This page contains hundreds of Japanese girl names that can be used to either name your female character in a story or to name your little princess.
Note: The list below contains some unisex names as well, which can be applied to either genders.
  • AI meaning "love" (愛藍).
  • AIKA meaning "love song" (愛佳).
  • AIKO meaning "child of love" (愛子).
  • AIMI meaning "love beautiful" (愛美).
  • AINA meaning "love vegetables" (愛菜).
  • AIRI meaning "love jasmine" (愛莉).
  • AKANE meaning "brilliant red" (茜).
  • AKEMI meaning "bright beautiful" (明美).
  • AKI meaning "bright / autumn" (明 / 秋) - Japanese unisex name.
  • AKIKO meaning "bright child" (明子).
  • AKIRA meaning "bright / clear" (明 / 亮) - Japanese unisex name.
  • AMATERASU meaning "shining heaven" (天照).
  • AMI meaning "asia beautiful" (亜美).
  • AOI meaning "blue" (碧) - Japanese unisex name.
  • ASAMI meaning "morning beauty" (麻美).
  • ASUKA meaning "tomorrow perfume, fragrance" (明日香).
  • ATSUKO meaning "kind child" (篤子).
  • AYA meaning "color" (彩).
  • AYAKA meaning "colorful flower" (彩花).
  • AYAKO meaning "colorful child" (彩子).
  • AYAME meaning "iris" (菖蒲).
  • AYANE meaning "colorful sound" (彩音).
  • AYANO meaning "my color" (彩乃).
  • CHIE meaning "wisdom, intellect" (恵).
  • CHIEKO meaning "child of intelligence, wisdom" (恵子).
  • CHIHARU meaning "one thousand springs (as in season)" (千春).
  • CHIKA meaning "scatter flowers" (散花).
  • CHIKAKO meaning "child of a thousand perfumes" (千香子).
  • CHINATSU meaning "one thousand summers" (千夏).
  • CHIYO meaning "one thousand generations" (千代).
  • CHIYOKO meaning "child of a thousand generations" (千代子).
  • CHO meaning "butterfly" (蝶).
  • CHOUKO meaning "butterfly child" (蝶子).
  • EIKO meaning "child of splendor" (栄子).
  • EMI meaning "beautiful blessing" (恵美).
  • EMIKO meaning "beautiful blessing child" (恵美子).
  • ERI meaning "blessed prize" (絵理).
  • ETSUKO meaning "child of joy" (悦子).
  • FUMIKO meaning "child of abundant beauty" (富美子).
  • HANA meaning "flower" (花).
  • HANAKO meaning "flower child" (花子).
  • HARU meaning "spring (as in season)" (春) - Japanese unisex name.
  • HARUKA meaning "spring flower" (春花).
  • HARUKO meaning "spring child" (春子).
  • HARUMI meaning "beautiful spring" (春美).
  • HARUNA meaning "spring vegetables" (春菜).
  • HIDEKO meaning "child of excellence" (秀子).
  • HIKARI meaning "light, radiance" (光).
  • HIKARU meaning "light, radiance" (光) - Japanese unisex name.
  • HINA meaning "sun vegetables" (陽菜).
  • HINATA meaning "sunflower / facing towards the sun" (向日葵 / 陽向) - Japanese unisex name.
  • HIRO meaning "generous" (寛) - Japanese unisex name.
  • HIROKO meaning "generous child" (寛子).
  • HIROMI meaning "generous beauty" (寛美).
  • HISAKO meaning "child of long life" (久子).
  • HISOKA meaning "cautious, reserved" (密) - Japanese unisex name.
  • HITOMI meaning "pupil of the eye" (瞳).
  • HONOKA meaning "harmony flower" (和花).
  • HOSHI meaning "star" (星).
  • HOSHIKO meaning "star child" (星子).
  • HOTARU meaning "firefly" (蛍).
  • IZUMI meaning "spring, fountain" (泉).
  • JUN meaning "obedient" (順) - Japanese unisex name.
  • JUNKO meaning "pure, genuine child" (純子).
  • KAEDE meaning "maple" (楓) - Japanese unisex name.
  • KAMIKO meaning "superior child" (上子).
  • KANAKO meaning "fragrant Nara(city in japan) child" (香奈子).
