was not alone, Hiashi prepared himself for one of the most feared Hyūga techniques. With his experience, he could direct them even at a moving target, given that they are within his range. The damage dealt won't be as much, but with two opponents of this caliber, the slightest slip from Nina was more than enough.

Both Nina and Hoheto saw this, thanks to their all round vision, but there was no time to dodge, especially with Hoheto so close to stop her from doing so.

As Haishi shot off at blinding speed towards her, Nina knew she couldn't dodge the attack in time, Hoheto was making sure of that, so she had to defend from it somehow.

However, for all the years she'd lived and spied on the Hyūga on missions, or killed any that she got the opportunity to, she had never seen any defense from the technique Hiashi was going to use.

"Hakke Rokujūyonshō!" [8 Trigrams 64 Strikes]

Two super charged with chakra fingers on each hand moved towards Nina's midsection. "Two Strikes!"

Well, her sensei in Uzu no Kuni always said when defense doesn't work, offense is just as good. She even made a new name for the counter on the spot. "Shugo Hakke Rokujūyonshō!" [Protective 8 Trigrams 64 Strikes]

"Two Strikes!"

Nina's arms seemed to blur out of existence before intercepting Hiashi's strikes.

Hiashi noticed too late that Nina was much faster than him, and Hoheto didn't even get to comprehend what happened before the next four hits hit his chest. "Four Strikes!" Nina's words reached him.

Hiashi rushed to prevent Hoheto from being knocked out and risk his chances at winning. "Four Strikes!" Hiashi did two strikes twice with super-speed.

"Eight Strikes!" Nina said, and then once again her hands blurred out of existence. She intercepted all four of Hiashi's strikes, and then directed four strikes at the branch member. But this time Hoheto was prepared.

"Hyaku Retsushō!" [Hundred power palms]

This was basically a weaker version of the eight trigrams sixty-four strikes. It was not that Hoheto was not talented enough to do that technique, but Nina had closed off some of his tenketsu and messed up his control, he needed time to be able to open them again.

Hoheto directed extremely fast, even though weak strikes towards Nina, who saw this and had already prepared herself accordingly.

Hoheto intercepted Nina's strikes, and directed more at her while Hiashi continued his assault.

Nina knew she was going to be in trouble if this continued. Of course she had the upper edge now, but her technique was going to end before Hiashi, and his hardest hit would be fatal to her if she didn't do anything.

Going through various scenarios in her head, she decided on a particularly devious one.

"Eight strikes!" Hiashi attacked.

"Sixteen strikes!" Nina intercepted Hiashi's eight strikes, and redirected the other eight to Hoheto.

"Sixteen strikes!" Hiashi doubled his effort, hoping to catch Nina off guard.

"Thirty two strikes!" Nina announced, apparently unaffected, and once again hit Hoheto with the remaining half.

"Thirty two strikes!" Hiashi was peeved by now, but was somewhat happy as he knew he would get the last laugh.

"Sixty four strikes!" Nina executed her last step, by now Hoheto had a lot of his chakra points closed, and Nina was not hit even once.

"Sixty four strikes!" 'This is it!'

No counter came, all sixty four strikes hit various parts of 'Nina's' body, but before Hiashi could congratulate himself for vitally disabling his opponent, something odd happened.

'Nina' poofed and turned into Hoheto, who fell down, unconscious. The first two, four, eight, sixteen, and thirty-two strikes from Nina and sixty-four from Hiashi had taken their toll.

Hiashi's eyes widened in surprise. "What? But my Byakugan..."

Then everyone saw 'Hoheto' poof into Nina.

Seeing their confusion Nina decided that an explanation on exactly how she escaped would help her further humiliate the Hyūga head.

"At the last moment I did a seal-less henge on myself and Hoheto, who was half unconscious due to my assault and then performed a seal-less Kawarimi with him. Since he was so close to me, it was relatively easy even though he is much heavier than a log."

Hiashi fumed with every word she spoke. She had used two basic E-rank academy jutsu to counter his sixty-four strikes and knock out one of his best fighters, this was insulting! 'But I should have seen through with my Byakugan? Why didn't I see it?'

Not waiting to play around anymore, he decided to bring out the big guns, so to speak. "Hakke Shinten Kūshō!" [Eight Trigrams Four Heavenly Empty Palm]

Hiashi's chakra flared briefly, before his hands started to glow blue, chakra concentration so high that it was visible to even a civilian.

"Hakurō Tenbu!" Nina countered. [Heaven's Dance of Hazy White]

She covered her whole body with chakra before charging at Hiashi.

Hiashi had been expecting her to go on defensive, as he was going on offense, but it seemed Nina didn't want to play by his book. Getting over his surprise, he continued with his technique and directed super powered chakra bursts towards Nina, their power was enough to level walls by just a nick.

Even though she had covered her entire body with a lot of chakra for defense, the attacks Hiashi was giving her were more powerful than she expected. So whenever he managed to get close enough to touch her, she winced.

But the price for getting those hits at Nina was to purposefully let Nina into his defenses to catch her off guard. So Hiashi got more than a few hits as well.

Both the opponents got a bit bruised, and glared at each other.

Nina for her part hadn't been injured in a fight for quite a while now, and the fact that it was a Hyūga that had bruised her didn't settle well with her. 'Those damn rapist assholes! I will kill them all one day!'

Before Hiashi could comprehend what was going to happen next, Nina was upon him, eyes filled with righteous feminine fury. 'Take this bastard, the most powerful technique I saw one of your clansman use fifty years ago!' "Hakke San-byaku-rokujyū-isshisa!" [Eight Trigrams Three hundred and sixty one strikes]

Resounding cracks echoed through the area as her attack hit her target. "Two strikes, four strikes, eight strikes, sixteen strikes, thirty-two strikes, sixty-four strikes, one hundred twenty-eight strikes, two hundred fifty-six strikes, three hundred and sixty-one strikes!"

Hiashi went flying away from Nina and collided with a tree with loud THWACK. All his tenketsu were closed, he himself was very close to fainting and completely unable to use chakra. He didn't even need to mention the whole new dimension of pain he had just discovered.

As he was descending towards the ground so that he can finally get sweet unconsciousness, he heard Nina's voice again.

"Hakkeshō Kūten!" [Eight Trigrams Heavenly Sky]

Slash. Slash. Slash. Nina shaped her chakra into razor sharp lines and then started her rotation. Everything caught in the range of chakra blades got deep cuts, including many trees, Hoheto and Hiashi.

Hiashi was already very close to fainting, and this attack sealed the deal.

Just as he was about to lose consciousness however, Nina was on his face.

"Hakke Hasangeki!" [Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher]

Hiashi completely lost all thought of fainting when he saw in slow motion where her hand was going...

Towards his crotch.


"Did he just say 'Kyaaa'?"


Even the Haruno representative on the council who had been watching the battle grew green with envy, Hiashi's banshee cry had completely outclassed her own.

The technique that Nina had used would have destroyed a boulder from inside out. It pushes a huge amount of chakra into an object, compresses it inside that object, and then expels, blowing away the target completely.

Even though the Ninja council heads had seen some of the worse things in life, they all put their hands over their family jewels in a protective manner.

Hoheto, who had woken up by Hiashi's cry of pain, saw what happened and immediately admitted defeat and got into in very strange stance, that seemed to be focused on protecting his privates.

"Take that you damn fucking rapist!"

Inoichi looked over at his old teammate. "Hey Shikaku, did I miss something? I didn't see Hiashi doing anything inappropriate to her."

"Tch... me neither, these redheads are weird and troublesome."

"For once I agree. Even after Hiashi had lost she showed no mercy..."

Giving one last kick to Hiashi's privates, Nina walked off. Not that Hiashi had any privates left after that.

No one had the balls to stop her. Or rather, they wanted to have their balls remain intact so they didn't stop her. Either way it was clear who won the match.

As soon as they were out of the hearing range of others, Nina turned to Kushina with a smirk. "Did you see?"

"Yes... As I expected, you had to use Fūinjutsu against them. Your Fūin style is fascinating. I almost didn't see it."

A small almost unnoticeable smile was the reward Kushina got for her compliment. "You didn't get to train much with our clan before you came to Konoha and our home was destroyed, but I will show you what I can."

End Flashback

Natsumi winced a bit remembering that incident. Even Tsunade couldn't heal something that didn't exist, so there was no chance of recovering Hiashi's, now non-existent, privates.

Hiashi was crippled by that incident. When the word of it had gotten to the Hyūga, they had completely abandoned their dreams of getting Uzumaki girls in their clan.

They had all voted as one that Uzumaki women were evil. Who would want to risk girls like Nina inside their own compound, ready to blast your privates inside out? Not the Hyūga. For all their arrogance, most of their leaders were still male, and wanted to remain that way.

Natsumi had to giggle a little at how Neji had whimpered when he saw Nina drop her and Kasumi off at the academy some days. Come to think of the academy, it hadn't been all she had expected it to be. They didn't really teach anything there except Konoha's history, which was boring as hell, but she still aced it because of their plan for the genin teams.

It was a fairly simple exploit of a loophole really. Every year, the highest scorer overall, the highest scorer in academics alone and the lowest scorer overall were put on the same team.

Kasumi was going to score the highest overall, there was no doubt about that. Natsumi was extremely smart, so she had no trouble in excelling the academics. Naruto on the other hand, was going to attend the academy graduation exam without knowing any of the Konoha's history, add to the fact that he didn't have any attendance or previous test scores. Of course he would do great in all other areas, but his overall score will still be lowest.

So they had the perfect plan to be on the same team, once that was done, Kushina would use her position as the clan head to be able to choose the sensei of her clan members.

Tomorrow, they were going to have their graduation tests. Naruto should be back by the end of the day, if he had to keep his promise, so they were pretty sure he would come. If there was one thing Naruto didn't do, it was breaking promises with his family.

Near Mizu no Kuni

Wisps of smoke rising from it along with smell of burnt earth that rose from the crater would have made it impossible for any normal person to want to stay there. However, a single figure sat in the middle of the very same crater, meditating with seemingly no effort on his part.

There was no sign of life left in the area around him, everything that should have been there, was not there, and its place only black and smoking earth was left.

'It's time we get back, Naruto-kun... that was the last thing I wanted to teach you for now...'

The figure opened his eyes to reveal an entrancing and powerful dōjutsu. "Hm... it has been so long, I wonder how much they have changed?"

'Well, you won't know unless you find out yourself...'

He gave Kyūbi a mental nod before turning around towards Konoha.


The space around him warped and started distorting until he slowly started to disappear, not long after that he was gone, no trace of his presence left in the area.

Konoha | Uzumaki Compound

While it had taken some effort, Natsumi had somehow managed to get Kushina and Kasumi to move their lazy asses out of the bed before the sun rose too high up. Now she was getting ready with Kasumi to go to the Ninja academy, so that they can attend the last class before the graduation exam.

They had both taken to being sisters like fish to water. There was no tension between them, they didn't even have much of a rivalry. They helped each other out wherever they could, but didn't really compete to defeat the other.

There was the little problem when Kasumi kept teasing her older sister about their brother, Naruto. But that had been quickly countered when Kushina had revealed to Natsumi what Kasumi had hoped no one would ever know.

For all her cold attitude and 'always in control' personality, Kasumi was actually quite shy and submissive on the inside. If you didn't want to be teased about something, all you had to do was tease Kasumi in return, and all of Kasumi's defenses would crumble like dirt.

It had worked wonders, from teasing one moment, Kasumi was reduced to a tomato after a few minutes of the same treatment from Natsumi.

The older sister had started off as a very sweet and shy girl, but after constantly teasing Kasumi about Naruto almost every day, her personality had changed to a bit more mischievous one. It was probably always that way, but it had just come out.

Natsumi still didn't know what she really felt for Naruto though. Kasumi had made it clear to her that as long as she got to be Naruto's first, she didn't care, and would actually be quite happy if they got to share him between the sisters. But Natsumi had decided she would wait and see if her affection for Naruto was just a crush or it was genuine.

Only time would tell. Just as they were about to walk out of the compound though, she heard Kasumi gasp sharply, and turned to look at what Kasumi was staring.

It was supposedly impossible to get inside Uzumaki compound without getting detected because of the sealing array around the compound, but someone had managed to bypass it, which was more than enough to put her on guard, and scare her.

The individual seemed to be around sixteen, spiky blond hair and silver ringed eyes with nine tomoe in them. It took them a moment to recognize him, as they didn't quite expect him to be so mature looking yet, and his eyes were different too.

"Onii-chan/Naruto-kun?" They both asked simultaneously.

Naruto grinned at his twin and older sister. "Long time no see, Kasumi-chan, Natsumi-chan!"

Before he knew what happened, even with all three and a half years of training he went through, he was tackled to the ground by Kasumi.

"Onii-chan! I missed you so much! How was your trip? Did it go well? Who else did you meet? What did you learn? How…"

Kasumi was so happy that she never realized that she had actually lost a few tears from her eyes upon seeing her brother back.

"Calm down sis, he just got back. Give him some time to answer will you?" Natsumi interrupted with a smirk. Natsumi was just as glad to have her long lost brother back. They had technically no time at all to get to know each other after she found out they were siblings, and she wanted to rectify that soon.

Reluctantly Kasumi got up from Naruto. After he stood up, he was once again surprised when Kasumi closed her lips around his. She wrapped her legs around his waist, arms around his neck and then deepened the kiss.