  • KANON meaning "flower sound" (花音).
  • KAORI meaning "perfume, fragrance" (香).
  • KAORU meaning "fragrance" (薫) - Japanese unisex name.
  • KASUMI meaning "mist" (霞).
  • KATSUMI meaning "victorious beauty" (勝美).
  • KAZUE meaning "first blessing" (一恵).
  • KAZUKO meaning "child of harmony" (和子).
  • KAZUMI meaning "harmonious beauty" (和美).
  • KEI meaning "respectful" (敬).
  • KEIKO meaning "blessed child / respectful child" (恵子 / 敬子).
  • KIKO meaning "chronical child" (紀子).
  • KIKU meaning "chrysanthemum" (菊).
  • KIMI meaning "noble" (君).
  • KIMIKO meaning "empress child" (后子).
  • KIN meaning "gold" (金) - Japanese unisex name.
  • KIYOKO meaning "pure child" (清子).
  • KIYOMI meaning "pure beauty" (清美).
  • KOHAKU meaning "amber" (琥珀) - Japanese unisex name.
  • KOKORO meaning "soul, heart" (心).
  • KOTONE meaning "sound of the koto (Japanese harp)" (琴音).
  • KUMIKO meaning "long-time beautiful child" (久美子).
  • KYO meaning "cooperation" (協) - Japanese unisex name.
  • KYOKO meaning "respectful child" (恭子).
  • MADOKA meaning "circle, round" (円) - Japanese unisex name.
  • MAI meaning "dance" (舞).
  • MAIKO meaning "child of dance" (舞子).
  • MAKI meaning "true hope" (真希).
  • MAKOTO meaning "sincere" (誠) - Japanese unisex name.
  • MAMI meaning "true beauty" (真美).
  • MANA meaning "love" (愛).
  • MANAMI meaning "loving beautiful" (愛美).
  • MAO meaning "dance cherry blossom" (舞桜).
  • MARIKO meaning "true village child" (真里子).
  • MASA meaning "just / true" (正 / 真) - Japanese unisex name.
  • MASAMI meaning "become beautiful" (成美).
  • MASUMI meaning "true clarity" (真澄) - Japanese unisex name.
  • MASUYO meaning "benefits the world" (益世).
  • MAYU meaning "true gentle" (真優).
  • MAYUMI meaning "true gentle beauty" (真優美).
  • MEGUMI meaning "blessing" (恵).
  • MEI meaning "sprouting life" (芽生).
  • MI meaning "beautiful" (美).
  • MICHI meaning "pathway" (道) - Japanese unisex name.
  • MICHIKO meaning "beautiful wise child" (美智子).
  • MIDORI meaning "green" (緑).
  • MIEKO meaning "beautiful blessing child" (美枝子).
  • MIHO meaning "protected, guaranteed beauty" (美保).
  • MIKA meaning "beautiful fragrance" (美香).
  • MIKI meaning "beautiful princess" (美姫).
  • MIKU meaning "beautiful sky" (美空).
  • MINAKO meaning "beautiful child" (美奈子).
  • MINORI meaning "truth" (実) - Japanese unisex name.
  • MIO meaning "beautiful cherry blossom" (美桜).
  • MISAKI meaning "beautiful blossom" (美咲).
  • MITSUKO meaning "child of light" (光子).
  • MITSURU meaning "satisfy, full" (満) - Japanese unisex name.
  • MIU meaning "beautiful feather" (美羽).
  • MIWA meaning "beautiful hamony, peace" (美和).
  • MIYAKO meaning "beautiful night child" (美夜子).
  • MIYOKO meaning "beautiful child of the generations" (美代子).
  • MIYU meaning "beautiful gentle" (美優).
  • MIYUKI meaning "beautiful blessing" (美幸).
  • MIZUKI meaning "beautiful moon" (美月).
  • MOE meaning "sprouting" (萌).
  • MOMOE meaning "one hundred blessings" (百恵).
  • MOMOKA meaning "peach tree flower" (桃花).
  • MOMOKO meaning "peach tree child" (桃子).
  • MORIKO meaning "child of the forest" (森子).
  • NANA meaning "seven" (七).
  • NANAMI meaning "seven seas" (七海).
  • NAO meaning "honest" (直) - Japanese unisex name.
  • NAOKO meaning "honest child" (直子).
  • NAOMI meaning "honest beautiful" (直美).
  • NATSUKI meaning "summer hope" (夏希).