Getting over his surprise, Naruto decided to make the most out of the situation. So he licked Kasumi's bottom lip and then slid his tongue inside her mouth, which she dutifully massaged.

She was ecstatic that she had her brother back, but she had been away from him for so long that she just had to get close to him somehow. She had to make him realize how much she missed him, and to her this just seemed like the right thing to do.

What Kasumi didn't know was that Naruto was getting aroused rapidly. He had missed Kasumi as well, sure, but he hadn't had much physical contact for three and a half years. Before that there was at least one kiss on the cheek, a hug here and there from his mother or Kasumi almost every day. As it was now, he was starved.

Without even realizing it, his right hand had began groping Kasumi's breasts while the left hand massaged her ass.

Kasumi was in a world of pleasant emotions, she moaned in Naruto's mouth. "Onii-chan…"

When they both withdrew for breaths, Kasumi's eyes were half lidded and she was staring at him somewhat dreamily. Naruto found himself mesmerized by her beauty. The cute little redhead that he knew had grown into a stunning woman.

He hadn't really taken his time to take in the changes in his sisters yet, he set Kasumi on the ground, and let his gaze travel on her body.

She was 5'6'' easily, only a bit shorter than his own 5'10", Natsumi was 5'2". The most surprising fact however was how well developed Kasumi was. She had C-cup breasts, long toned legs, her body was lean and she looked gorgeous.

What surprised him though was the fact that she looked not only more mature, but more so than Natsumi, who was supposed to be the elder sister.

Seeing his confused look traveling around her body, Kasumi blushed a bit before responding. "I… used our bloodline to speed up my aging, I am physically sixteen now. Onee-chan is fourteen in both body and soul though, until she figures out how to do the same."

In her case, they were expecting him to be a bit shorter and less muscled, though they would have loved him in either cases.

This was just some extra eye candy added in the mix. He wasn't bulky or anything, just well muscled and relatively tall for his age. Kasumi and Natsumi didn't inquire about Naruto's well developed body, they just marveled it, assuming that it was the result of the intensive training he had put himself through.

It was true of course, his changes had been because of the training. But what they didn't know was that many of the physical changes he had gone through were because of Kyūbi's soul bond getting stronger.

It didn't make him a girl like her of course, but it strengthened his connection with the demonic realm. That allowed him the ability to learn how to use demonic chakra. He couldn't use it too much yet, a single tail at best – but that little had caused him to undergo a lot of physical changes.

His muscles had become stronger, his regeneration and stamina increased by leaps and bounds. But the most frustrating aspect was that he now had more demonic nature. It wasn't that he had anything against it, but it was annoying to have sexual desires that strong, and his desire to kill has also increased to the point where he rarely if ever left anyone opponent he fought against alive.

He was much more likely to kill his opponent now than he was before his transformation. Kyūbi had told him to keep this a secret, as it didn't really matter that much and there wasn't any way of finding out.

There was also the discovery of the seal's other function that disturbed him. If he didn't find a way to get Kyūbi out of the seal within next five years, the seal will completely absorb her and fuse them together.

Even though she was a demon queen, Naruto liked her and didn't want her to die. She had done a lot for him. While she will never admit it, there were a lot of favors she had given the boy that were not needed for her personal gains. He was brought out of his musings by Kasumi's voice.

"Onii-chan, not that I mind, but did your eye advance to the next level or something? It looks very different."

Last time she had seen him his eyes were like a Mangekyō Sharingan with Rinnegan around it and a Yin-yang symbol in the center. Now it looked like a normal Rinnegan that Nagato had, except it was a different color and had nine tomoes.

"Yes... This is as far as it goes, all three of the different parts have completely fused together. The Rinnegan is obvious as you can see, concentric circles represent it. The tomoes represent the Sharingan, and the midnight blue-silver color is because of the elemental star."

Kasumi nodded at his explanation, but there was one thing she didn't understand yet... "But how did you get in here without getting detected?"

Naruto smiled at his curious little sister, well she was his twin but she still referred to him as Onii-chan most of the time, so they had grown accustomed to that when they were younger. He was glad that didn't change in the time he was gone. He was also glad that his sister was the same girl on the inside as she was the last time they met.

"It is one of the space time ninjutsu I have learned while I was gone. It's called Kamui. I can use it to teleport to anywhere I have been before. It uses a lot of chakra and I can't use it too many times a day but I was quite a ways away from here and needed to get here quickly if I was to keep my promise to you and Kaa-chan."

Both the girls nodded in acceptance at his explanation. Finally Naruto stepped towards Natsumi and captured her in a hug. "I am sorry Natsumi-chan that I didn't get to spend more time with you till now, but we can make up for it, hm?"

Natsumi blushed as she felt his strong arms hold her against his muscled chest. "Sure, Naruto-kun, I wouldn't mind having a brother around either. I was actually looking forward to how it would be like. You did save me in the wave earlier so I guess I can forgive you for your absence." She gave him a wink in the end, making it clear that there was nothing to forgive for to begin with.

Naruto smiled at his older sister as he patted her head. 'Huh, hasn't she opened up! Kasumi and Kaa-chan must have done a real good job with her.'

Not noticing Natsumi's baffled look on being treated like a kid by her supposed-to-be younger brother, Naruto then turned around and stared at the internal gate of the compound with a smile. He'd know that chakra signature anywhere. As Kushina got out of the compound building and into the large area between the building and the outer walls, she finally noticed someone other than her two daughters standing there.

She stared at the new comer warily. After a while her eyes widened. "N-Naruto?"

Naruto grinned at his mother, who blushed.

'What a shame! I couldn't recognize my own son's chakra signature? Did it change or did I become such a poor mother in the years he was gone?

And damn! I didn't know kids could grow that much in a few years! He looks about eighteen!

I can understand Kasumi as she used her bloodline… but what the hell?'

Quickly suppressing her blush and trying to hide her surprise, she addressed Naruto again. "Wow sochi-kun, haven't you grown up a lot! Just think Kasumi-chan, all the fun you both could have together."

Kasumi blushed at her mother's comment, which only made Kushina's grin wider. Natsumi decided to get back for all the embarrassment she had gone through the morning.

"Yes Kasumi-chan, you do remember what you told me last friday? You could try that with him, it will be fun. I'm sure."

Poor Kasumi was redder than the color of her hair by now, so Naruto decided to come to her rescue. "Well I was kind of thinking about getting together with you…"

Or maybe he wasn't going to save her.

"What?" Kasumi inquired, somewhat shocked.

"I mean what do you think about it? You are the closest to me and I thought a lot about what Kaa-chan told us when we first kissed. So I was wondering if you will be officially my girlfriend."

Kasumi blushed a bit but didn't hesitate and confidently answered. "You don't have to ask Onii-chan, I will be more than happy to do it."

Naruto smiled at his twin, she was just so cute with all her loving sister personality that he couldn't help but be attracted to her. As another plus she was hot as hell too. "Great, so how about a date after academy is over?"

"Alright…" Kasumi answered a bit nervously.

She still couldn't believe Naruto had asked her on a real date! Well she had dreamed about going on a date of course, but hadn't expected it to actually happen. She was expecting their relationship to be much less formal, as he was her brother. But she was more than happy if her brother was going to fulfill her dreams.

Kushina smiled at the twins. "You two are sooo cute together. But now you all should head to the academy. You don't want to be late on your first and last day, right Naruto-cha... kun?"

She pouted internally. He was now too big and strong looking to be called 'Naruto-chan', but all kids grow. She was just a bit sad that he grew up so fast.

"I don't really care about the academy, but let's not be late since we want to be in the same team to avoid having to spend the few months we're going to be in Konoha with random assholes. We'll see you at night Kaa-chan!"

Natsumi kissed her mother on the cheek before leaving, while Naruto and Kasumi waved at her before running off talking to each other. "I will be back home after the academy as I have some research to do on one of my new medical jutsu." Actually she wanted to spend more time with Naruto, but the twins had a date and she didn't want to intrude.

"Alright Natsumi, if that's what you want. I will be home after eight if you guys need anything, tell that to the twins too. See ya girl, be safe."

"See you later Kaa-chan, and don't worry about us."


Naruto had not expected much change in the village, or the villagers. But now that he was once again among their presence, he noticed a lot of lust filled glances directed at Kasumi and Natsumi. It seemed as if most villagers have gotten over their fear of Kasumi's power, and once that fear was no longer there only residual hatred for housing Naruto remained for the Uzumaki girls. Of course, with Naruto gone for so long, that too seemed diminished since some didn't recognize him with first glance.

He felt quite peeved at how indiscreet some of the people were when it came to staring and drooling over them, but decided to ignore it as Kasumi was holding on to him quite closely, and he didn't want to get away from her.

He also noticed a lot of looks of complete and utter hatred directed at him. A grin spread across his face as he realized at least something hadn't changed. 'Those idiots are going to hate me no matter what I do. My life would have so sucked if it weren't for my family…'

Now that he thought about it… 'What would my life have been like without my family?'

He decided that if that were the case, he would have preferred not to have a life in the first place. He would have starved for attention, maybe started pulling pranks on people to get noticed. There wouldn't have been anyone to teach him, so his skills would have been pathetic as well. No one would have loved him either, so if anyone showed him even a flicker of false kindness, Naruto would have trusted them blindly.

He snorted at that thought. He was so glad for his family. He had also thought what it would have been like if Minato was alive. He would have killed Minato, or Kushina would have done it. He was sure. Seriously, that guy fucked up the lives of their whole family so bad, they hated him more than they hated the village.

'A man that puts the lives of his children and wife below people who he doesn't even know all that well? A man that is ready to 'sacrifice' his son and daughter's life and take the easy way out himself by dying?'

'He couldn't ask anyone else, but he could throw away his family? Pathetic! Were those in his family not sentient? Were they just tools to be used by him? Who gave him the right to use us like that?'

He felt Kasumi tighten her hold on his arm, sensing his negative emotions. He let go of all the angry thoughts as he didn't want her to worry too much about him.

As soon as they reached the academy, he noticed that most of the students were looking at him with curiosity and jealousy in their eyes. 'Not surprising… but don't really care...'

When they reached their classroom, they found a chūnin with messy brown hair and another with white hair at the desk.

Iruka noticed the new comer with Kasumi and Natsumi. "Excuse me, who are you?"

Naruto didn't respond at first, as he had been ignoring almost everything around him, and simply started walking towards an empty seat when Iruka repeated his question. "Ah... I'm Uzumaki Naruto, new admission to the class?"

Iruka's eyebrows shot upwards at that, then he began going through his documents. He didn't have anything against the demon brat, he didn't care about him really. Though his sisters were hot. 'Mustn't think perverted thoughts about students!'

While this was going on, the class was in an uproar, well most were, some didn't care. Naruto noticed that the white haired teacher was looking at him with a kind expression on the outside, but he didn't need his dōjutsu to know how much hatred festered within that person for him.

"WHAT! How could someone get in on the last day without even studying for the first five years! We have worked hard to get here and he simply walks in on the last day!" Akamaru barked in agreement with his master. "Arf!"

"Yeah! Sasuke-kun is the best. If he couldn't then how could this loser get in on the last day directly?"

"I agree with Forehead-girl on this one!"

Naruto winced at the volume of the pink haired girl. She was definitely the new Haruno prodigy. The second wasn't much better off either. Although nowhere near as loud as the first one, she was just as annoying.

Iruka paid them no mind, no matter what happened some student would go against the decision, it was kids nature to be rebellious after all. He had been wary of the Uzumaki children at first, but having observed the girls for quite a while he knew that not to be the case. They didn't care about particularly anyone, but weren't the devils he had been afraid of.

"Ah, yes. You have the Hokage's permission to enter hm… So you are Kasumi and Natsumi's brother? Well, take a seat. I hope you are as good as your sisters."

Natsumi noticed that there were only three seats remaining and only two of them were together, so she left to sit on the third one; next to Hinata. For some reason the seat next to Hinata was always empty. She had been curious at first until she got to class a little early one day, just to see Hinata Jūken the unfortunate bastard who tried to grab the seat next to her. 'ONLY FOR HOT REDHEADS OR BLONDS!', she had said while blushing and stuttering.

From that day on, Natsumi had tried to keep her distance from the girl if possible, she scared her. But there was no other choice today.

She knew how close the twins were, the number of times Kasumi talked about Naruto each day was a proof of that. She wasn't going to be the reason to separate them. Kasumi threw a thankful glance to Natsumi, who smiled back at her.

Hinata noticed Natsumi sit next to her, and blushed. 'Who knew foursomes were hotter than threesomes? And if it's a fivesome, all the better.'

Hinata had thought long and hard about it, and couldn't find even one of them that she didn't find herself attracted to. 'Naruto-kun is hot, Natsumi-chan is hot, Kasumi-chan is hot as hell and even Kushina-sama is gorgeous. Nina san is hot too, but she will probably be too rough on me because I am a Hyūga. But I can like rough from time to time... A sixsome then!'

A small amount of blood started leaking out of her nose.

Natsumi silently moved as far away from Hinata as possible, she had no intention of getting raped anytime soon. But even though Hinata was a pervert Natsumi liked her more than the other villagers. 'At least she isn't selfish, hypocritical or stuck up. And she is Kasumi's one-way friend.'

After they were all seated, Iruka cleared his throat to get their attention. "Well, since you are new here it is considered mandatory to give an introduction so that your classmates may get to know you better.