  • NATSUKO meaning "summer child" (夏子).
  • NATSUMI meaning "beautiful summer" (夏美).
  • NOA meaning "my love" (乃愛).
  • NOBUKO meaning "faithful, trustworthy child" (信子).
  • NORIKO meaning "lawful child" (典子).
  • RAN meaning "orchid" (蘭).
  • REI meaning "lovely" (麗).
  • REIKO meaning "lovely child" (麗子).
  • REN meaning "lotus / love" (蓮 / 恋) - Japanese unisex name.
  • RIE meaning "true blessing" (理恵).
  • RIKA meaning "true fragrance" (理香).
  • RIKO meaning "child of truth" (理子).
  • RIN meaning "dignified" (凛).
  • RINA meaning "jasmine" (莉奈).
  • RIO meaning "village cherry blossom" (里桜).
  • RYOKO meaning "refreshing child" (涼子).
  • SACHIKO meaning "joyful, happy child" (幸子).
  • SAKI meaning "blossom of hope" (咲希).
  • SAKURA meaning "cherry blossom" (桜 / さくら).
  • SAKURAKO meaning "cherry blossom child" (桜子).
  • SATOKO meaning "wise child" (聡子).
  • SATOMI meaning "beautiful and wise" (聡美).
  • SAYURI meaning "small lily" (小百合).
  • SETSUKO meaning "melody child" (節子).
  • SHIGEKO meaning "growing child" (成子).
  • SHIKA meaning "deer" (鹿).
  • SHINJU meaning "pearl" (真珠).
  • SHINOBU meaning "endurance" (忍) - Japanese unisex name.
  • SHIORI meaning "poem" (詩織).
  • SHIZUKA meaning "quiet summer" (静夏).
  • SHIZUKO meaning "quiet child" (静子).
  • SHUN meaning "speed, quick" (駿).
  • SORA meaning "sky" (昊 / 空) - Japanese unisex name.
  • SUMIKO meaning "child of clarity" (澄子).
  • SUZU meaning "bell" (鈴).
  • SUZUME meaning "sparrow" (雀).
  • TAKAKO meaning "noble child" (貴子).
  • TAKARA meaning "treasure" (宝).
  • TAMIKO meaning "child of many beauties" (多美子).
  • TERUKO meaning "shining child" (照子).
  • TOMIKO meaning "child of wealth, fortune" (富子).
  • TOMOKO meaning "child of wisdom, intellect" (智子).
  • TOMOMI meaning "beautiful friend" (朋美).
  • TOSHIKO meaning "clever child" (敏子).
  • TSUBAKI meaning "camellia flower" (椿).
  • TSUBAME meaning "swallow (bird)" (燕).
  • TSUKIKO meaning "moon child" (月子).
  • UME meaning "plum" (梅).
  • UMEKO meaning "plum child" (梅子).
  • USAGI meaning "rabbit" (兎).
  • WAKANA meaning "harmonious music" (和奏).
  • YASU meaning "peace" (康) - Japanese unisex name.
  • YASUKO meaning "child of peace" (康子).
  • YOKO meaning "child of sunlight" (陽子).
  • YOSHI meaning "lucky / righteous" (吉 / 義) - Japanese unisex name.
  • YOSHIE meaning "beautiful stream" (佳江).
  • YOSHIKO meaning "child of goodness" (良子).
  • YUA meaning "binding love" (結愛).
  • YUI meaning "bind clothing " (結衣).
  • YUINA meaning "bind together" (結奈).
  • YUKA meaning "gentle flower" (優花).
  • YUKARI meaning "beautiful pear tree" (佳梨).
  • YUKI meaning "happiness / snow" (幸 / 雪) - Japanese unisex name.
  • YUKIKO meaning "child of snow / child of happiness" (幸子 / 雪子).
  • YUKO meaning "gentle child" (優子).
  • YUMI meaning "reason beautiful" (由美).
  • YUMIKO meaning "reason beautiful child" (由美子).
  • YURI meaning "lily" (百合).
  • YURIKO meaning "lily child" (百合子).
  • YUU meaning "gentle" (優) - Japanese unisex name.
  • YUUKI meaning "gentle, superior hope" (優希) - Japanese unisex name.
  • YUUNA meaning "gentle" (優奈).
  • YUZUKI meaning "gentle moon" (優月).
If you know of any Japanese girl names that are not listed on this page, please leave a comment with that name and its meaning so that it may be added.
2/10/2012 11:41:07 am