So tell them your likes, dislikes, hobbies, strength and area of interests etc."


A nudge from Kasumi and he sighed. "It's just one day Onii-chan, come on."

Naruto thought about it for a while. 'Well, as long as I don't go into too much details it shouldn't hurt.'

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like my sisters, mother and friends."

'Huh? The brat got friends? I know a few people don't hate him that much but damn!'

"I don't care about anyone else. I pass my time by spending it with my family or training. I'm not sure which particular art my strength lies in, but I prefer ninjutsu. That's about it."

Iruka was only slightly surprised at hearing about ninjutsu but he knew that the Uzumaki had large chakra reserves so it was likely that their mother had taught them how to use a few.

"Alright class, enough chatter. Now let's begin our lessons. Today we won't be having any theory lessons as this is your last class. We will be doing practice for tomorrow's test…"

Most of the students sighed in relief while Sakura pouted. She loved theory.

And so began their class.

That Night | Uzumaki Compound

Naruto and Kasumi's date had gone well. It wasn't anything fancy, but they only wanted a place alone to be able to recount all the good times they had been through and tell each other what they had missed.

Somehow Naruto had found a place they could be alone within Konoha, which wasn't in their compound. Apparently there was a large cave system inside the Hokage monument, which for the time being seemed empty. Naruto had been very formal, much Kasumi's amusement. But she secretly liked it. He wasn't taking her for granted just because she loved him unconditionally. While she was flattered, she hadn't seen this coming the way it had.

'Mhm... he didn't really need to do that, but I'm not complaining.'

They were almost at their compound, and Kasumi knew for sure that Naruto was using a genjutsu around them to make the villagers ignore the two as he carried her like a bride to their compound.

The gates opened as Naruto pressed his palm on the entrance seal. Once they reached Kasumi's room he put her down and ruffled her hair. "You know, I had thought you might have changed into a wild cat in the time I was gone, but you're still just as obedient and nice. Not that I would have loved you any less if you were a wild cat, but you would have been harder to handle... Hehe..."

She smiled at her brother warmly. "I had a great time Onii-chan, thank you very much. As for me being a wild cat, I can be that too if you want." She gave him a wink and then wrapped her arms around his neck. Pulling herself up until her breath was brushing against his left ear, she lightly bit down on it. Then she proceeded to give him a good night's kiss, but he seemed to have other plans.

Naruto had kept his urges bottled up for way too long, but he wouldn't force his twin sister to do anything she didn't want. But even he had his limits.

Lemon Warning: Incest

She hadn't even been able to withdraw her lips from his when she felt him grab her by the hair and pull her head back gently to look at her.

"You know, someone as beautiful as you shouldn't do something like that to a boy unless you want to do more."

She raised an eyebrow at his words. Sure the bite wasn't appropriate, but what's wrong with a good night's kiss? That's when she felt him feel her up as he started laying butterfly kisses on her neck.


'So that's what he wants... Hm... I don't mind.'

She showed her consent by maintaining her hold on his neck to hoist herself up as she wrapped her legs around him. Naruto stopped kissing her delicate neck and their lips met with fiery passion. As their tongues massaged each other, teasing them with each flick, Kasumi knew her brother was beyond control now.

Naruto ripped her one piece dress off her with a feral growl, which surprised Kasumi a bit, but she didn't bother telling him to stop. He continued to squeeze her ass with his left hand while ripping off the rest of her clothing with the other.

He realized where this was going, but it was extremely hard for him to control his demonic urges. As he threw her dress away, leaving her nude to his gaze, he let her down and took a step back.

A few deep calming breaths cleared his thoughts, if only slightly. "Kasumi… do you really want this to continue? You know where this is going, right? I can stop now, but any further and you can't back out."

Kasumi just rolled her eyes at her brother as she giggled. "I knew where this was going to go the moment you took off my dress Onii-chan, and if I had any objections trust me I would have told you."

Naruto smirked at his sister. He knew that she was strong enough that even if he wanted he couldn't force himself on her without severely injuring them both, not that he would anyway. With one last look into each other's eyes, they re-engaged in their kissing session with renewed vigor.

Naruto opened the door to his room with one hand while still firmly squeezing Kasumi's butt with the other. But when they entered they both immediately stopped kissing and broke apart with a gasp.

Only Naruto's hands and body concealed Kasumi's nudity from her mother. "Kaa-chan? What are you doing in my room with all this filming equipment…"

Kushina's eyes widened comically as she realized she'd been caught. "Oh crap, you are back earlier than I expected! I-I mean welcome back! How did the date go?"

"Kaa-chan... this isn't the time, please..."

"Well… um… you see I didn't want to miss out on seeing my kids first night together?"

Naruto shuffled on his feet, not quite sure what to do. His hard-on, along with Kasumi's nudity made it impossible to not know what they were about to do.

Kasumi was beet red at her mother's boldness, whether from anger or embarrassment no one knew. "Kaa-chan," she said in a way too sweet voice, "could you please leave with your equipment, please?"

Kushina immediately got the hint of danger in her daughter's tone and hurriedly packed off the equipment before leaving. "Ah! Sorry for interrupting, continue you two, I'm just gonna… uhm… never mind!" With that she left their room and closed the door.

Neither of the siblings noticed the small camera in the flower pot.

Kushina's Room


Kushina's squeal sent the other two occupants into fits of giggles. She looked so cute and weird when she was like this, neither had seen this side of her much.

"Get ready Natsumi-chan, Mikoto-chan, this is going to be awesome!"

Mikoto looked at her friend oddly once her giggling was under control. She still didn't believe that Kushina had actually set up cameras in Kasumi's room so she could watch her kids fuck. She had a hard time believing that she was allowing it too, and seemed happy about it. While there was no such thing as an incest taboo among bloodline clans, she had never before come across a pair with such a close relationship.

"You have a wicked mind Kushina-chan…I swear one of these days you'll give me a heart attack."

Natsumi was looking at her mother with stars in her eyes. "You are the greatest I could have hoped for Kaa-chan! This is the best material I could have gotten against Kasumi as blackmail!"

Kushina grinned at her two guests. She had known the twins would suspect there was something in the room due to Kushina's regular behavior, so she had been there in the first place with fake equipment.

Once she was gone they just assumed that she took everything with her. 'They still have a lot to learn…'

Back with Kasumi and Naruto

Their excitement hadn't been dulled in the slightest by Kushina's interruption, and once she had left they reengaged with renewed vigor.

Kasumi was quite literally the epitome of feminine beauty. Naruto couldn't help but drool a little at her perfect hourglass figure and angelic features, which she noticed with a small blush. Naruto was a fine male specimen himself, he had gotten at least a few good benefits from yōki usage. Add that to his extreme training schedule for the last few years and you have a very fit male.

Kasumi's heart pounded in her chest as Naruto stepped towards touched the side of her right breast with the tip his fingers, and then trailed his hand downwards feeling her curves along the way. He then wrapped his right hand around her waist and pulled her closer. The red head leaned into his touch as she placed her arms on his shoulders for support.

Then he used his left hand to grope Kasumi's right breast and rub the nipple, while he sucked on her pink nipple of the left breast. Kasumi shivered in pleasure her brother was giving her. His every touch sending pleasant sensations throughout her body. As she felt her brother's lips on her nipples, she couldn't help but moan and press against him.

Naruto himself was immensely enjoying his work. Kasumi's soft and nubile body was tasty enough for him to be able to do this all day. But his demonic urge to mate was slowly increasing to uncontrollable levels. Kasumi felt his hard member press into her belly through his boxers and she slowly and a bit reluctantly pushed Naruto away from her to get down on her knees in front of him.

While Naruto was a bit disappointed to have been forced apart from her, he knew what was coming next will be more than worth it. He felt himself harden further as his beautiful sister took hold of his boxers from either side and slowly slid them down. As his hardness sprang free, he had to chuckle at the gasp from Kasumi at his size.

Trembling slightly in fear and anticipation, she looked up at him with her ocean blue eyes and bit her lower lip. "Onii-chan, this is…it can't possible fit in me..."

For a virgin like Kasumi ten inches was too much and he was as thick as her wrist. She was sure that if he used that on her, it wasn't going to be funny. She was now left wondering how much it might hurt being impaled by something that big. She knew it would hurt a bit at first, but with his immense size maybe the whole experience would be painful for her?

'I hope you enjoy it Onii-chan, even if I don't… This will bring us closer, and you deserve it from me...'

The redhead pushed all the doubts aside though, and decided to follow her instincts for now. As she touched his hot shaft and breathed on it, she felt him twitch in anticipation. She gave him a soft experimental tug, and was rewarded with a thick glob of precum.

Licking her lips, she moved in closer to him and extended her tongue out. Naruto had to resist the urge to just hold her head and fuck her mouth right there. He felt jolts run through his being as her tongue made contact with the base and she gave him a long, slow, tentative lick on his hard shaft from the base to tip.

Making sure to lick off the thick glob of precum at the tip, she found its taste intriguing. Not mouth watering tasty, but it was something she got from her brother, and that fact itself made it one of the most precious things Kasumi wanted to have.

Naruto groaned in pleasure that his sister's tongue gave him. He felt his member twitch in anticipation as she once again moved in close. This time she was more confident and hungry for him.

She kissed his tip with her red lips experimentally, before she started to seemingly make out with it, using her tongue with great enthusiasm. All the while she used both her soft hands to pump him, occasionally taking delight in the small amount of fluid her efforts managed to conjure.

He looked down to see Kasumi with her eyes closed, and when she had them open she was staring at him with love. He was expecting at least a bit of lust in them given what they were doing, but there was only one emotion he could see in them.

Naruto felt his heart flutter every time he looked at her love filled eyes. And the sensations she was giving him were unreal!

He was brought back to the real world when Kasumi stopped making out with his crown and looked at him.

"Did you like that Onii-chan?" It was innocent question, not one she had meant to arouse him with, but it still had that effect. She had absolutely no experience in the field, other than what her mother had told her during her teasing/training sessions. Hence she couldn't be completely sure about what she had to do.

"Yes, you're going along very nicely, don't stop now…"

Kasumi beamed happily at the praise took him back in her mouth, only an inch or two at first, but then more and more. Naruto watched the red headed beauty take his tip in her mouth and groaned loudly when he felt himself hit the back of her throat.

She massaged his member with her tongue while it was in her, then pulled back to lay kisses on him again. Once more she proceeded take him in, this time with some more determination. Naruto held the back of her head with his hands to better direct her, and get a little more control, then he watched her slowly take his member in her till it was in about four inches and had hit the back of her throat again before withdrawing completely, kissing his tip lovingly and taking it all the way in again.

After a while Naruto couldn't take it anymore and held her by the hair, forcing her to look up. As she focused her questioning gaze upon him, still sucking on him, he used his other hand to gently rub her cheek.

He didn't know how it was possible when she was sucking on him to blush with that little show of affection, but she did.

Given his current state, it was hard for him to not just slam her against the wall and fuck her till she passes out and then some. So there was no beating around the bush. "Would you mind if I told you to relax a bit and let me have your mouth?"

Kasumi slowly took his member out before she smiled and nodded. As soon as she had, Naruto used her crimson locks as leverage to lower her on his cock again.

As he felt himself entering her warm mouth again, a particularly large glob of precum was spurted, which he felt her swallow. Holding her hair tightly, he slowly started pumping in and out of her mouth, while she tried her best to suck him in without using her hands.

Soon enough, he found himself pushing against her throat, trying to bury himself deeper. As it was her first time, Kasumi may never even have thought about it. But Naruto wasn't a demon for show.

"Try to swallow it, and don't resist."

That surprised her, but she did as she was told. As Naruto felt himself slowly getting past her gag reflex, his eyes almost rolled back. It was so, so tight!


Kasumi felt a bit weird and afraid when she felt him get past her throat, but she trusted her brother. She started channeling chakra to her lungs, she knew she could live without oxygen for ten minutes.

After seven or eight minutes of furiously pumping in and out of the red head's mouth and throat, he felt himself reaching his limits. He buried himself hilt deep in her.

Kasumi's nose twitched as she felt her brother's unique peppermint like smell assault her when her nose was touching his trimmed pubes. She was always familiar with it, but it was never this intense.

"Kasumi-chan… be ready now…" he groaned.

Kasumi couldn't speak since she had her mouth rather full, but gave him a nod as a permission, if he even needed that. However, he changed his mind as he withdrew from her throat.

Reading his intentions, she tried to smile, but was nervous given she would definitely have that monstrous thing stuck up her tight belly soon enough. Of course, she knew, he would want her to taste the first load he gave to her. If he had shot it down her throat, that wouldn't have been possible.

Naruto watched as his beautiful twin took him in her mouth again, and started bobbing up and down, careful to not take him too deep so that she gets to taste all of him before it goes into her belly.

Kasumi felt her brother twitch as only his tip was in her mouth. She sucked deeply on him, and then came the first hot blast of sperms she ever tasted.

She swirled the thick and warm fluid around her tongue, savoring the taste as another rope of hot thick cream filled her mouth. She swallowed it like it was the best drink she ever had, bliss clearly written on her face. The taste wasn't exceptional, but the source of it made the fluid special for her.

He then continued to blast rope after rope of hot thick semen in her mouth. She gulped down again and again and again, savoring the taste of her brother's seed each and every time by swirling it around with her tongue before letting it enter her belly. Finally, after what seemed to her like it would never end, he stopped.