New name for you. Mari meaning truth or reason

2/10/2012 05:12:27 pm

Thanks Rixxell, I've added it in the list. It also means "jasmine" by the way.

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16/2/2013 06:07:48 pm

here's one for you Chi which means light or blood. yes it is a actual female name since my best friend goes by that.

12/10/2014 12:56:03 am

Haruka- female name that means "distance"

Tsukiko Akasuna
25/6/2017 09:02:43 pm

or Far-off

24/9/2015 04:27:27 pm

Hello! I wanna name my little girl "Kushina" I like that name a lot as I am a fan OF "Naruto" manga. Can you please explain the meaning of "Kushina"

26/10/2016 08:03:09 am


2/6/2018 03:21:41 pm

Google said that kushina isn't a first name.....

26/9/2015 08:39:16 pm

Thank you for your lists, It's helped me more than once in writing my stories!

26/10/2016 07:57:59 am

according to this website the nickname my Papa-San gave me means "Harmonious Beautiful" my real name is Kaylen it "means warrior keeper of many keys" or something like that

26/10/2016 07:58:36 am

according to this website the nickname my Papa-San gave me means "Harmonious Beautiful" my real name is Kaylen it "means warrior keeper of many keys" or something like that which are both awesome

26/10/2016 07:59:30 am

according to this website the nickname my Papa-San gave me means "Harmonious Beautiful" my real name is Kaylen it "means warrior keeper of many keys" or something like that which are both awesome :)

26/10/2016 08:01:53 am

woops my bad i didn't mean to post that multiple times it wasnt working

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Making a video game, and I need a girl's name that has a meaning similar to Speed, Brashness, Liveliness, Energy, that kinda thing. Any names like that? Think a female Naruto and you have the right idea.

Tsukiko Akasuna
25/6/2017 09:04:50 pm

Akiko which means; bright child, Sparkle child, Autumn child

29/12/2018 06:08:41 pm

That's funny; that's my name! Thanks,Tsukiko!

6/7/2017 07:38:51 pm

Sanae, meaning "Seedling"

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could you add some names with meanings like "jealousy" etc for evil characters

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what is the Japanese name for song or singing

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Trying to find a pretty girl Japanese name that means something related to music such as harmony, melody, etc any suggestions? Thanks!

30/5/2018 11:50:36 am

Writing a story and need a japanese name (unisex or female) meaning electric or thunder

2/6/2018 03:28:13 pm

Tsuchi, sui, Ka, Fu, mean earth, water, fire, and wind.

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Could you add in Kairi. I do not know what it means though.

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Kei can also mean blessing

17/4/2019 02:36:39 pm

My name means Defender. Can you tell me what that would be as a Japanese name, please?

5/12/2019 03:58:31 pm

I'm in the same boat, sister. It looks like "Katsumi" might be the closest, but we might have to either use "male names", our English names, or new ones. As far as new names go, "Tasukero" means help, defend, etc.

21/5/2019 06:10:48 am

Hello, my friend needs a name for an oc, and I can't seem to find a name for a charater who is; Reply to: selfish, full of herself, keeps her word (but manipulates it), gossipy, witty

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Sakura: means cherry blossom

30/4/2020 10:44:45 am

can you find a name that means fire touch? and if you do can you notify me please and thank you (the name is for my bnha oc)

30/4/2020 10:56:12 am

the oc is also female

1/6/2020 04:06:48 pm

Can someone help me with a Japanese name that would roughly equate to "dark moon princess?" Thanks~


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