She felt her belly almost completely filled with her brother's cream, giving one last kiss to his tip she shakily tried to stand up, feeling his hot cream slosh inside her as she did so. The redhead leaned against her brother's chest to recover a bit. Her brother had different ideas though.

Too aroused to stop and let his twin rest, Naruto growled as he held her shapely butt roughly and ripped her panties off. He threw her into the nearby bed, ignoring her startled gasp. She felt the weight shift as he then got down between her legs and bit on her thigh.

Kasumi winced a bit, but didn't object. "Onii-chan, you don't have to…"

Entranced by her strawberry scent, her reply was cut short when she felt his hot breath hit her. She stopped breathing as her eyes were locked with Naruto's lips as they moved closer towards her between her creamy thighs.

As he licked her lower lips, he heard her sharp intake of breath and felt her arch her back. His eyes almost rolled to the back of his head at her heavenly taste. She tasted like strawberries, but still there was something different. She was different, smooth and sweet with the little naughtiness of the berries, but he couldn't put her into words.

She gasped at the strange feeling she got when he did that. "Wow!"

She squirmed a bit, not sure if she really should just sit back and enjoy like she wanted or do something for him in return.

Naruto seemed amused by her reaction, but continued his assault at a teasing pace. He gave her a reassuring smile in between his licks, telling her to just sit back and relax.

His own excitement grew exponentially as her breathing became short and quick and she panted and moaned from his attention.

Taking another long lick at her, he used one of his hands to rub her right nipple and the other to massage her butt cheeks. Kasumi's pants, moans and whimpers almost drove him wild, but he managed to restrain himself.

As his tongue went inside her tight hot body, Kasumi felt as if stars had entered her vision. On reflex, she closed her thighs, effectively trapping the blonde in between her long smooth legs.

It had taken quite a while to get her there, but thankfully he had more than enough stamina for it. He continued his tonguing while Kasumi writhed in pleasure under him. He got a wicked grin when he saw her squirming.

Smiling all the while, he took out his tongue from her folds, and licked gave her a long slow lick from the base to her clit, without even giving her time to recover he drove two of his fingers into her. While she was painfully tight, his saliva combined with her love juices provided enough lubrication.

"Naruto-nii! Please... be more gentle..." Kasumi gasped out. Those fingers hurt when they entered her, even though she was thoroughly wet.

Her vision was getting foggy by now from all the pleasure she was receiving from her brother. She had tried to touch herself but that had been a disappointment as she found out she couldn't achieve release that way for some reason.

The redhead found herself getting closer and closer to her first ever orgasm at an alarming pace. She felt each time her brother's tongue entered her, twisted around and played inside her, or his fingers went just a little farther.

"Onii-chan.. I think... I will...!"

Naruto took his hand away from her breasts and used both his hands to squeeze both of her ass cheeks. He increased his assault on her clit and increased the pace at which he was finger fucking her, then inserted another finger.

That was way beyond what Kasumi had needed for her release, and she felt her vision explode in various colors as she lost herself to the bliss of orgasm. Her body writhed and thrashed as she felt wave after wave of pleasure tear through her.

"Ohhh... ahhhhhh~!" She just lay there panting as her bliss subsided and she finally caught up with the reality.

Naruto had happily lapped up all of the delicious nectar that his sister blessed him with. He loved her taste. He moved upwards towards her breasts and started fondling them with his hands while sucking on her lower areas hoping to get any leftover nectar.

Kasumi had just stopped thrashing in pleasure when her brother finally lost himself to the incredible arousal he was feeling. Without any warning, he positioned himself between her legs and took one last look at her to see if she had any doubts. He didn't know if he could stop now if she said no, but still he wanted to know.

Kasumi was a bit intimidated by looking at her brother's massive length and girth positioned between her legs, ready to impale her. But she didn't have any doubts whatsoever about what he wanted, or if she was going to give it to him. She gulped in anticipation of what was to come, but gave her brother an affirmative nod.

'If it brings a little pain to me but makes him happy, I guess I can take it for him. Please enjoy this, Onii-chan...'

Naruto was a bit worried about his sister too, but his desire to fuck her senseless was too strong for him to resist, and he didn't want to resist either.

He rubbed his tip up and down on her, and then pressed the tip against her entrance. Slowly he increased the pressure with which he was pushing, and started inserting his member in her folds. The blond marveled at the heat and tightness she provided him with as his bulbous head entered her.

Kasumi had to grit her teeth to stop from screaming as she felt her brother's thick tool stretch her. Her folds parted to allow him entry, albeit very reluctantly. Naruto savored her delicious warmth even as only the head had entered the girl when he had to pause or break her hymen.

He had hoped that it would be broken by now due to training or such, but it seemed her advanced regeneration had prevented that from happening. He had no doubt she was a virgin though. There was no way his sister would let any other man touch her if he knew her.

Kasumi kept staring as her brother entered in her for what felt like forever, and still almost his entire length was resting outside, waiting to impale her. It was baffling, she already felt quite full, and he hadn't even started yet. Still, she wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist to help him enter her.

She returned his apologizing but lust filled look with a smile, and then he pushed in with one extremely powerful thrust. She couldn't hold in her scream as he tore through her.

He had to grit his teeth together to prevent from cumming then and there from her warmth and tightness Kasumi's velvety walls were giving him.

'Fuckkkk... She feels unreal!'

Kasumi was silenced when Naruto leaned forward and kissed her to provide some comfort. Her breaths were coming out in short gasps, and her eyes were tightly closed shut.

She felt tears run down her cheeks because of the sharp pain she had felt due to her virginity being taken, but she had never been so happy before. She was finally his!

As she felt his powerful muscle throb inside her and opened her eyes, an odd sense of pride washed over her. She was making her brother feel so good, pleasure was written all over his face. Now she knew no matter how painful this was going to be, the emotional happiness she got more than compensated for it.

The crimson haired girl kissed him again lovingly when he had withdrawn his lips from hers.

She braced herself for all the pain she was going to feel that night. But felt happy that her brother was going to enjoy her. Naruto slowly withdrew till only an inch was inside of her, before moving back in her again. Her smooth and warm walls embracing and massaging his tool, giving him unspeakable pleasure.

She shuddered as her brother stretched her again to the point where she couldn't believe she was still in one piece. She felt butterflies flutter in her stomach at the pure bliss written over her Onii-chan's face.

Naruto loved every moment of it. She was extremely tight, and her body held him in with a tender but vice like grip. He felt like he could die happy, having never felt so good before in his entire life. But he had to restrain himself to his limit to stop giving in to his urges and pounding senselessly into the gorgeous redhead below him. If this was hurting her enough for her to scream now, he knew he had to be careful with his strength.

He looked at her form below him and noticed the tears that had fell from her eyes when he took her virginity. He felt a slight pang of guilt before pushing that thought aside, it had to happen if they were to take their relationship to the next level. And soon the pain will subside anyway.

He continued pumping in and out of her tight body at a somewhat restrained pace. Kasumi's face turned to confusion as the pain started to subside, and was replaced with a dull throbbing ache and the feeling of him moving inside her. She got momentarily worried if her brother won't feel so good from her anymore if it didn't hurt, but then calmed down as Naruto still seemed to be enjoying her just as much.

Slowly, moans started escaping her lips and a thin sheen of sweat covered her form as pleasurable sensations started erupting inside of her. She couldn't help but be delighted every time Naruto hit her womb and buried himself in her to the hilt, rubbing his groin between her legs. Every little grunt of pleasure he gave, every time he twitched, entranced her. She was fascinated with how good she could make him feel this way and mentally swore she would make sure to give him the maximum happiness she can this way.

Naruto finally felt some of his guilt wash away as he saw her breathe heavily and moan, this time in pleasure instead of pain. He decided to keep his pace slow and steady as it might be too much for Kasumi if he went to fast for the first time.

"Would you like to go faster Onii-chan?"

He looked into her eyes a bit bewildered. "With how tight you are and how good this feels, I don't think I will last too long if I went faster, or if you can take it..."

Kasumi pouted. What did he think she was, a quitter? "Of course I can take it! I can see you want to go faster, so please..."

Naruto sighed in defeat. "Fine, but don't blame me later..."

He took a hold of her hands with his, and put them over their head so he held her immobile. It seemed her arousal increased upon him doing this. Then he gave a mighty thrust in, all his length moving inside her in one stroke, and then withdrawn the next second. Sounds of flesh hitting flesh, Naruto's grunts and Kasumi's moans and whimpers filled the room. Unlike last time, this wasn't just one feeling. Not just pain, not just pleasure, but a strange combination of both. With every thrust he was hitting the wall of her womb, stimulating areas in her that she didn't know existed and stretching her painfully tight body.

Kasumi soon found herself reaching the limit again. She started thrusting back towards Naruto, moving with him in a rhythm. It hurt, and it felt good at the same time. She could feel something build up inside her, and the more it built the greater she felt.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, and arched her back as Naruto pounded into her almost mercilessly. This was what she desired, for her brother to take her just like this... As he withdrew, due to her arched back his belly rubbed against her flat stomach with each stroke, and his tight hold on her hands made it seem like she was completely his to take pleasure from.

Naruto buried his whole ten inches in her before grunting in effort. He was quickly reaching his limits, this was his first time after all, and it was a miracle he had been able to hold out this long with a girl like Kasumi.

The stunning redhead looked at her brother with a strange expression, and then leaned towards him to whisper into his ear. "Thank you Onii-chan, I want you to know... you can have me however you want, whenever you want, wherever you want..."

Her words were proving to be a bit too much for him, but he gave her a nod, accepting her request. He withdrew again till only the tip was inside her, before thrusting back again.

"Kasumi... I am going to cum…"

"Cum in me Onii-chan, fill me up... just let it go..."

Naruto gave her a vicious grin and bite her on the neck, on reflex she gasped and bit him on his neck as well.

With one final thrust he buried all of his length into her and grabbed her shapely butt before squeezing it hard and pulling her tightly against him. He then blasted rope after rope of hot thick semen deep inside her.

Kasumi felt him release his boiling hot seed inside her again and again into her previously undiscovered depths, it was hot enough that she was sure it would sizzle inside her. She squeezed him as hard as he could, trying to milk him for all he was worth. But that wasn't needed.

She felt her vision going dark before she felt unconsciousness take her. Neither of them noticed Uzumaki spiral form on their necks, marking them as life partners.

Naruto looked down at his beautiful twin laying below him, completely out of it. He decided not to bother withdrawing his member as with her advanced regeneration she will soon recover and be ready to go again. He had a lot to make up for…

A few minutes later Kasumi's eyes fluttered open, she found herself looking into her brother's eyes. Her eyes widened with shock as she felt herself still getting her womb filled with his hot seed. "Onii-chan? Are you still cumming in me?"

Naruto chuckled as his spurting finally came to a halt. The redhead felt like she was filled up completely. Her womb was full of her brother's sizzling cream, she could feel it. Her stomach was full of him too. She never felt so satisfied before.

Kasumi gasped and then moaned as he suddenly started thrusting into her again.

"You said you are mine whatever way I wish, right? Let me know when you want me to stop though."

She didn't get any time to recover as he started moving in and out of her at a faster pace than before. "Onii-chan... Onii-sama... please don't stop... this feels so good...!"

With every thrust Kasumi found herself closer to another orgasm.

Naruto finally let go of all restraints as he started going faster and harder than ever before, drawing a gasp from his twin with every thrust. He was finally satisfying his urge of mating that he had been holding back for years! The fact that it was Kasumi that was giving him all the pleasure was all the more satisfying... He felt her walls try to hold him in and convulse as she rode through her orgasm. That sent another wave of intense pleasure through him.

But Naruto had no intention to stop any time soon, he was going to use his demonic stamina to see how long Kasumi could hold herself together...

He continued his long hard thrusts into his twin sister with a happy and challenging smile on his face, which was returned by Kasumi as a loving and determined gaze.

'You don't know what you got yourself into Kasumi-chan!'

[Lemon Warning: Incest] End

Kushina's room

Mikoto was sitting wide eyed in front of the screen.

"Holy shit! They have been going at it for hours and your son is still not even slightly exhausted, he is trying to kill her or what?"

Kushina's eyes were half lidded as she chewed on her bottom lip. "Don't worry, my daughter can take some punishment, and they are not going to stop until one of them gives up, don't you see the look in their eyes?"


While Mikoto was shocked at first that Kushina had really put a camera in her daughter's room to spy on the siblings' intimate act, she had to admit it was a damn good show...

"They sure have some stamina, I don't know if I will ever be able to fit in with them." Natsumi grumbled in disappointment.

Once she had seen Naruto back, she had become pretty sure that it wasn't just some stupid schoolgirl crush she had on him, or it wouldn't have lasted that long. But she knew Kasumi was more beautiful than her, and more cheerful, and closer to Naruto...

She loved her sister, but when it came to Naruto, she just knew that she won't ever be able to get anywhere as close to Naruto as Kasumi.

And now watching them fuck like bunnies in heat with unreal stamina, she felt her knees go weak. 'If he does that to me for that long, I am not sure I can heal myself back up to be able to walk properly ever again...'

Kushina tried to reassure her daughter as she kissed her cheek. "Don't worry musume, I'm sure you will fit in just fine. Don't worry too much about it, when it comes down to it just go with the flow.

For now just watch."

And so the night continued...

End Chapter

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